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  1. I managed to find the hobby supplies section with the books, paintbrushes, glues etc, but I can't find any paint so I assume that means you don't actually sell them yet? Any ideas on a how long it will be until you can sell them?
  2. Well there should be free trade, so there shouldn't be any import taxes like there are from the US. But having said that, this is the EU we're talking about, so the chances of it actually working like that...
  3. Looks great! (did you miss the ear?)
  4. Wow, absolutely stunning. Great skin tones, and the shading/highlights on the wings looks great.
  5. Yes, one store about 300 miles away that doesn't sell online and, like all the other places in the UK that sell Reaper stuff is unlikely to carry the actual paints. Thanks Ishil, I'll have a look. I suppose with the exchange rate as it is, I may not be much worse off importing them than I would be buying from the UK. With 17.5% tax it only comes out at about £1.50 a bottle, and that's not really any worse than buying Vallejo at around £1.45, and far better than Foundry or GW which are at £2 a bottle.
  6. Well yeah, I don't use that camera for anything except long distance shots which it's ok at (and the 128mb card holds 70-odd shots at "highest" quality). That's the only reason I keep it to be honest, it's cheaper than buying a memory stick for the Sony (at max quality it can fit 10 pics at max quality...); so I use the old one for all those long distance shots you take on holiday, that kind of thing where being rubbish close-up doesn't matter. The new one isn't perfect but it's way, way better as you can see. For the skin, and most of the model really, I was trying to get the weathered look you'd expect for that type of person, with plenty of shadows on everything from the skin (glad you like it ) down to the dull metals and quite dark but still vibrant clothing.
  7. Does anyone know where I could get Master Series Paints in the UK? Or even the Reaper Pro paints? I did buy some direct from Reaper a while ago, but on a package worth £70-odd (had a few CAVS in there as well) I got hit with about £30 in tax. I love the paints but they're just not worth that. I know online stores that sell Andrea, Vallejo, Coat d'Arms, Rackham and Mig Pigments (never heard of them); along with all the normal stuff that hobby shops sell like Tamiya, Revell and Humbrol. Of course, being in the UK I can get GW stuff just about anywhere. I like GW paints a lot, but once I got used to them I really do prefer Reaper. Any ideas? I felt this is vaguely relevant to this forum.
  8. Yeah, all I have is the window behind me and a standard light, bottom pic is a bit out of focus but it really is a huge improvement. This is the best quality I could get from the old camera...and that's a Dictator CAV, which is...just a tiny, tiny little bit bigger than a normal scale fantasy mini like the Rackhams. Will post some proper pics of that when I've bought some glue to...stick the arm back on.
  9. Havn't been here for a while, amazed my account is still here. Anyway, when I was here before I had a rubbish little Yakumo camera that is so bad I couldn't even take a decent picture of a Dictator or even a Sentinel from GW. But I needed a new camera for school, got a nice little Sony one and now (having left school) I have time to actually paint minis. Not that I have any brushes, so the ones I'll be posting are quite old, but I havn't painted a mini since either. I'm not happy with the eyes and boots, my eyes are always rubbish and I think I just got lazy with the boots. The fact that I didn't bother to clean off the casting lines didn't exactly help. If I remember right the flesh is done with GW paints, the rest with Reaper. GW base with some sand/gravel painted grey and a big of green flock, which is a bit dull but meh.
  10. Probably by you getting slapped by the wife...
  11. And that I'm a fat, bearded, 16 year old male?
  12. *wondering why you really need a webcam anyway*
  13. Motherboard alarms are evil buggers...however at "stock" speeds any semi-recent PC will reboot before the CPU comes to a massive amount of harm. It's quite possible that the failure of the other fan has set your motherboard into thinking that it's still broken. My fun moment: I had a close run in with a £550 CPU cooler... (£ to US$ is about 1.8 or 1.9). My (overclocked) system crashed on me during a stress test, and since the power switch is all routed through the cooler (it has to cool down before the comp starts otherwise the CPU would overheat instantly) I couldn't get it to turn off, even by holding trhe power button down. So I goes behind the comp and yanks our the power cord. So I plugs it back in, starts the cooler. LCD screen comes on and shows 30 degrees C. But the Evaporator doesn't come on (the cooler is supposed to cool the CPU to about -40 degrees C under load). So here's me thinking "Oh f***, did I just fry a £550 cooler?!?!". I dwell on this for about 5 minutes and leave it on, then go and have a snack to let off a bit of steam. Just about finished my snack and I hear the sort of noise your fridge/freezer makes once it decides it's getting too warm inside (because it is basically a freezer, it shudders and makes a lot of noise when it comes on). After about 15 minutes of sitting with the evaporator running and showing 30 degrees C, the cooler decided to work. Phew. Just a random solved-but-bloody-scary moment.
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