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Status Updates posted by Nocturne

  1. I'm actually getting painting done at a slight above glacial pace for once!

    1. naponatom


      Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Me too! I am at defrosting pace!

  2. It's nothing but Hyrule Warriors up in here

  3. The rainy season is here again.

  4. Figuring out how to sculpt fur, may resort to shaving a squirrel and gluing it on

  5. If I can rediscover my clippers I may start working on a model soon.... maybe..... soon

  6. Food poisoning :(

    1. naponatom


      Damn you Scorpion Burgers!!

    2. Last Knight

      Last Knight

      Ugh, all my sympathies.

  7. Apparently I'm now a Project Services Manager..... if anyone know what that means please let me know.

  8. Christmas shopping 90% done in one trip.

  9. Preparing for MCM Expo London ComicCon

  10. Dad's 65th. Heavy drinking is forseeable.

  11. One week to finish cosplay D: When will I learn to do it early?

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