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  1. Hey guys, Here is my first Reaper Bones miniature I have painted. I loved working with this miniature but I struggled when working with one a little more detailed...Here is the pictures of my Shoggoth..... Sloggoth by ff151, on Flickr Sloggoth 2 by ff151, on Flickr I also have a video where I chat about working with the bones and also a 2nd miniature that I painted that I am not too happy with how it turned out.... if yer interested.... Cat./
  2. I think it looks great. I am wondering however if a brown wash to his fur would make the hair pop a bit and show a little more variation and detail. cheers!
  3. Thanks guys, the entire Dragon was based and highlighted with airbrush work.. Numerous, numerous blending of paints to try and get the shading as smooth as possible. Everything else was hand brushed. Thanks so much on the terracotta comment, I think the pink/redish colour compliments the whole diorama without taking over.... I appreciate all your comments guys, good or bad. Cat
  4. I think it's excellent however I do think that the base isn't too much, but I think the different crystal shards should have more OSL effect applied to it. I really think the overall mini would pop with a stronger OSL presence from the different colour shards. Please take that as my opinion only, as I really like the mini as you have it!
  5. I think its fantastic including the base! I wonder if it is your camera or real life that makes the reds look fairly bright? I know my camera always blends the reds, hides the shading, and usually ends up way brighter than real life. Is the picture colour exactly what is seen in real life to the bare eye? either way I love it, I just wanted to know what your thought was on the reds...
  6. Excellent narrative in this diorama, many many hours are evident here! Cat
  7. Excellent shading and the shield work is top notch!
  8. Thanks so much, yes I agree with you, riderless would be the best. I did magnetize that rider so it is easily removed, however the saddle remains. I wanted to magnetize the saddle too but I had sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much time invested into this project I felt that enough was enough. Cheers and thanks for the comment, Cat
  9. Hey Guys, Here is my first ever dragon I painted for a friend. I am a vampire contributor and will be purchasing some of the add on dragons from the Bones line. This was my trial run on a dragon, I can't wait to get my hands on some of those Reaper sculpts to see how I can do. Any comments or critiques are appreciated! This is a HD VIDEO showing 360 degree view of this beast..... Cat/
  10. Hey Guys, Thank you so much for your very kind words about my space marine yearly update. I also gotta say, I am EXTREMELY impressed with the openness, and maturity on these forums. Count me in as being a participating member here. As I mentioned, I am a VAMPIRE bones supporter so I will have TONS of Reaper minis to paint soon enough :) Please take a second to watch the HD Video, comments here or on the tube are appreciated!! Cat/
  11. Fantastic execution of many modelling and painting techniques used! Well done! cat
  12. I have never attempted NMM, however if or when I do, I most certainly will look at this figure for inspiration!
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