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    So many and so little time to cram them all in! Reading, writing, movies, music, scrapbooking-both digital and paper, painting minis and canvases, cross stitch - Heck anything crafty really!, graphic design, web design, pet training, the metaphysical, tarot reading, numerology, paganism - particularly interested in Pictish/Shamanic beliefs....the list just goes on and on.....

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  1. I am working on the same figure at the moment....I love her top and sarong thingy! Great colour!
  2. Hi Erin, Welcome to the board and congrats on a great first mini - you have the basic principles firmly in place... It would be nice to see her a little bit bigger but it looks like you are using a scanner as opposed to a digital camera so whatever works .... you ahve definetly got the basic ideas like highlighting and shading started - I will look forward to more great work from you soon! I don't know what you have read yet - but I would suggest these three links for getting started: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft - Reaper's own painting section http://us.games-workshop.com/games/warhamm...tools_trade.htm - Great getting started guide http://www.paintingclinic.com/clinic/clinic.htm - Lots of most helpful tips... It's hard to say what to work on - it does come easier with practice and I would say you are off to a wonderful start....if you have any specific questions - try the painting tips section of the board and ask away - everbody's real nice and loves to help - and you can email me if you'd like.... There are a fair few lady painters around and help is only a post away! Welcome again and happy painting!!
  3. Hiya! Welome!! I love his face - his eyes are very expressive - something I am still working on!!
  4. Quite a few people aren't so fond of his head or eyes - but I think he's cute!!
  5. Thanks guys - glad you liked him.... John: As for his skintone - it is RPP - Walnut Brown GW - Scorched Brown GW - Bestial Brown Adikolor - Dragon's Breath Adikolor - Sandstone (Adikolor made by Adiken - http://www.adiken.com/ ) Fuzzy: Thanks! I was getting a bit tired of working on him by the time I got to that but I'm glad it turned out okay.... Stern: True-true....but not as much as Oswald who is still waiting to be done - but I liked his fiddely bits - like the ducks/geese (I went for the mallard look for them)....
  6. Hi guys, Haven't been posting for awhile - but here is a piece I never got round to photographing before the holidays - I like him - as always critiques welcome, suggestions appreciated.... It is a rather large pic (188k) with multiple close ups...
  7. Until you can get a lighter pic of the Harpy - I have lightened her up for you as on my monitor I could see very little....hope you don't mind..... I love her tail! Looking forward to seeing her finished.... **NOTE - Any jaggedness in the pic is not a reflection of the paint job but possibly the brightening process - for a pic that dark it often results in minor pixel changes.**
  8. If you are still looking for backgrounds ideas - I have written a long tutorial on digital ones with plenty of choices to download etc.... http://homepages.slingshot.co.nz/~beowulf/abackgrounds.htm
  9. Great face on such a tiny mini - is it my monitor or is her skin pink? I like the purple tone for the hair and the varying one for the wings - but hey - I am a purple fan....and the dress makes for a nice contrast.... NMM - can't tell you anything - I haven't given it a proper go yet - but it looks good for a first try!
  10. Very nice - I especially like the gem work, little crystal thingys and staff topper and the bottom layer of his tunicy bit....another "wouldn't have thought of it in a million years" job!
  11. I agree - my favorites bits are her hair, followed by her skin and the purples!
  12. I can't really make out a whole lot - too much flash perhaps...but I like her hair - perhaps another pic with less flash or shine would help?
  13. I like - his head does look much better now that everything is all together - okay... Likes: Scars on his back - well done, bullet wound, face, and skin... Might work on: Not a fan of the base myself, bit more highlighting on the pants, and from the backshot - maybe a bit more definition between the pants and belt. Overall good sculpting and paint job!
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