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  1. I am both shocked and appalled by the modern cost of pick & mix sweets. Shocked... AND appalled!
  2. Set a goal, stick to it. Good Morning
  3. I really thought Pa was awesome since the beginning, he was a top 5 "must have" for me. It's one I didn't go in big on so I was pretty ruthless with my choices and just blanked any that I wasn't 100% on at the time and cowboys usually aren't my thing. At least he's a general release figure and one of the UK online stores I use regularly already stocks the current figures so I shouldn't have trouble getting him later.
  4. Not familiar with it, okay, I probably am, but it's early and I am decaffeinated. If you can't post it because of forum rules, can you at least post a link to it with a NSFW warning To be honest, it's probably only rude/hilarious to Brits. NSFW though for those who are.
  5. Suddenly wondering if Thes is a slang term I wasn't aware of....
  6. Tralala!!! .... still not a fan of harlequins or overly elaborate attempts at action poses. EDIT: Better but looks like he would fit more into a diorama like leaping out a window than on his lonesome
  7. The infamous onomatopoeia of Captain America hitting a robot in the face with his shield that I dare not repeat here.
  8. I have marmite rice cakes with my lunch and can't decide if they are the worst thing ever or ok.... I've eaten them all and I'm still undecided.
  9. I really wish I had added Pa March now..... I really wish I hadn't just started reading Preacher a week ago and too late discovered a) how great it is and b) how perfect Pa March would be for a Saint of Killers miniature.
  10. It wouldn't be great if the only way you could get both Sisters was buying two of that box. Would have been nicer to see the box with different sculpts for both sisters (just the clothing obviously), and Salome paired up with someone else.
  11. There are two models, one for Salome and one for Valeria. What Arkady is saying is there should be two copies of Salome because she has a twin sister, Taramis.
  12. I've had to give the picture a lithograph filter so the the details would show from the black basecoat, it just looked like a black blob without. The grainy specks aren't on the actual figure. Head conversion on a Chaos Sorcerer. Original was a demonic head with long horns. I made him a flaming skull from a hand holding a flaming skull from the Empire Wizards kit and padded it out with flames from a torch. When I eventually get round to painting him I'm thinking of blue or purple for the fire.
  13. Hmm... that moment when you are about to put paint on a miniature and suddenly you have no idea what you are looking at.... Could be skin, could be bone, could be an armour cap....and it's a plague monk so all three are valid possibilities. Googling for images doesn't show a consensus either... I think the approach here, and here, (head of the Skaven nearest the inner of the carriage) is closest to what was intended.... it's what I'm going to go for anyway EDIT: My plague monks got no nose How does it smell? Terrible
  14. PBF is my favorite webcomic. Runner up would be Oglaf. A warning for those who don't know, but Oglaf is NSFW (usually, but not always). Then again, The Oatmeal has his NSFW...ish moments. I only discovered Oglaf today when someone linked to it on facebook and then I checked out the first strip in their archive.... YOUR WARNING CAME TOO LATE!!! I probably won't back this for myself but it's exactly the sort of game that the group I meet up with at conventions are in to, I'll be surprised if I don't see this later in the year.
  15. I quite like small women. Well, one in particular. Is it Jimmy Krankie? (husband and wife comedy act from Scotland that performed as father and son)
  16. As of the last convention I was at wigs are now on my list of costume things to avoid if possible. The list also includes uncomfortable shoes, gloves and lack of pockets. (also Kell Hounds were my Inner Sphere unit of choice for pre-clan battletech so great costume choice) I generally have an enjoyable time with wigs. What were your issues? I agree about shoes and pockets. Uncomfortable shoes make everything wrong. And one always needs a place to carry things. I have tended to make myself custom gloves, as comfortable and flexible as possible. What difficulties have you had with them? ETA: Oh, and Nocturne, that Facebook link didn't work for me. What is it? Wig: After several hours in a hall with several thousand people the heat was near ready to kill me (not to mention the itchiness). I felt less boiled whilst wearing a thick fleece onesie (speaking of, previous image with onesie and mask uploaded to photobucket here so that should work(?)) Gloves was the annoyance of having to constantly take them on and off to touch anything Trying to get a note out of wallet or look through a box of comics suddenly became an excercise in frustration. Especially when combined with no pockets to put them in when taken off. This was more an issue with the large suade gauntlets and the elbow length gloves I had for Steve the sheep, not so much an issue for the grey opera gloves I wear as The Penguin as I have a surplus of pockets in the overcoat alone. In regards to shoes I tried traditional straw sandals once with a costume. As straw has zero traction on a tiled floor and somehow managed to cause a slight but still disconcerting loss of blood between my toes I spent the rest of the weekend in my regular shoes. I'm suddenly remembering the Lady Loki at one convention who misjudged the distance between her very impressive horns and the door frame in a hotel corridor
  17. I also recommend including some form of eyehole on mask I could't hear with it on either. I accidentally created a sensory deprivation costume.
  18. As of the last convention I was at wigs are now on my list of costume things to avoid if possible. The list also includes uncomfortable shoes, gloves and lack of pockets. (also Kell Hounds were my Inner Sphere unit of choice for pre-clan battletech so great costume choice)
  19. I don't know how I'd survive but I give it an hour and a half tops before I'm in spiked collar with leather chaps and resorting to cannibalism.
  20. Where would an interested party find this info? I've not been able to find a single clear list as yet. There's an overall timeline from White Dwarf up to the events at the start of Book 4: Thanquol here: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2015/01/end-times-master-timeline-of-the-apocalypse.html Round up the events from Nagash is here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Warhammer/comments/2fs7iz/nagash_end_times_discussion_spoilers/ Thanquol here: http://www.thefieldsofblood.com/2015/01/end-times-thanquol-my-thoughts.htmland here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?403583-End-Times-Thanquol/page116 I've not found a clear one for Khaine or Glotkin but the other two and summary fill in the gaps.
  21. Mines not painted yet so possibly. I'll wait unitl the new edition hits in the middle of the year to see what's happening (stranger things have happened than dead characters coming back in new editions, and this is heading towards a universe reset). I might leave it off anyway, I like the character but never been a fan of that rack in either version of the model.
  22. I've always liked 'Drokk' from 2000AD. It just sounds right.
  23. It's a separate piece and I don't think there was much of a tab for it to go on, just the flat surface of the bottom plate so converting or clean up would be minimal. Thankfully I also got the metal one before they switched to finecast.
  24. Honestly, he makes a better generic Warlord figure than he does character model anyway.
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