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  1. Technically not Halloween but I spent all of last weekend dressed like this for a sci-fi/gaming/anime con
  2. Jedi Summer Glau and her roguish ally Jewel Staite have to protect Princess Morena Baccarin from the evil Sith Eliza Dushku Personally I'm waiting for Palpatine to be revealed as the leader of Organisation XIII in Kingdom Hearts, he's already dressed for it.
  3. Went in for this at Captain level the other day. Raven's Shadow and upcoming flock of ravens convinced me that I couldn't do without. New stretch goal has been added at $45K, and who doesn't want an angry drunken monkey?
  4. Yeah, I'm kinda feeling the same. From what I can tell there are no Kickstarter exclusives so I'm happy to pick these up at a later date, even if it costs more as I can't really justify the lot right now.
  5. I just hope that Disney don't ruin the franchise and remember to include long exciting scenes discussing trade embargos and senate politics....
  6. I've had sever delays due to being busy. Will hopefully get back to the Ogre tomorrow and this weekend and start playing around with some different techniques after that.
  7. Everybody Poops Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl sh'tign .... sorry
  8. In my opinion though that's a horrible version of Cthulu, I'd have been very dissapointed in a model that looked like that. I think it's mostly the 'hair' tentacles and feet.
  9. I think it's worth us all remembering exactly how Lovecraft himself envisioned Cthulhu ...... yeah.
  10. I went in for just the fighter from the initial set. I'll probably pick up individuals later when they are done rather than the boxsets.
  12. I'm at the point where feel like I have to buy a $65 level, in addition to my $100 level, just so I can use all the replacement body parts that keep getting added. Oh god, don't put that thought into my head!
  13. I've just about convinced myself I need these. Going to have to see how much of my bank balance surives a holiday next week. It's a shame that the optional extras arn't available under the $100 level.
  14. Double post!... because I care twice as much!
  15. My copy of Trial of the Clonesby SMBC's Zach Weiner arrived today so I've had a little kickstarter fix today... Still want some minis though.
  16. I'd be surprised if there are any big ones going over that period but you may see some of the smaller boutique lines still going that are run by one or so people.
  17. I tend to just do a search on 'Miniatures' to find all the figure based kickstarters. Brings up a couple of non-gaming things but I don't think I've missed any projects since. EDIT: Having said that, did a quick check and Going Native doesn't appear as they don't use the term Miniature anywhere. Just model.
  18. One character death is normal, cus then you get too depressed and die and your friend becomes a witch or something then finally finds god. That's just the way it works. http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0046/0046_01.ASP
  19. I always 'suck' the brush after washing the paint off to help restore the point, helps a lot.
  20. If you don't want the rulebook and just the 4 minis though it's still $25. The shipping cost effectively means that anyone outside the US pledging at the Waster or Road Warrior level has to add on several stretch goals to make it worthwhile. It may look reasonable down the line if/when a lot more minis are available (and if an international pledger wants those figures) but at this point it's a pretty big psychological hurdle to get over.
  21. I might have gone for one or two figs if the option was available, but I don't like the concepts for all 4 from the set and if international postage is that high then I can't justify it without seeing the finished minis first.
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