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  1. The retail exclusive thing is a weirdly written piece of pointlessness. They are items that you can't add during the kickstarter so that you buy them at retail, but actually you can add them in the pledge manager... So basically they are part of the kickstarter, you can add them during the kickstarter, and they will come with the rest of the kickstarter. The one thing keeping them from being identical to any other kickstarter add on seems to be they aren't saying the price until after the kickstarter ends.


    -Actually I think I may have read that wrong. Only retail backers can add them in the pledge manager?

    It's the latter, only retail backers can add them in the pledge manager. That whole section has been quietly reworded and the graphic for the First Giant at $200k has disappeared.

  2. I get why they want to try and make retail feel included so it's not one of those games that then struggles to have a presence in stores afterwards, but I also get that it has the feeling for everyone else that you are backing something so that you can then buy it later. It'll depend if they put up anything else in the regular stretch goals around the £200k mark as well (which funding wise it's already hitting)

  3. Why do political signs around here still say things like "Vote for Soandso, punch this number"?


    I don't think we've had punch ballots since shortly after the shambolic 2000 election, hanging chads and all that rubbish.


    It's an archaism like "Don't touch that dial! ("What dial?" my kids asked)


    Why are save icons still floppy disks? I've not even seen an actual floppy disk in years.

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  4. Hope your funk ends soon SR.



    I once had hot wing flavoured soda. I tried it out of curiosity and poor survival instinct. It was just sorta dissapointing. I didn't try the sweet corn flavour from the same company.


    I bought a regular root beer at the time as well, to take the taste away of what i assumed would be interesting but awfully. ironically that as the one that tasted like someone had stubbed their cigarettes out in it.

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  5. As Doc mentioned lack of consitancy, what about the really old zombies, or the "Voodoo" zombie which is where a lot of this started? Like 1932's White Zombie where Bela Lugosi drugs people so they enter a death like state and they raise again completely under his control but return to 'life' when he's killed (spoiler, I guess?)


    Almost certainly wouldn't be consiered zombies by currrent generally accepted lore.

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    I don't remember where I read/heard it, but the point of the Walking Dead is that it is *not* story about zombies, but a story about the downfall of humanity and that the title itself refers to the human survivors.

    Interesting. After watching the first few episodes it crossed my mind that the title could be referring to the survivors.


    Spoiler I guess, but the very act of replying to this feels like a spoiler

    Comic version in case you're not up to date as the TV version will give away some survivors and where's the peril in knowing who surivives?



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  7. There's supposedly a parasite or something that takes over ants completely, and forces it to climb to the tip of straws so that it can be eaten by cows, because it needs cows to spawn new generations.



    Cordyceps fungus. It was the basis for the infection in The Last of Us which were zombies in anything but name, just ocassionally with mushrooms growing out of their heads.

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    No, I understand that. But put it into context. In The Walking Dead, if you are covered in zombie guts, you can make normal noise, walk like a normal person, shoot a gun, stab a walker through the head, and they won't even notice you. Moreover, if you can tame a walker by cutting off its arms and jaw, you can just drag it around on a leash, and its mere proximity protects you from being noticed by other walkers.


    So, something else entirely is going on. It throws the entire concept of how they are detecting you into question.



    I've not watched the latest couple of episodes so it may have played out differently, but the comics version of the scene where they are covered in zombie guts in the town and someone isn't quiet and shambling quickly results in a reduciton in the number of main characters and the suvivors body parts. The smell fools the zombies but doing anything non-zombie like doesn't,

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  9. Got mine. I'd only ordered Clan Kitsune and a couple of ronin. I've just started painting SDE and really regret not going all in on this one now. Love the figures I got but I've no doubt I'll be putting a large order in when they hit retail.

  10. Finally got my game box and what's currently available from the add ons.

    Excellent quality models, disappointed that the miniatures in the box are missing a few pieces. I'm short 2 heads and 2 tails from the Infants and an arm from the Stalkers.


    EDIT: An hour later and already got a reply saying they'll send out the parts next week. Can't fault their response time.

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    Don'T know if I can motivate myself to paint all those Zombies (and six or seven of the same sculpt).



    I've backed all but the original version (though I bought that through the 2nd KS and just pre-ordered the exclusives). SO MANY ZOMBIES.


    Though now that I have an airbrush...



    Likewise. I have only finished one Survivor and Zombivor so far, though I did get most of the way through a tray of zombies from the first set before having to set it aside from sheer mind numbing boredom and do something, anything, else for a while.

  12. Got my core game at the weekend. Got to say that the quality of the miniatures, especially the suvivors, have really improved since the original Zombicide. There's a couple which are a bit on the flat side but most of them are great.

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