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  1. With all the Storm Giant or Cloud Giant talk I keep thinking of a Raijin and Fujin based paint scheme for the male and female pair. http://img0.liveinternet.ru/images/attach/c/0//51/911/51911460_fujin_to_raijin1.jpg
  2. Makes a lot of sense, pics along with your WIP comments in the other thread, general comments here.
  3. I've often salvaged Citadel paints at the gunk stage with a couple of drops of water and plenty of stirring with a cocktail stick or pin, repeating until it's back to consistency. If it's completely dried out it can be done with a little acrylic thinner first and breaking it up with a thick metal pin then water and stirring as before, though I usually just say sod it and bin them if they've got that bad. To be honest though it's only something I'd do with a paint I already had for a while.
  4. There's now limited and unlimited pledge levels for the $75. Limited is metal minis (except the minotaur) and free US shipping. Night Hag kickstarter exclusive is $8 Unlimited is resin minis (except Molydeus and the Advanced Fantasy personalities), $15 US shipping, Night Hag kickstarter exclusive for free. For international backers as the postage is unaffected, unless you really must have the miniatures in metal, it looks to be better switching over to the unlmited. As the resin is lighter than metal the postage should be cheaper as well. The limited $75 is currently sold out but it's worth keeping an eye on as it's likely some more internationals will be switching over and freeing up spaces.
  5. Bugger, I'm going to want at least two now.
  6. The limited colour range works really well.
  7. woah, that certainly stands out! Great paintjob
  8. I normally always prime in black, this will be the first time in years when I won't so it should be an interesting experience.
  9. Postage is March me's problem, screw that guy, he's months away!
  10. I resisted as long as I could, take my money, just take it *sobs*
  11. ReaperByran mentions the +20% in this thread http://www.reapermin...__1#entry630529 post #38
  12. No misprint, it was mentioned before the Kickstarter ended that if you hadn't pledged it would be $150, addons will also cost a bit more than the listed prices, I think + 20% was mentioned. It's still going to be cheaper than retail though.
  13. DREDD!!! $5 level is worth it whether you're interested in any more figures or not.
  14. I'm going to go right into a basecoat with no primiing. First time I'll have painted a Bones figure so may as well go in full hog.
  15. If you look on the main page rather then pledge sidebar every level up the $100 has the following: Includes free shipping in the US. International backers pay actual shipping rate to be calculated at the time of shipment
  16. Hello ladies http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/swine/sku-down/02727 no
  17. I've got this one on a watch rather than jumping in. It looks like it'll be a good deal at the end but none of the current figures grabs me enough to warrent the $75 and I could see the postage being quite an unpleasant surprise come March. Will see how it's going in a couple of weeks.
  18. I'm getting all the figures so it's not really something that's crossed my mind until now to be honest.
  19. The image for Bomb Kit shows both Squidman and Raferu-san included, no mention on having to select the associated babe and the text reads as if they are invluded regardless of whether you select the babe.I'd like confirmation but it certainly seems like they are included regardless of your babe choices.
  20. All his life the other giants said he was fat, now he had the proof, he really was just big boned.
  21. Most of it but if I had to pick some favourites. From Vampire Ghoul Queen, Storm Giants and Haunts From Addons Frost and Fire Giants, Cthulu, Clockwork Dragon, Cthulu, Nethyrmaul, Cthulu, Kaladrax and Cthulu.
  22. Thanks for that, a couple like the Spider Goddess and Skeleton Giant are larger than I thought.
  23. Seductive Troll? http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/02520 EDIT: Beaten by the master
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