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  1. I saw this earlier but only the first couple of seconds, watching it through now and the script is nearly word for word as well, I guess it's a winning format.
  2. I don't suppose that because the way of removing the Sophie is to add a minus sophie that the total shows you purchasing Sophie for -$25? Or something like that?
  3. Our First Pledge Level Plasti-Cred: *Hugs* Is our special recognition pledge not only will you get special acknowledgement on our website, but you can also choose to add, Single PPMs (pre-painted or unpainted minis) to your pledge, shipping will be billed separately. This pledge is PERFECT for that minis connoisseur looking for particular pieces for their collection. Choose from our pre-paints (PPMs) or unpainted (NATs) below. Army of Jellyshrooms Ahoy!
  4. They havn't got the proper artwork ready yet as the projects moved a little faster than they were expecting.
  5. That's where it get's a little muddy though, the license has long since moved on since it was co-produced by TSR so Hasbro have no rights over the series or it's designs. It currently sits with Mill Creek Entertainment who are a home video company.
  6. The leather has all been done. I went over it all in Scorched Brown first followed by a layer of Scorched Brown and Dark Flesh. I then had three layers of highlights, Dark Flesh, Dark Flesh and Skrag Brown and finally Skrag Brown, All the leather was then washed with Chestnut Brown Finally I mixed togher Dark Brown, Skrag Brown, Fortress Grey, Dark Angels Green and Nurgling Green until I got the colour I wanted (A greyish greeny brown obviously) and stippled on to make the leather look a bit old and worn. The brush I used is a very old 3/0 that I'd cut the bristles off of so there's only about a millimetre left.
  7. The swarm and most of the individual ones were from GW's Warsphinx/Necrosphinx set, as was the Tomb King himself. There were a few more in their Necropolis Knights set as well.
  8. As you mentioned a graveyard the obvious missing building is a small church or chapel, can double as places for clerics to prepare, get blessed items etc. The other thing would be some sort of guardtower which would double as a jail, not so much useful for getting kit but could be useful from an adventuring standpoint, i.e. local quest links, information on dangers in the area etc. I'd say if space is limited a chapel is probably more use directly for the players.
  9. It was all just drybrushing but a little heavier then normal so it's not painting a solid layer of colour but it not just catching the raised edges either, I used a pretty crappy old brush as well with bristles all over the place so there was little to no accuracy. For every layer that I did I covered less of the fur working from the middle outwards, so the brown that just appears now as two stripes was all over the middle but got covered by the dark grey and black. It might be because it's several colours over one another and the fur isn't very heavily defined on the figure that it doesn't look like a regular drybrush. I'm not really sure how else to describe it sorry.... I knew I should have taken more photos.
  10. Thanks! I think I used every spare scarab I had.
  11. I've done his furry bits..... I started by going over them with Codex Grey then drybrushing the edges with a mix of Fortress Grey and Skull White. I then went through several drybrush layers working in a progressively smaller area each time. First was Bestial Brown and Kommando Khaki, then Adeptus Battlegrey followed by a mix of Adeptus and Chaos Black and finally just Chaos Black.
  12. Kit's confirmation on international shipping being one package only is here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45913-missing-something-with-pledge-manager/page__st__15__p__638525#entry638525
  13. Excellent, onwards to Venger, erm I mean, evil overlord sorcerer kind of guy
  14. Some better photos, still need to play around with my camera settings.
  15. I've done a bit more at my usual glacial pace. I went back over the shorts with Graveyard Earth, then added Scorched Brown in for the first shade then a little Chaos Black to that mix for the darker recessed. I then built the colour up using Graveyard Earth mixed with a little Kommando Khaki and applying a layer, there were four layers in the end with a little Khaki added each time. I think I need to have a play with the white balancing settings on my camera.
  16. All worked fine for me with no issues, cheers Kit!
  17. RPM is on the horizon, eager now! Just got to make sure I don't miss anything in my excitement
  18. Worth knowing, I don't like the setup of take your money there and then regardless.
  19. Very nice. Good colour contrast between her robes.
  20. I'll have to take a much better photo when I get home but here's one from a couple of years ago.
  21. I'm undecided at the moment, I really only like the fighter from greens shown and with current Kickstarters I really don't have the funds to put down a pledge. I'll keep an eye on this one.
  22. I'm still more than eager to see the Cthulu green but I know the wait is going to become even more unbearable once I do.
  23. It was changed just past the 35K mark because it meant Dusty was suddenly added. I'm a little dissapointed as Atomic Punks is one of the ones I've been looking forward to so it seems like it's been moved away twice now.
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