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  1. Why yes, thank you Qwertee, I think I will get a new shirt (EDIT: I like the 60's comic cover look where they have to show both characters front on so you're never sure if two characters are about to fight or start a freestyle rap battle) I've been catching up on the list of dead characters from GW's End Times even and will be spending the rest of the day glancing wistfuly at one of my favourite Skaven whilst listening to "In the Arms of the Angels".
  2. Anything nature can do, Clan Moulder can do better.
  3. Spiders aren't an issue .... I have no idea why that's a thing but I guess it is because..... internet.
  4. It's payday folks! WOOHOO! The teas on me.... no biscuits though, I'm not made of money.
  5. either someone has a squealing tire or someone just got murdered outside my house.... Good Morning!!
  6. There's a Warthog in the animal companions IV pack which can be bought on his own: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/boar/latest/03624 Wargames Foundry do a wild boar pack. Availability outside the UK may be difficult though.
  7. Well I was hoping for the Verminous Beast and they went even better: Perfect for a Skaven Bonebreaker.
  8. Unfortunately that price is consistant with the particular niche of the miniatures wargaming market they are working in. Avatars of War solo figures are also around £10, GW's about £13 for non-personality solo's for example.
  9. I always have a little pause before eating Spam, just in case Charlton Heston rushes in with a warning.
  10. I'll have American cheese with a burger, it holds it's form better when under a grill compared to other most other cheeses.... that's about it though. It's not one I would choose to have with anything else, especially not cold. I don't mind spam but it's not at the top of my list. It'll do if I want some meat with my lunch and there aren't many alternatives.
  11. .... I'm just going to go ahead and say no.
  12. From what I recall the addition of the bacon does very little in changing the taste from regular spam. Good Morning
  13. I did a google images search for Warpstone as part of some Skaven modelling ideas. First page of images included a picture which showed a total lack of understanding of female Skaven anatomy and there is not enough brain bleach in the world to fix this. Good Morning!!
  14. There are a couple of figures in Carnevale which are close for Ezio's assassin uniform, If I recall they are wearing venetian carnival masks with large noses though Edited to get the right spelling for the game. Guild Capodecime and Rialto Assassin are the ones I'm thinking of.
  15. A potato waffle is much larger and a uniform shape. One or two would be enough for a side with a meal. Living next to Ireland we have done a lot of stuff with potatoes over the years just to stop being sick of the sight of them... A LOT
  16. To me those are lattice crisps, that's a different thing entirely. We also have lattice fries, again that is completly different from a potato waffle.
  17. Yes, and anyone my age or older from England will still remember the Birdseye advert for them
  18. It's one of many varieties of formed potato shape.... things we get. The other common ones were happy faces which looked a bit sinister.
  19. This is one of those conversations where I both understand and follow it all, yet at the same time it is completely alien to me. Waffles aren't much of a thing over here, we'll very rarely see it on the dessert menu smothered in ice cream. Far more common in the UK is the potato waffle.
  20. I like the art style, it reminds me of Tsutomu Nihei's manga work. Unfortunately the renders are not as interesting. I notice there doesn't even seem to be any large clear images of them on the kickstarter page.
  21. I'm halfway through Romeo X Juliet and enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would a Shakespeare adaptation..... I am not expecting a happy ending.
  22. Favourite resteraunt is a local place called Royal Balti. I'd usually go for Lamb Garlic Special with Saag Bhaji and a Keema Naan. I've been having Tandoori Chicken and Garlic fried as often recently though.
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