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  1. the crappy iphone pics do not do them justice. & there are tons of other mini's in the room.
  2. Thank You for giving the man his dues!! Really Really great guy!
  3. I went down to Reaper today & picked up what they had of my Kickstarter order. While there one of the amazing staff at Reaper (I'm a horrible person, did not get a name) let me in to look at their display room, & lo & behold, THE BIG MINI'S WERE IN THERE!!! (sorry. all I had was my iphone. Next time I'm up that way I'll grab my good camera & take some better pics of the whole room)
  4. I just left the store after picking up my bones, paint & cases. I took some pics of the figures in the display room (I'll come back later with my good camera) & it is worth the drive to just see that. I'll be posting pics in an hour or two. Thank you to the gang at Reaper. Couldn't meet a nicer bunch of people. (I got to hold Kaladrax & it is HUGE!!!!!!)
  5. honestly, with the huge numbers of items that were promised and are being delivered in this kickstarter, I think Reaper is doing a pretty dang good job getting it distributed.
  6. got it. if I am not carrying mail I'll holler at them around 10-ish.
  7. I may be taking a drive up there tomorrow if I don't get called in. It's only about 45 minutes away & I can go visit my dad while I am there (The homestead is literally 10 minutes from Reaper's door)
  8. waitaminute!!!! I can drive up there & get what they have now??? I wasn't aware that was an option. (I don't mind waiting but it would be nice to get my pile 'O bones & get some practice painting in before the big mini's arrive.)
  9. ok, here is the deal. The Post Office has a congressional mandate to deliver mail 6 days a week, Mon-Sat. Something is happening in March where the upper echelons in the USPS thinks they can just cut out Sat delivery. Now, I have been a USPS mail carrier for almost 12 years now, and for the last 9 ir so years they have been talking about cutting Saturday delivery. While most americans could care less about mail being delivered on Sat, the special intrest groups that do care are loud & have lots of little politicians listening to them. I honestly think this plan from the USPS is going to bomb, and your mail will still be delivered on Saturdays when August comes around. I could be wrong, but thats what I see happening. & the Post Office wants your buisness guys. If you don't like the rate your getting, tell your local carrier you want to speak with someone in sales. they will pass that on to the PM supervisor, and if that person has half a brain (it's a gamble) they will pass it on to marketing and someone will come out and work with you to make you happy. It's not a garentee you will get a great deal, but all the effort is on us, the USPS, not you guys. As for customer service, I am sorry to say but it sucks in the USPS in general. This is the product of a generally unhappy workforce that is kept stressed out and in constant wariness of the changes coming down from up high. It's not an excuse for poor customer service, and it's something I wish was different. All I can do is try & give it to my customers and help where I can.
  10. I got my vacation in and will be making Reapercon 2013 my first con. Lucky for me I live about an hour away (& my parents live 10 minutes away), so i'll be staying somewhere for free. Looking to get into a few games and have some fun.
  11. I only boosted mine by $25.00 (bought an extra case & traded in my Sophie) i got Vampire level plus: -- Ebonwrath x1 $10 -- Starter Paint Set x1 $18 -- Undead Paint Set x1 $18 -- Figure Case x2 $50 -- Deathsleet x1 $10 -- Clockwork Dragon x1 $15 -- Starter Set 2 x1 $18 -- IMEF Paint Set x1 $18 -- Nethyrmaul x1 $25 -- Kaladrax Reborn x1 $10 -- C'thulhu x1 $10 -- Hydra x1 $15
  12. I was working & there was no way I could change my pledge, but since I have 30 days to add to it I think I will get everything I want (plus I'm ditching Sophie for more big mini's) my total was: Vampire level all 4 paint sets (right now I have no paints.) Case Ebonwrath Deathsleet Clockwork Dragon Pathfinder Dragon Nethyrmaul For a grand total of $267.00 roughly $.90 a item. Beats any damn sale my wife has EVER found!!!!!
  13. I'm tempted to drive out to the store on Sunday & see who's alive out there. Gonna be one hell of a party!
  14. yeppers!!!! i may lay an egg if this hits 2 mil by Friday.
  15. orrinb1969


    Frack! I gotta go deliver mail that day.
  16. $78.96 + shipping. I am grabbing every set they are offering at that price. (especially since I haven't painted in over 10 years & I have to replace all my brushes and paints.)
  17. looks like more paints are about to be revealed. I'm gonna have to sell a kidney at this rate.
  18. I'd like more townsfolk. Blacksmith, shopkeeper, angry mob with pitchforks & torches. large sized Pathfinder beasties (ogres, trolls, etc) Linnorms All the Pathfinder Iconics.
  19. And March 2013 also has PAX East that they are committed to. And Easter, yeah, Easter falls in March this time around. Them folks in Denton gonna be busier than those bunnies... Luckily, Easter means nothing to me, so I guess I'll sacrifice and head to Denton and wallow, er, I mean wade through all the new minis while the Reaper-peeps are doing other things. Just doing my part to help out... Not a sacrafice for me. My parents place is 15 minutes away from the Reaper storefront. I can go pick mine up myself & save Reaper some postage.
  20. $196.00 right now. thats without adding in the clockwork dragon. *sigh*
  21. at this rate my good Dr. your gonna be dumpster diving for meals. if I don't beat you to them.
  22. OK, real guess for the crypt. Tiamat!! a big assed Tiamat!
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