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  1. Thank you. It was a nice and pleasant day. Except that I had to get up stupid early to go and get my COVID vaccine an hour away, and get to go back and do it again in three weeks at the same time. WOO! I don't use a shield when stalking Man. It's pointless against their minuscule attacks. I have my giants bring one forth when we attack their walls. The ballista bolts are a bit more pointed. As the Lord of Winter in Markshire, I prefer to just freeze their hearts.
  2. Birthday/Christmas gift... is it me or did Wizards & GF9 borrow and upgrade Ultron for their Eberron campaign? In any case, it's a construct so in the collection it goes. Might even paint it similar to big U.
  3. 2021: Graveyard Golem (Conversion to add detail to Gate Wings) Tor Skullcrusher (Dwarven Tattooed Monk ) [show off]
  4. 2020: Wire Tree (Built with floral wire) Hex & Crystal Terrain Base Defended Water Reservoir (Display Stand/Diorama)
  5. Non-Reaper Show Offs: Custom Made Miniatures Tor Skullcrusher (Dwarven Tattooed Monk )
  6. Tor Skullcrusher, dwarven tattooed monk A Custom Miniature developed on Hero Forge and 3D printed by a friend WIP As mentioned in the Work In Progress, this is a character of mine from an existing campaign. The character has died once and was raised from the dead suffering a drop in his already low Charisma score as a result. His caved-in skull didn't heal properly and the concussion and time in limbo have left him "off" personality wise. So, with damaged head and tattoos adorning his arms and the opposite side of his skull, I present the embodim
  7. Tor Skullcrusher, dwarven tattooed monk A Thrym Project :: A Custom Miniature developed on Hero Forge and 3D printed by a friend. Started working on character of mine who is a Dwarven Tattooed Monk. As I mentioned, I created him using Hero Forge, downloaded the .STL, and had him printed elsewhere. I enjoy using the interface on Hero Forge so far. I have designed and purchased 3 STLs and 2 minis. Once I received the print, I made a manual adjustment to his skull. An ironic happenstance, given the character's name. Tor, being a
  8. Okay, I stuck with a skull. I picked out one with it broken already and gouged out the cavity a bit more. I also sanded the back of it down so it sat properly on this wing. Then while looking at other skull options I came across a shield from the Bones IV KS. It matched the theme so I added it as a shoulder piece on the right shoulder. Now it's fully basecoated. I noticed some missed spots while working on the additions. Next up, picking out some differing stone colors and working on placement. Stay Tuned and Enjoy. Please Stay
  9. For any who might be interested, here's the print and model train engine that has been the background of my pics for this mini. The silver and red engine in behind the Union Pacific is the Silver Streak from the movie of the same name. The print and the model railroad display were literally the first thing I hung up when we moved here.
  10. So, the left side still has some more ironwork in place. Debating if I want to place a normal skull, a different skull or none at all. Will decide soon. Stay Tuned and Enjoy. Please Stay Safe.
  11. Thank you. I just set him on my magnifying lamp with the light on to provide the light from below. There is a regular lamp to my left and the TV to my right providing the cyan light. The picture is taken with my Samsung Note 20 and I edit it for color correction, crop and sharpness right on there as well. In the very distant background is my steam engine print and the Union Pacific engine and car display. The print is from the Scranton Steam Engine Museum.
  12. Here's the right wing with a wrought-iron basecoat. The rest of the model is coated except the left wing. I like using the wrought-iron as a basecoat for my golems because it makes the cracks and gaps look like something is underneath the stone or metal, animating the construct. Besides, it will definitely look cool in the mask's mouth and eyes as well as all the little skulls. Stay Tuned and Enjoy. Please Stay Safe.
  13. Added a skull center piece and a wire curled "V" to the middle of the crossbar so far. Waiting for full cure before meddling with more wire ideas.
  14. Here it is with the copper crossbar applied. Now to find my lightest gauge floral wire and add some filigree work around it. Stay tuned and Enjoy. Stay Safe please.
  15. After assembling the Graveyard Golem I decided I wanted to adjust the warp of the gates on the golem's back. So using two copper staples, I shaped them to an arch and gouged a notch on each wing. Then cut the staple to leave a sharp point. After that, I insert the staple using pliers and force. Next I will secure the wire to the gate posts with superglue and then shape the wire and wing to the desired warp. Once setup I will glue the wire to the remaining gate bars. With the main new bars secured, I will intertwine some floral wire to dress u
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