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  1. Dear Reaper, I don't chat much via the forums as most of my interactions are with folks in person when it comes to gaming and miniatures. I want to express just how disappointed I have become. Reaper is a company I have followed since the days when it proved that lead was not necessary to mass produce nice miniatures. In the previous e-mail you sent to your Kickstarter supporters for Bones III, you explained the mix up about the invoices and what was being made versus what was being shipped and how things were delayed. I was pretty angry but at least you admitted fault. What probably kindled that angry flame the most was the fact that I was seeing more advertising for your other Kickstarters or products than updates to the Kickstarter itself in the other updates you e-mailed the supporters. In the most recent e-mail you sent out, it started with information about schedules outside of the Kickstarter that cry out "get more support for the office", many nice, yet trivial photos (given the tone of the last update for Bones III), only to close with a comment that the refund window was closed, and that's it. There was no real update on the invoice misinterpretation with the Chinese suppliers--that should have been the most important detail for your supporters. I don't want a refund, and I accept that these miniatures don't manifest out of thin air; however, I do want you to know that I am unhappy with how Reaper has started to 'market' more than sustain useful updates for its own Kickstarters. It makes me cringe at where things are today. Reaper was innovative when it started Bones. Now, it seems that idea has started to degrade much like the support and marketing of Amazon.com--for example, free Prime content with no commercials, but now 30-45 seconds of Amazon product commercials before that free content starts. Please take a look at what is a priority in the future for the sake of loyal Reaper customers and supporters. --With Respect
  2. My concern isn't really how to fix them--that's something I've done before with other plastic miniatures. It's more about the additional time needed to fix them that could be avoided. It looks to be more a combination of allowing them to cool a bit longer before packaging. Fixing one or two here or there is one thing. Having to reshape a few dozen is something I don't find appealing.
  3. A friend of mine received his KS stuff not too long ago. I hadn't had an opportunity to talk with him until I ran into him in the store the other day. I went over to his place and he showed me the Vampire box he received. At first I was amazed on the sheer number of miniatures and my mouth started to water. I also began to cringe because when I took a close look at the miniatures, several seemed bent and distorted. From what my friend told me the box was packed about as tight as it possibly could without intentionally crushing the contents--but it was close. On this next round of shipments, will Reaper be checking to make sure that the miniatures aren't packed super tight and possibly mis-shaped from the packing? The time has been long but it has flown by and I still can't wait to receive my stuff! Thank you!
  4. I'm getting a little worried to be honest. Right now I don't see how it will be economically feasible to have future operations done in the USA because of the amount that has to be spent to fulfill the Kickstarter obligations. Right now the Vampire level has A LOT of miniatures, and while it seems to be in the benefit of the supporters to throw more money in now: 1) How does Reaper plan on making sure the models get shipped to the supporters on time? After all, we're talking about almost half a million bones figures--give or take a few thousand. 2) Will Reaper take the appropriate actions so that this doesn't become a point-of-no-return for possible manufacturing operations in the USA? I'm not trying to be a party-pooper. I just don't want to see a good company--that has done a lot in the USA--getting shot in its foot because the Kickstarter might do too well. Respectfully, Crimsus
  5. Wow! So the half-million dollar mark has been crossed. Now I really have to emphasize my desire: Please buy the equipment and land to start bringing the manufacturing back to the USA! Please don't do what other companies have done and blow all the money on putting so much overseas that they can never afford to bring anything back into the USA. Respectfully, Crimsus
  6. So I had some free time the other day. I was bored so I made a chart that has every color of Reaper MSP and MSP HD that is available from the Reaper online store. The swatches are exactly what the online store has except I shrunk them down a tad so they would fit decently on an 11" x 17" piece of paper. Is it ok for me to post/distribute this chart if people want a copy of it? -Crimsus
  7. Hi all! I have been getting into Reaper miniatures and starting to read up on Warlord 2. After realizing the tactics that Privateer Press has been using to market their stuff I decided to find a new game. The fact that Reaper is in the USA and all of its products are made in the USA is a big relief. It's nice to see a business that isn't placing greed ahead of the community. Ok, so I was looking at the forums now that I'm registered here. Something odd struck me. The forums typically state how many topics and replies there are, but, if you go into that particular area of the forum, there is only a small fraction of what the main forum area states. Is there a bunch of messages that have been archived or something? Looking forward to getting into Reaper products. -Crimsus
  8. Hi all. So I see this message has 'china' tagged to it but reading through all the comedy I still don't see anything that says if things are going to stay in the USA or not. There's a lot of people that would think kindly of keeping things in the USA. -Crimsus
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