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  1. I put WOTC and GW in the same box in that the people at the top making the decisions and holding the purse strings are not and probably never have been gamers or are interested in doing so. On the one hand it's part of why both are so well known and have kept going on the other... soulless corporate entity etc etc. I tend to leave them out of any comparisons to other gaming companies because although their product is in the same field they are operating in a completely different way with a very different customer base through licensed products i.e. novels, games, films etc.
  2. It's just got me wondering if the Tentacles & Eyeballs KS had any similar issues as some of his designs were likewise on the nose..... on the eye.... in the eye of the behol-nevermind. I remember he went through a name change for some things but at least one of his was identical to Monster Manual art.
  3. I can see the Like button but not the Groan button.
  4. The problem is that one entry in a long list generally does not much catch the eye - you will likely see more threads about links already on that page, and with good reason. It already has it's own thread here as well. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46327-holy-crap-another-minis-ks/ It's hard to tell without the name of the Kickstarter in either thread title.
  5. Nice paintjob, those Dwarves are very.... very.... well gosh, erm, they are very.... errr..... very. They are definately very. Especially those two with the erm.... or rather without the ... erm..... very... yes... Very much so.
  6. source? The latest update on the project EDIT: Thanks Shakandara, didn't see that it was a members only one.
  7. Heh, the figure made me think of Shaggy from Scooby Doo - I put a green Biohazard symbol on the canister - it contained Milk of the Mother (from Shub Niggurath). He used to be part of the same organization as the PCs, but had turned to the black. The party's regular bad guys were after him - it did not occur to them that maybe, this time, MJ12 was in the right. To add to the fun, the team thought that he was the comic relief. But incompetence was as much a lie as his calling them his friends. He did a lot of damage, to the party and the party's reputation. The Auld Grump What are those figures and where are they from? Urban Mammoth (previosuly I-Kore) from their game Urban War (previously Void). I don't actually know if it is the same game, never played Urban War, but it's certainly the same figures.
  8. Always loved the Asphixious minis, great character design. Nice colour choice with him. For my own stuff I try to ignore issues that the camera shows in enlarged photos on the belief that they are either in the eye of the beholder or something out of nothing when looking at the actual mini in hand.
  9. Well done on the paintjob. I wish they did the guy on the turtle seperately.
  10. Glad they added in the minis 'a la carte' option. I missed the Deep Wars KS so it's a nice opportunity to pick up a few of those and the mix of ShadowSea figs I was after. With each starter box there was only one or two I was interested in so I wasn't going to back this, at least now I can support them. Hopefully it'll bring in a few more and push it up to the target.
  11. The Wizards of the Coast legal team have woken up to this one. The insect-like version of the Ice Devils (now Glacial Demon) head has been dropped and there's been a few name changes. The T-Shirt has been changed as well to remove the eye beast. Hopefully those are the only changes. And I liked that bug head as well. Bah!
  12. This will be ending just as I'm logging on at work. Will be nice to start the week seeing if I get anything more for my Captain level.
  13. Right, wanted him done and out the way. I'm pleased enough with the result but If I'd spent more time with him I would have brought the skin tone down a little to make him paler and done something with that shoulder pad. I had wanted to freehand an image of a blue gem onto that money pouch to make it look like he'd stolen it from a young elf boy dressed in green with an annoying fairy, but I don't think it would have really come across well due to the heavy folds.
  14. I'm not as fussed with things like the swarm master and swarm adults which have very clear alien weapons, but I really like the wholly alien creatures like the grubs, hosts, queen and the fiend, I've been in at the Swarm level right from the start but I'll need to sit down this weekend and have a proper play around with my pledge to figure out what I want. The thing that has put me off organising my pledge properly before now is the changing prices of items. Cheaper is obviously much better but I'd still like a set number so I know what I'm getting.
  15. doh- just checked. curses! 'Sokay, i missed it too.. was wondering why every one was blagging on flat tops. Don't insult the flat top
  16. I think anyone complaining about how it looks at the start would have jumped on by the end. Likewise the "this many minis for this low low price" aspect, and foreknowledge that any after KS prices will be higher would mean even those who thought they had enough minis would be likely to join. I think the first definately the last mini I bought was about 1994.
  17. Looks like I was wrong about the alternative parts for Virgo and Papa Hougan. Latest update suggests those will get their parts after the IG campaign. Not the ones from the Captain level though as they did state indiegogo only. relevant text is: - an upgrade pack for Papa Houngan, which would be added to the miniature for free and will also increase the post-Indiegogo retail price of the miniature - an upgrade pack for Chassa, which would be added to the miniature for free and will also increase the post-Indiegogo retail price of the miniature
  18. I'm glad my mind wasn't lonely in this gutter.
  19. A tabletop version of Tokyo Jungle? It could work.
  20. Pug swarm base? Yes. Yes, please! "OH GOD, They're smothering me, I'm suffocating to death!.... AND IT'S SO SNUGGLY!"
  21. Been there, done that. ~v Sorry, are you suggesting that one is enough? Surely the required amount of pugs is ALL THE PUGS!
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