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  1. Really like those grubs, and that host just looks so wrong, but I want it. Looks like they need a sci-fi engineer with a plasma cutter to go up against them.
  2. I think it's been a double edged sword. Reapers KS has hit a lot peoples hobbying wallets hard, twice over with the pledge manager. On the other side I think it's got a lot more people looking at Kickstarter for miniature projects to back, doing a quick search of Miniatures shows a lot of the older projects either failing or ending around the 6K mark, recent ones seem to pass that within the first couple of weeks, if not sail right past it. You could probably pin point the dates when Kickstarter became better known and when the right formula for a mini project came about.
  3. I wouldn't say any of the other Kickstarters I've been in the communication has been bad, but Reapers was definately in a league of it's own.
  4. Rayguns of a sort are in The Shadow out of Time, although those were said to look like cameras, and the Mi-Go are mentioned as masters of technology and outside of Lovecraft are sometimes shown with rayguns. It's unusual but not wrong. It does seem completely out of place for the setting though.
  5. @ObsidianCrane I hadn't noticed in the previous photos but now that I have..... the last two panels come to mind for some reason http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=228
  6. As much as I'd love to I may have to skip this one due to lack of funds :(
  7. I'll stick it on my favourites and look back later, really don't like the current green, there seems to be a mismatch between the head and the body that I can't get over.
  8. Honestly don't know whether to keep pledge at the $75 level for the demons or switch to the Dragon King only, can't do both unfortunately.
  9. Seen his stuff before, it's insane He's Snopes certified: http://www.snopes.com/photos/arts/microscopic.asp
  10. So you know, now. Remain where you are. A Team will be there soon to... help you move. Yes. We know you want a new residence and the nice people at Reaper will help you move. Just stay where you are. We're going to have so much fun together. YAY! Free housing!.......
  11. Looks amazing, really like the contrast between skin and clothing
  12. Yup, love Tabletop. I really need to pick up some single player bordgames, I'd like to try out Arkham Horror some time, the only one I've rally got knocking around the the moment is Games Workshops very old Chainsaw Warrior.
  13. We've uncovered the truth! Reaper don't make any of these figures, they've secretly been mining them for years!
  14. I've got plenty of good minis that are still left mint in package.... not intentionally mind, I just work slowly and I'm easily distracSQUIRREL!!!
  15. I'm hoping it get's massive so my Gallows turns into a village!
  16. That water set is the first one where I've actually liked all the figures concept art. I've punted for it whilst their early bird slots were still open..
  17. I've had a plan change, once I've finished the Ogre I want to have a play around with some Metal and NMM techniques.
  18. I have Keratoconus so have to wear contact lenses as glasses could no longer correct my vision enough to see properly. I used to just take my glasses off to paint close up, now I use +3 ready readers and they do the job just fine.
  19. Superb! I really like the fur. I like the printed background as well, looks good and not so busy that is distracts
  20. I'm going to convince myself that it's just a well applied decal so that I can sleep at night and not bin all my paints and brushes.... yep definately a decal.... definately
  21. nnng, damnit, want but budget is maxed. Tempted to switch over just get just the dragon king now, will have to run some numbers on the likley prices of the rest of the demons I'm interested in
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