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  1. I like some of the concepts but not so much the greens, although the Minotaur looks decent. That Cyclops arm though is a complete breakdown of anatomical logic. I may look again if they hit the Lovecraft goal and see what they do for Dagon.
  2. I got rid of the Nagash figure years ago. I was clearly blinded by the mists of time as I remember him seeming much bigger when I was a kid.
  3. Trying to kickstart a boar can land you in awful lot of trouble though.
  4. I expect that will become more commonplace with miniature kickstarters considering the reactions from some on existing projects having date or design changes has been less than understanding.
  5. Whilst I like the look of the Dragoon, as she reminded me of Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere, $25 with postage for one mini is a bit much, I'll wait and see if the actual mini turns up before deciding either way, I don't think the curent photos they've got are really showing the figures off all that well.
  6. x-acto knife and putty for the most part, wilful ignorance on the ones that are out of easy sight
  7. Not only is she a succubus but according to many biker magazines all women who ride motorcycles are nude or semi-nude anyway, so it's factually accurate!* *"factually accurate" is trademarked and should not be confused with reality
  8. I'm meant to be going on holiday this month! can everyone please stop raising kickstarters or I won't even be able to afford the transport!!
  9. Yeah, quite a lot of the 28mm furnishings out there ain't too great.I guess it's not a priority for most companies as I can't imagine they'd sell more than figures.
  10. Averland Sunset from Citadel is also a good basecoat for yellow if you want a one coat straight from the pot solution.
  11. Now you're really one of us. One of us...one of us...one of us... Gooble gobble, Gooble gobble!
  12. Lovely paintjob on that Hellpit Abomination. It was one of those minatures than when I first saw it I thought, oh dear god that's a terrible figure, but being a fan of Skaven it kept praying on my mind. Couldn't resist him forever and when i finally got him I loved putting him together. I love the hideous bugger, not enough for him to have escaped my built but unpainted pile, but he's getting there.
  13. I do love me some Rat Ogres! Great work.
  14. Went over all the metal with a mix of Boltgun Metal and Nurgling Green, then added some Chainmail and a little more Nurgling Green for the main layer. I then highlighted with Mithril Silver and Nurgling Green followed by Mithril Silver on it's own. I then basecoated the Mammoth with Regal Blue. It was then painted Festering Blue then highlighted with Ultramarines Blue then Ultramarines Blue with Skull White. The tusks were Bleached Bone followed by Skull White. Extreme Mammoth closeup!!
  15. I'm bucking the trend and getting all the Sophies
  16. Cave girl will be great, I really want those Atomic Punks though!
  17. Better that than pantless...just saying. Considering the sauna scene in the video I wouldn't be particularly shocked either way.
  18. The gentleman's rule has always been dark suit - bright ascot, bright suit - dark ascot. A subdued green should work well and avoid the christmas problem.
  19. I feel a bit better off, I kept thinking "oh I wish I'd ordered one of those and one of those as well" then checked my confirmation email and I had.... I should probably be concerned about terrible memory loss but the surprises are nice.
  20. Gangam Style has made it to number 1 in the UK charts and PSY is now writing his next single in English.... better start learning the dance moves now!
  21. I didn't get paint either! Stand strong brother!
  22. I've not seen the film but I assume It! is it(!) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061826/
  23. I'm going to go for three, which is three more than average. I'll get the Ogre finished and the werewolf I picked up when the KS was running. Third is yet to be determined.
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