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  1. Can't decide if swarm masters tentacrotch is NSFW or not
  2. Second additional bits upgrade pack for Captain and above have been revealed. It includes a pug.... why are you still waiting!?
  3. The Goblin captain in the $16/Deckhand level is also exclusive to Indiegogo. (well indiegogo and Conventions that Freeboter goes to whilst stocks last so if you don't get out to any of the cons you may as well think of it as indiegogo only.) Same with Virgo and the upcoming voodoo priest guy. No, both of those are going to be available in regular retail for $18 with production running until October 2013, the goblin won't be. The alaternative parts for Virgo (and potentially any for the voodoo guy) are indiegogo only though like the Captain level parts.
  4. It it doesn't come with a to scale miniature of a fighter with a bow then I'm not interested.
  5. I would probably try a darker bone colour so hopefully perspective would look more like you are seeing the inside of Kaladrax than a flat wall as such. I won't be sure how that'll work out until I'e got him in hand. Another thought is to 'flesh' him out a little into more of a zombie dragon using something like the microwaved PVA idea in the special effects thread and then painting the filled in areas a purplish red to look like remaining internal organs and bits.
  6. You keep using that word. Is there a problem with gravity in the Future? (Considers) That depends. How far were you planning to go, exactly? Where we're going we won't need eyes to see. Inside a dog? Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.
  7. The Goblin captain in the $16/Deckhand level is also exclusive to Indiegogo. (well indiegogo and Conventions that Freeboter goes to whilst stocks last so if you don't get out to any of the cons you may as well think of it as indiegogo only.)
  8. now there's a real beauty! Kaladrax, not Reaperbryan..... ...well...
  9. I've had no issues with viewing or posting to the forum with my phone, touch wood, ... why my phone is made of wood is another issue
  10. Mine had switched over to the mobile version after the forum was down the other day for an upgrade. Switched back to the full version easily. Had to because when the menu came up for notifications, new posts etc, half the time selecting something would ignore the menu that was up and select from the forums front page that was behind it instead.
  11. At this rate the next one will probably be underway before I've finished the ogre I always seem to come to dead stop when I can't pait for a couple of days for whatever reason, getting back in to painting ends up taking weeks.
  12. Look again! The only metals they sell are those that are still in stock on their website and those are being gradually phased out. All metals have been pulled from store shelves* and are being re-released as finecast, which sadly is not a nice material to work with and for no good reason costs more than the metals. Wargaming with large numbers of metal minis was around long before GW, but I think it's fair to say they popularised sci-fi and fantasy wargaming. EDIT: For bonus useless nerdy trivia, wargaming dates back to early 19th century Prussia, long before RPG's were ever a thing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kriegsspiel_%28wargame%29 *certainly true for the UK, your mileage may vary in other countries
  13. I want those Ghost Dogs and Jellyshrooms personally. The Jellyshrooms would also be great underdark flora
  14. Thanks for the comments on the Penguin costume everyone, it was one my favourites to do and the best received. I couldn't walk far without being asked for a photo. The only picture I've ever seen is this one. I've honestly no idea who took the original photo or what is going on, it often turns up under headings like 'WTF?'. I came across it whilst searching for bizarre images for a bit of fun on another forum and have stuck with it ever since.
  15. This has been my experience over the last 20 years and I've known only one independant* store where they got the balance right. The worst one near to me was where the owner would sit behind the counter watching TV and ignoring anyone until they actually came to purchase anything. I've seen many where their heart is in the right place but one week you'll walk in and see a large amount of Boy Crazy CCG packs sat on the shelf and you begin questioning the sanity of the people running the place and eventually it just starts selling posters and candles and finally nothing but Twilight merchandise before finally collapsing and dying..... that example may have got a bit specific at the end there. *independant as opposed to GW own brand but I don't think comparing a lone outlet run and staffed by the owners to an international company run by a board of shareholders that don't care what the company is selling just that the balance sheets are positive makes much sense.
  16. Mix of assembly and make my own bits depending on which costume I want to do. Something like The Penguin was completely assembled whereas something like Steve from Catherine I bought the fleece, and gloves but had to make the head completely using a couple of plastic curved devil horms and a lot of wire mesh and plaster cloth I've also made Mario's yellow cape, a staff for a Final Fantasy White Mage with a blue glowing orb at the top, Yangus's spiked shell helmet from Dragon Quest 8 and Eddie Riggs double headed battle axe from Brütal Legend
  17. One day, yes. I already have the white fleece onesie from when I cosplayed as Steve the sheep from Catherine.
  18. His Kickstarter is due to start at the end of the month which is to launch the game, plastic minis have been mentioned. I love most of his work, especially Beyond the Wall and the new Twilight Knight. The Forge God is one his few figures that I find a little too disturbing, but that'll be why "Nightmare Horror" is used to describe the range. I just mentioned cus of the nekkid guys* in a bit of a tongue in cheek way. Having said that even his minis that I find a bit disturbing I do think have a certain aesthetic beauty to them, even if they still creep me out... Except the giant baby anglerfish monster thing. Monster babies freak me right out ever since I played Drakengard. *If anyone were really after more realistic and less horrified gentlemen of the naturist persuasion then Wargames Foundry do several naked warrior packs like Picts and Greeks but they fall much more in the category of angry and waving their spear (not a euphmism)
  19. One of Kingdom Deaths latest figures has three naked guys lounging on a rock.... It's also got a snake necked dog faced giant pulling intestines out of his crotch so it may not be for everyone to be fair.
  20. Not keen on any of the original line up but I do like a few of the later figure concepts. I'm chancing a pledge at the $50 level for this one but I'm skittish like a rabbit with it and may bail at any time, especially as it's unclear if the $80 level saying "this and above are eligible for stretch rewards" means half the planned figures are unavailable unless you pledge high.
  21. Empire started with a snowspeeder and used a peculiar semi-steering wheel control (as did Star Wars and Jedi) that was square in the middle with two handles. It was Jedi I was thinking of, with it's horrible red blocky Ewoks EDIT Actually they look better than I remember unless there was a home release of the game.
  22. I liked one of the Clone Wars games on the DS but it was a side scrolling beat 'em up so really I was pre-destined to like it regardless of subject matter. TIE Fighter was by the far the best though. I don't think I've ever seen the arcade cabinet for Star Wars actually working, I don't know whether it was prone to failure but every time I've come across it it's had some problem with either the joystick not working or the screen burned out. Did the very old Empire Strikes Back arcade game that started off on the speeder bikes have a speeder bike control stick or am I mis-remembering that?
  23. Carrying over the Ogre, havn't sat down to paint for a couple of weeks mostly due to preparing for a weekend long trip to London last week. Now that's over I should be getting back to it this weekend. Hopefully will clear him off by next weekend and want to get on to some experimenting with different metal techniques before I paint anything proper again.
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