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  1. Rivals: Masters of the Deep board game. looks to be a very interesting board game https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wheelhouse/rivals-masters-of-the-deep. I've decided to back it
  2. while painting with my niece and nephew their mother decided she wanted to paint something, here is the result. she descibed them as a post apocolypse family with a slight anime influence once she finished painting
  3. once again i have held a paint day with my niece and nephew here are the results. first my nephews and then my nieces
  4. data

    Impact Minis

    I was hoping someone would get who the samurai was meant to be.
  5. actually used the metal version of this mini to represent my character in a dnd campaign once. Bones Undertaker 77143
  6. data

    Impact Minis

    just some mini's i finshed a while back and never posted, all 3 mini's from impact miniatures.
  7. another paint day with my niece and nephew my nieces lizardman warrior my nephews warrior (77148: Mangu Timur) and imef nick stone
  8. A new rusty Orc Trukk conversion I used Siri's guide to painting rust http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56249-siris-guide-to-painting-rust/
  9. If you feel it should be moved to the diorama entry. I will abide by your ruling and re enter it in the diorama section and remove it from the single mini section
  10. i dicided to enter my mad max style Orc Trukk conversion it contains parts from the Orc Trukk kit, Stompa kit and Dakkajet kit.
  11. Its been a while since this thread has been used but here are my nieces and nephews most recent works these 2 by my niece and these 2 by my nephew
  12. i'm going to have to add a couple of mini's to my squad entry, just got another ninja finished and my krazy koala's, just got to get around to taking the photo.
  13. data

    Foxy Blood Bowl

    Goblin blood bowl teams always = fun in my opinion, they are what i am using in my league at the moment. always makes my laugh when i get a 1 turn touch down with a thrown goblin,
  14. Japanese Sectorial Infinity Oniwaban, ninja hacker, ninja sniper, and O-Yoroi Kidobutai added the Krazy koala's and another ninja
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