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  1. Rjsoz - First off, thanks for putting the time and effort into the AB files. Many times this kind of effort goes unsung. One thing that I noticed was that as a Merc. You could not select a different Faction as the "Change of Heart" faction rule. I could do it in version 1.01 but not after that. If I want to use this special ability I currently have to use the Freelancer force list. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Dogboy
  2. I have posted my build for my tree hugging troops. Let me know what you think. Woodland Barbarians I have tried the following army list in a 1000 point game and it worked well. The speed is its strong point + having ranger for all troops is nice. My favorite would be the Hunt Masters squad except when they kill my dogs. Thorn McCload (Warlord) (249pts) +1 Amour (15pts) - Druid (Cleric) (50pts) Bandage x3 (30pts) - Berserker x 3 (105pts) - Short Bowmen x 2 (52pts) Hunt Master (92pts) - Dog, Hunting x 5 (115pts) - Dog, Guard x 3 (72pts) Natures Fury (220pts) Total (1000pts) If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know. Dogboy
  3. We are starting our Warlord Campaign tonight and I have a few questions before we begin. 1. Can you have multiples of the leaders in either your guard or your company? This sounds kind of obvious but if you can’t then you are limited to how big your company can grow by how many leaders are in your faction list. I guess you could get out of faction leaders but that would nullify your faction specials whenever you used them. 2. Do you have to pay to replace Guard Troops/Characters that have died in a battle? It says at one point that you have your Guard throughout the Campaign. The "Income/Expense Tracking Sheet" has a Company Reinforcement area but not one for the Guard. Other places talk about replacing Company but nowhere does it talk about paying for lost Guard except for when they are talking about rolling on the tables for battle outcomes (Sorry, I don't have the book with me so I can't remember what they officially call the tables) the say that if a fatality happens in the table that you pay 5 gold to bring back a Guard or Company Character. I am sure we will have some more questions later but that’s it for now. Reaper, you did a great job on the rules and of course your miniatures, thank you very much. Thanks in advance. Dogboy
  4. I don't want to bring up old controversy but I feel that in the first turn tactician is a detriment instead of a boon. Activating first sometimes leads to being killed by enemy archers in the first round. Maybe this is still under revue because in this thread Warmaster, Tactician & Spy, What are they for? Reaper Bryon said We were playing that you could bury a card on activation until our last game (Once the rule book came in) and I like it the old way better. Dogboy
  5. We are in the process of starting a Warlord Campaign using the Knotthorn local and I was wondering if Reaper had a map of Knotthorn like p.136 but without the starting areas marked. I would like to track the change of territories at each turn and a clean map would make it allot easier. If not I will attempt to take the starting territories off myself. Thanks for the great book and resources. Dogboy
  6. How about: Mercenary: Lupin Lord (140) Lupin Shaman (91) Miotaur of the Maze (67) TOTAL = 298 The Lupin Shaman has innate bless that could come in handy. Elves: Selwyn, Vale Captain (103) Lysette (48) Giant Eagle (135) TOTAL = 286 I would only bring Lysette if you are going to have random spells lying around. Just a few for thought. Good Luck Dogboy (Edited to take out dispel from Lysette)
  7. We use the card that goes with your Warlord, so if you are using a Reven warlord then that is the card you get. I made two different versions for each faction with different pictures in case two Reven forces face off together. I have created cards for all factions but I dropped posting them because of copyright and interest. If people are still interested I will pursue it further.
  8. Saint of Sinners - Thanks Cerridwyn1st - I have only done them for Reven, Reptus, Crusaders and Mercenary but I plan to do the rest soon. I think I need to put a copyright on if I am going to share them. Back when I did data cards for the beta they had me put this on: Copyright 2003 Reaper Miniatures all rights reserved. Does anybody know if this is still valid or does the date need to change. I am more than happy to share them, but I better make sure I am legal. Later Dogboy
  9. Thanks for the info ladystorm that was exactly what I needed. Cerridwyn1st - Thanks for the offer but unfortunately I have already put my cards together. If only I had seen your post earlier. Oh well, I had fun playing with them anyway. If you would like to see what I came up with go to this site: Sample Draw cards If you have any suggestions or ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks again. Dogboy
  10. Does anybody know if the book has any graphics for the different armies? If so has anybody scanned them? I would like to make army specific cards for the Draw Deck using the official symbol if available. Thanks Dogboy
  11. I don't know if anybody saw the Warlord article in Casket Works #13, but they have a picture of some cards that could be the layout for the data cards. The front shows a picture and a quote with a few stats, my guess is that the complete stats are on the back. Just curious if this is the real deal. Have Fun. Kevin
  12. Leech, Spy = Strategist Yeoman = Volly I think this is what you are asking.
  13. Sorry about the confusion. I put these together purely for my own use and figured that if anybody else could use them, that would be great. I personally use both formats of the stats for different reasons. I like the cards because they are all the same size and at game time I can use only the ones that I need. The other list I use when I am trying to figure out my force composition and to look at what I'm against at game time. 7, Thanks for the comments. I'm not sure what you mean by blank. Blank so you can make your own stats or change the name of the unit. Let me know and I'll see what I can do. About the size, I couldn't decide between business card size and playing card. Both of these have their pluses like the plastic sheets to hold them and there small size on the game table. I didn't think about 3 x 5 (Is this so you can have a bigger font?). FreeFall, I put my magic items on a cut down sticky right on the card it belongs to. This way I can reuse the card afterwards and if items change hands I can switch it (i.e. banner). Sorry again for the confusion about the format and I hope I didn't cause to many problems. Kevin
  14. Thanks Ivy. Matt gave the OK so here is the link to the file. http://www.the-doghouse.com/fmgc....rds.pdf If you find any problems or have any comments, please let me know. Thanks Kevin
  15. I wanted to check if it was all right to post a pdf with all of the Warlord Data Cards. They are in the format that is depicted in the beta rules. I decided to make them the size of business cards so you can use the business card storage sheets to store them. I was hoping for an official answer so I wouldn't step on any toes or do anything illegal. Thanks in advance. Kevin
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