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  1. Brought out Goremaw today and am deciding what color for the underbelly flesh. Possible choices are what I have in the blue-violet color ranges: Vallejo Blue Violet Reaper Imperial Purple Reaper Malvernian Purple Reaper Witchcraft Purple Reaper Rich Indigo Army Painter's The Others Gluttony Links go to my catalog on PearlTrees. If you have some alternate ideas about the underbelly flesh, please let me know. I will likely take a pic of the worm later and then apply the colors mentioned via Photoshop to see what they look like. As usual, trying to get enthused for painting, so post your musings and encouragement. Stay tuned and Enjoy!
  2. Thrym

    Reaper Bones 5: Information Thread

    For the new Pledge Manager, can someone add a feedback spot denoting that you are logged in and who you are? I had my stuff put in and now my box is cleared out. However, I don't know if it's my account that it's viewing since it doesn't give any feedback. ---- That said on my phone it has my box still. So I don't know what is going on.
  3. I avoid the comments section on KS. People feel so entitled and are downright awful on there. If I need something answered, I will usually message the creator, get the answer that way. If I think my question pertains to more than just myself and the answer isn't already somewhere on the KS that the creator pointed me to, then I might be compelled to post about it in the comments separately.
  4. Here's my take on pledging for Reaper's KS. I've been on board since the first one and pledge multiple hundreds of dollars on each. My wallet, and possibly my wife, hates you, BTW. I am fairly certain that I have spent over $1,500 on the 4 Bones Kickstarters and that doesn't include Base Boss and CAV Boss Kickstarters. I currently own SO MANY player character miniatures that I don't pledge directly for the CORE Set anymore. Though this one is intriguing. I just pledge my initial $100 at the outset and then as the whole thing winds down and my funds are clearer at the end, I adjust. When the KS is over and we've moved on to the KS Pledge Manager at Reaper's website, then I make a list of my must-haves and such in the PM. At that point, I use their PayPal system to make further payments to finish off what I want before they close the pledge manager. Once they finish the KS and take things to the Pledge Manager, they usually break down the CORE Set into subsets. You can add on these subsets as extras or if you didn't get the CORE like me, just add on the subsets that intrigued you. This may cost more per mini but as I said, I generally don't want another 30-50 player miniatures, etc. In the end, I get what I need with the method I outlined. The few things I miss in the KS that I might have considered I can always get in the store later when they are released. Now, if you haven't a lot of minis and need to flesh out your character options for your players, by all means, get the CORE Set. The value of the CORE Set per mini is insane.
  5. And for today I have added the following Bones V Supporter badges... Bert holding Sir Forscale (Bert needed something in his hand) Andi with a pair of red flowers in her hair And Monique and her love of Parm The first set of badges is located here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88310-reaper-bones-5-enthusiasm-and-commentary-thread/&do=findComment&comment=1877499 To add these to your signature, simply copy the location (URL) of the image [Right-Click the Pic] and use the "Insert Image from URL" in the "Insert other Media" or you can download a copy to your computer [again Right-Click the Pic] and upload it again within your signature. Either method works. Stay tuned and Enjoy!
  6. Here's the first of prolly many supporter badges... The Phantom of the Pizza Dungeon The Pizza Dungeon's Neon Dragon Pizza Maker And of course, Sophie the DM To add these to your signature, simply copy the location (URL) of the image [Right-Click the Pic] and use the "Insert Image from URL" in the "Insert other Media" or you can download a copy to your computer [again Right-Click the Pic] and upload it again within your signature. Either method works. Stay tuned and Enjoy!
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    Thrym's Show Off List

    EDIT: Updated old URLs for new methods to fix links.
  8. Look who I picked up. I added Reaper Blood Red as a highlight to his skin and Reaper Eldritch Purple as an undertone to his skin and the color of his veins and warts. I also added the Blood Red to the edges of his gauntlet strapping to brighten them up a bit. I then used the Eldritch Purple to color the diamond cross on his hammer and the nut at the top. Enjoy and Stay tuned!
  9. And off he goes to his new owner, @muddy.
  10. The same can be said for pretty much any playable race that's kind of pigeon-holed into their preferred class, miniature-wise as well as in games. I have used Grippli as a playable race in my campaigns for 30+ years and it took Mike at Stonehaven to finally make a variety of them. I have them all. Assuming there were any available anywhere before that. Keep pushing your interest. Sculptors and manufacturers take notice if people start to ask for stuff repeatedly and from several sources. Just look at all of the wonderful stuff that has come from the Bones Request Thread here. Some of it isn't just the miniature subject either. They've created sharper, harder plastics for weapons and other conversions, a myriad of colors for the plastic to represent various elements and forces, and much more, just from asking their user-base for suggestions.
  11. Thrym

    Thrym's Show Off List

    Non-Reaper Show Offs: Spellcrow Miniatures Minotaur (Conversion to Monk - Buddy's PC )
  12. PRESENTS Spellcrow Miniatures MINOTAUR CONVERSION to MONK SPCM2001 > Designed and Sculpted by Marek Rurarz The WIP for this Conversion and Paint Job As I mentioned in the WIP, my buddy, @muddy, likes Minotaurs for his PCs. This time he wanted at Monk for the 5E campaign he's currently participating in. He explicitly wanted a black-horned version of a red Texas Longhorn. I pulled out my reds and decided on Reaper Auburn Shadow as the base color for this guy. I used Reaper Red Liner as the shadow and Reaper NNM Tarnished Copper as the Highlight. The colors are subtle shifts and a little hard to make out in photos. He's got a little flare in the bracers and belt as well as the mildly glowing skull swinging from his necklace. He used to have two battleaxes and his horns were a smidge longer and less "Longhorn" looking. The axes came off easily and I replaced the space with his hand bands ala-Karnak from Marvel's Inhumans. I gave him the necklace to imply movement as if he might be mid-spin. The skull might have a mind of its own when it comes to his defense. Enjoy! I'll be packing it up soon to ship to Muddy.