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  1. I've been out every evening this week and tonight as well so I'm probably not going to get round to painting and updating until Saturday
  2. I've only had a couple of finecast, the details on them both were fine but any thin areas are not very resilient at all. Paitning up Isabella became a nightmare, she broke off at the ankle completely and her horribly bent sword was unsalvageable, had to cut the blade off and replace it with a sturder one, she also had a long pointed piece of flash right on the tip of her chin. At least it wasn't as bad as the inkeeper I had from the old Grendals Green Griffin Tavern set who has a mold line right down the centre of his face,
  3. Yes, I'm using a few but most of mine are still of the previous generation of flippy lid when they introduced foundation paints which suffered from drying out. The new flippy lids seem to be a bit more airtight (when new they are literally sealed shut and the plastic has to be ripped open and they shut much tighter) but time will tell on that. I've not really made a concerted effort to go out of my way and try them but no issues as yet.
  4. No painting today but I got my broken bulb replaced, my previous daylight bulb was affecting the colours a little as you could tell by the white paper in the background, this is a much more true to life appearance. The club was painted first in scorched brown to tidy it up. I then added a little Bestial Brown and drybrushed it all over then a little more Bestial and again drybrushed over on the upper areas, I then added a little Bleached Bone and drybrushed over the face and top of the club, again doing this twice. Afterwards I washed it all with Devlan Mud. I may revisit the club later.
  5. Blargh... I was doing so well at avoiding temptation for another kickstarter, then you have to mention steampunk. Ah, well. Still not worth that much for one mini in my opinion, but I may have to get it at full price when it comes out. Still. Grr. Theres two Steampunk figures and a third in the Recruitments that hasn't been unlocked yet........ is that not helping?
  6. You've just reminded me of Don't Look Back. I'd forgotten all about that system.
  7. I knew a group that played Palladium fantasy. From what I could tell whoever owned the most sourcebooks and invented the most ridiculous character was the winner. Doubly so when they decided to play the full Megaverse and just used whatever book from fantasy or Rifts they wanted. One of the most fun roleplaying games I played used no rulesystem or pre-planning whatsoever. We just gave a basic outline of the sort of fantasy character we wanted to play and the DM went with it, we used a D6 when something with a random chance happened with the DM deciding whether we succeeded or not depending on what sort of character we were.
  8. Dying old lord has all of his gathered wealth melted down and formed into a golem. You can't take it with you but I'll be damned if anyone else can sort of thing. Rather than being left behind to protect his treasure, it is the treasure, iron golems are accepted as a thing and coins are just more metal. several gems embedded for decoration with an acient tapestry for a cloak or robe. Rumours abound amongst locals of his wealth having never been found when he died and any lunatic who's going to build a golem from treasure is going to have all sorts of nasty traps, hidden passages other golems that look like rusting suits of armour hanging around. Golem Knights, metal golems made to look like questing knights for some old lords amusement, since his death some are locked in an eternal jousting tournament or mindlessly adventuring forth, sent out to find treasure on some quest they can never complete. If their commands were something like "search out building works underground where no one lives and bring back any treasure" people could first come across one raiding the local mausoleums. Or there's a pile of destroyed Golems all being offed by some simple trap or terrain feature that their instructions don't allow them to handle but they just keep coming every few days, there be could dozens of them constructed all waiting in a queue, the one at the front waits several days, if previous Golem returns start waiting again, otherwise begin quest. Maybe they were dormant for decades before being awakened somehow* and their old instructions that once sent them through a field now send them through a town whose inhabitants believe they are under a relentless attack. *A group of heroes nearby have fought someone using a magical artifact that they had to destroy but the villain escaped. The magic released when it was broken re-activated the golems who march onto the town where the heroes were staying so at first it looks like the golems were sent in revenge.
  9. This hopefully just depends on the individual staff members and how much of an idiot they are, but a female friend of mine was put off when she went into one of their stores and the staff member was telling her about Vampires and used the phrase "like Twilight" as a selling point. She didn't go back.
  10. I got the club done on my Ogre last night, sat down to quickly cobble together a light box to take a better photo at night and then the filament on by daylight bulb broke. I could angle the bulb so that the filament made a connection and the light came on, but I spent about two minutes doing that before I decided I was wasting my life so I'm off to buy a replacement later. Photos tonight.
  11. I've got a decent sizes table specially for painting but it's almost entirely coverd in half built figures. I really needs to clean it out as my painting area is currently enough to put down a figure and a couple of paint pots.
  12. I think you've put your finger on one of the key points of the success of Bones. Yup. I think they also appeal to people like me who paint for the pleasure of it without worrying about either getting things done to get them on the table or perfecting them to enter into competitions. They've certainly got enough detail on that there's plenty to play with on the miniature and for a price point that's almost so good I don't even have to think about it.
