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  1. Guess I accidentally put this in the wrong thread earlier- Had another thought- I don't know how the current hydra minis are carved up, but it would be really cool to have a hydra mini that's actually specifically designed so that heads can be removed in combat and replaced as they grow back. Maybe you could have a basic five headed hydra with five sockets and five individual heads that sort of twist and lock into place, and then you can buy sets of heads, with like, two heads per tab?
  2. GWAR (1), or expies thereof Large scale figures that work as adventurers (2) Non-cheesecake Female Adventurers (3) Some more adventurers in the Dark Haven and Dungeon Dwellers aesthetic Generally more modern fantasy aesthetic stuff (4) Aberrations and lovecraftian stuff "Hero" goblins and kobolds (5) More Medusa/Gorgon figures, preferably "Hero" type (6) Tieflings, Half Orcs, and other races that aren't the usual "Fellowship" stuff (1) It would be really cool to see Reaper and GWAR work together, and I'm sure they'd be interested, at least. If not, you could ape the aesthetic easily enough. (2) In painting my figures and looking at the detail of the Lords of Hell vs the std scale, I really, really liked the LoH, and could definitely see using them as PC minis if they fit. Of course this means using larger grids, or using them simply as visual representation of each character that "lives" at their seat, while we use something smaller on the grid, but let us gamers worry about that :) (3) Bones 4 had some really great female adventurers that were less sexualized and more empowered. But a lot still had comically defined breasts. And I get what the market is, but people who aren't so into that are a growing segment of the market. I'm not even saying to drop those sexualized minis altogether, just that it'd be cool to have some options that.... didn't look like fantasy themed strippers. It makes it standout more when you've got a character that actually is a stripper :P Failing that, at least balance things out with some sexualized male figures that aren't purely male power fantasy. (4) The Dark Haven and Dungeon Dweller minis are a good start, but a lot of minis on the racks at stores still look like they stepped out 2e or off a 70s fantasy novel. Think WoW, The Witcher, Darksiders, and how characters have been illustrated in D&D since 3e. (5) A lot of the goblins and kobolds I see are ugly/disgusting/weak looking mooks. The people who enjoy playing goblin and kobol PCs are definitely underserved here, and some capable adventurer looking protagonist goblins and kobolds would be really cool (6) Just, generally, characters with snakes for hair, especially ones that look heroic/empowered, all the kind of points I hit above.
  3. So, I noticed something interesting while I was on Kickstarter today. Namely, both Bones campaigns happened about this time the last two years. In double checking the time of year for the first one, I also noticed that Reaper's last login on KS was today. So.... any possibility that we're going to see a third Bones campaign after the amazing success of the first two?
  4. Hm... possible. I just realized I was looking at it wrong, with my eyes glossing over numbers and seeing a general from right downwards to left path. Well, damn. :)
  5. C'mon people! Pledge another $4000! based on the route that's emerged so far, the "paint stone" will be revealed next and I'm curious!
  6. I'd love to see some necromancers, demon summoners, devil worshippers and warlocks, since I tend to play those. In a variety of races as well. Also, if some goblin "hero" figures could be done, that'd be pretty cool as well. They aren't always members of a faceless horde, after all!
  7. Huh? How can you tell if a race/person is Mexican? You must be American (ha, see what I did there?). I think you mean Latino or Hispanic or Mulatto or one of several hundred words to describe the different racial mixes. Get it, right? All Latinos/Hispanics/Mulattos are American. We just are born in different countries within America. Even Canadians are American. Um, only as much as germans are european. When people say American, they're refering to citizens of the country called the United States of America. Sorry if you don't like it, but feel free to suggest a better term for people from the US.
  8. Huh. ...I'm going to start actually looking through minis before I suggest things... (though it would be nice to be able to get a polymer one, maybe with a shovel head included.) And P03126D has a shovel even!
  9. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd kind of like a mini of that little gravedigger character on the stretch goal graphic.
  10. Huh, well, it's not like I went and did a bunch of research. Interesting.
  11. Damn, I had extra cash a minute ago... and now I think it's spoken for. I really wish I could get the "DYOM" level but... I might be lucky to get to Undertaker Level with a few friends...
  12. There is something to be said for the theory that increasing the diversity of races/genders/body shapes/orientations/whatever you care to mention in games and such would encourage people of those same markets to take more interest. The number of black comic characters is still astonishingly small, but I'd wager that the number of black readers has grown continuously as more and more were introduced, for example. For minis, especially setting/story agnostic ones, such as the most visible Reaper mins, this can be difficult of course, though as everyone wants that perfect mini, and is always disappointed, even if ony a little, to have to settle for something "close," it could actually draw more current black roleplayers to buy more minis (not that people have to play their own ethnicity, of course, but, well, no one I know has played a different ethnicity, just because we don't think about it. We may play across gender, orientation, ability, but no one I know has ever given thought to playing someone of a different ethnic background. We kind of just default to our own, assuming, of course, that we're playing humans.) Wow, that was... an unusual first post. Hi all.
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