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  1. I've not even finished throwing money at this one yet, but yes I would defiantely want in on another Reaper Kickstarter. I imagine depending on theme and forward notice it would end up with an even higher total.
  2. It's looking a little like it should be mounted on a Yu-Gi-Oh card.
  3. Really great work, nice colour choice for the skin and hair.
  4. Great paintjob on that, looks like a very scary hermit on a mountain that no one wants to go near.
  5. Can't wait to see the finished sculpt!
  6. I've known the Reaper Brand for almost as long as I've been in the hobby. I remember seeing them at the local games store alongside the likes of Tim Prow's line of miniatures for Heartbreaker when the Dark Heaven Legends line first came out.
  7. http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/20006 http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Dark%20Heaven%20Legends/sku-down/03618
  8. That is the most hilarious image I have seen all day, thanks for that
  9. Sure, my Armour Class may be terrible, but these trousers give me +5 Charisma
  10. My Ogre chieften has arrived so I'm definately in. I'm leaving him in the pack until the 20th but there doesn't look to be much clean up to do, a mold line down his front left side but it shouldn't take too much work. [/famouslastwords]
  11. Always knew Garravank was a top seller. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ghoul%20king/sku-down/02718
  12. Here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45299-newput-yourself-on-the-map-minipainters-warlord-players-and-cav-players/page__hl__%2Breaper+%2Bmap__fromsearch__1
  13. If you were already a backer at the level that could get the options then yes, otherwise it'll be a little more.
  14. A handy link for any fence sitter http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Patrick%20Keith
  15. Not surprised at all, after spending pretty much my entire youth in a games stores I can attest to the number of roleplayers who want to find the exact figure of their character with no differences whatsoever, it must be exact down to hairstayle, height, chin, etc.
  16. Two updates a day is plenty for me... frankly two a month would be enough at current pace.
  17. I'm not backing but I keep looking at this Kickstarter, I really want to like these but it's not quite grabbing me. There's time left and it ends just after payday so I may pledge at the low end for one of two figues.
  18. I am going to use my Bones to build a dungeon.... or a least several dungeon themed dioramas with a standardised base depth that could be independant or placed together to form a larger work..
  19. You've really brought out the guys expression, great work.
  20. So when are we getting the miniature of the female vampire is full body plate with her two gimps on chains then?..... actually i think I would order that... Honestly I think there's more than enough room in this hobby for both the questionably dressed of either gender and the more sensibly outfitted.
  21. Not shown here - Wil Wheaton touching one of my painted test Bones! wink wink, nudge nudge, etc etc Glad you guys got a lot of attention there.
  22. I feel shame just looking at this thread. My painting area is currently impossible to use as it became adumping ground for half built figures and random stationary that I kept finding during a recent clear out of my room. I'll need to give it a proper cleaning this weekend to get back into painting.
  23. Personally I think it's a good deal and looking to get better, and that's with paying for some postage as well.
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