  13. Right, last update today, no more painting until tomorrow. I went over the flesh with a Dwarf Flesh glaze then added a little Elf flesh and went over the upper areas (there arn't photos for each seperate stage this time because of some perfectly legitimate reason that I'm struggling to invent right now and definately not because I'm an idiot and forgot to take some... front and back though, so that's something) I then did a couple more stages of highlighting with a little more Elf Flesh added each time then did a wash of Leviathan Purple on the face ears and nipple... and that's the last time I ever want to think about ogre nipple. nipple
  14. Not from the books but (via Wikipedias Orc(Middle Earth) article) he did write "...they are (or were) squat, broad, flat-nosed, sallow-skinned, with wide mouths and slant eyes" Sallow would be a yellowish green, although he could just mean they had a sickly complexion.
  15. I've cleaned up the mold lines on the skin and got to work on shading this morning. Started by thinning down Dwarf Flesh and glazing all the skin areas. I then added some Scab Red and Bestial Brown to the mix and went over the recessed areas. I've switched over to a rear view as it shows off his muscles clearer than the front. I then added some Regal Blue to the mix... some was far too much so I added a bit more of the three previous colours to get what I wanted and went into the areas that were deepest or would be darker. Going to leave that for a while now then I'll start neatening the flesh up and highlighting.
  16. Thankfully I'm not much of a Dwarves fan because Kickstarter fatigue is hitting but for those who are and like Gladiators and Fantasy Football then Eastern Front Studios could have the Kickstarter for you! http://www.kickstart...mm-resin-miniat Even as a non-dwarfer I'm in for that Trollslayer. There's a couple of sculpts up already and they're looking good.
  17. I've had the Ogre for just over a week now so I've had plenty of time to sort out my colour scheme and get my paints ready.... time which I spent watching Boardwalk Empire..... I normally start with a black undercoat and work up from there on one part of the model at a time, like all the skin then all the armour etc, but as I wanted to try out my first Bones with paint right onto plastic and I didn't want to leave any sections bare I've laid out base colours on all sections without worrying about any of those high-browed things like neatness or accuracy. It's a very rough guide at the moment and is a long way I where from where I'll end up..... It's the Apple Maps layer [/satire]. Putting the base colours on has brought out some more mold lines so as I start each section I'll neaten those up and reapply the base colour rather than be doing the lot at once. All paints are Citadel, so far I've used: Skin - Elf Flesh Metal - Mithril Silver Wood - Scorched Brown Leather - Chaos Black with Scorched Brown Cloth - Graveyard Earth Hair - Bestial brown with Chaos Black Fur - Adeptus Battlegrey I think that when I next do a Bones figure I would go back to using a black undercoat unless the whole figure would have the same basecoat all over. Right; going to leave him to dry for a bit then try and work out the rest of the mold lines on the skin and reapply the Elf Flesh.
  18. I'm easily influenced so just bought a pack of 50 skull shaped acrylic beads for a couple of quid.
  19. I'm out of the starting gate. I've trimmed off most of the broccoli base leaving just a bit under his feet, when I get around to basing him properly that won't be visable so I'm not going to fuss over it being neat right now, and it looks like he's wearing sandles which for some reason amuses me. I've cleared up what I could see of the mold lines which were on his left shoulder, right shoulder plate and left side of his stomach. I've brushed a little liquid putty over them to hopefully mask them. He's been temporarily based for now with a bit of superglue so I'll just cut under his feet when it comes to basing him for reals, which likely won't be anytime soon. I'm going to leave his putty surgery to cure overnight and I'll start laying some base colours down in the morning.
  20. I contacted Matt/CSM direct as he mentioned in the last update regarding the limited/unlimited switch and it's all sorted. So any other internationals that were in the limited made the change to unlimited before the $20's for switching to Resin was announced it's worth getting in touch, he's been very helpful.
  21. I've assumed the bit on front was some animal skin attached as decoration, as for that shoulder, that threw me a little bit as well and I'm totally not holding back painting it to see what other people do! honest guv.
  22. With the amount of painting I get done it's no health risk at all.
  23. Bit of a delay in getting my Ogre underway, the super glue I bought a few weeks ago and have never used didn't have it's lid on tight enough so I've got a tube of rock. Will pick some more up tomorrow, glue him down and start properly on Saturday. I've cut his Broccoli off and trimmed under his feet so it's a little like he's wearing sandles at the moment, something I'll sort out once I've done painting him and get round to sorting out a proper base. I've posted this here and not the WIP thread as without images or any real progress it didn't seem like it was worth taking up the space.
  24. This comment reminded me of something in regards to how much you need to think before releasing a product. There was a company in the UK a few years ago (whose name unfortunately eludes me) that was doing vacu-formed terrain tiles in 18x18 for wargaming boards that could be connected together at the side with clips. Once the product was made and released there was little to no interest and they had to change to 24x24 because they hadn't taken into account the average wargaming board is 6 foot by 4 foot so the 18 inch tiles didn't work for width. The average wargaming board was 6'x4' because that's the average size that wooden boards were sold at in DIY stores.
  25. I suppose it may matter to those who were just in for the Liche Level and paints as both were noted as September, otherwise no, not really.
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