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  1. I managed to spell my own name wrong on my pin. Who needs an edumacation! I'm one of the few from the UK, and seem to be close to a couple of others around.
  2. I love the colour choice on this, the purple is a really nice contrast for the white.
  3. Thanks for that Jordan, wasn't a line I was aware of. Certainly the main chassis of that vehicle would be along the right lines.
  4. Really nice colour choice for the robes, they go very well with the darker scales.
  5. That's one nice fish sub. You could always do the Casablanca perspective trick and have Vivian up close with the sub further back with smaller figures by it to make them look the same scale, would only really work in photographs though.
  6. Why are you painting Bryans kids? [/obviousjoke]
  7. Yeah I avoided Forge World due to the prices but a Thunderbolt would go well. At least the Ork Bommer is in plastic now so not quite as painful a concept, the Valkyrie is as well but I think a plane is a better option... Maybe a late WWI Bi-plane as a base instead... hmm..... Probably should focus on just getting Betty and Shrapnel first.
  8. It was a tabletop miniatures games long before it was a video game, and rather a good one to, a bit like Battletech with the Hex Map and hit boxes but with having to plan movement well ahead and weapons caused damage in particular shapes so it was like a deadly form of Tetris, The miniature scale was nowhere near big enough though. I'm considering getting a 's Ork Bommer kits but that may look a bit too grungy for what I'd like.
  9. I'll second (or15th... 16th?) the sentiment that the communication thorughout the kickstarter was excellent, even during the manic final moments when questions were dissapearing as soon as they appeared in the Comments page.
  10. Obviously I don't know for sure but my money would be on the new Dark Vengeance set. I'm sorely tempted but just can't squeeze the pennies out at the moment.
  11. MADNESS!!!!! Seriously though, I've no doubt that we'll get enough different figures but I am expecting this to be more of a slow burner than a rampant frenzy. Addons like the base inserts and classic figure that are already in will help though.
  12. Loved Gauntlet Legends and I had no idea that these even existed. Can't help at all sorry but this has at least been a learning experience.
  13. I'd still like to see a few more monsters but i really want the Angel of Shadow, got the metal version but i'd like the bones as well
  14. Really nice colour choices on this, the blue armour really makes the beard and details pop.
  15. May actually give me the motivation to get something finished. I've ordered my Ogre just now.
  16. I prefer to self assembe but as I'm getting little to no duplicates (only the rats, skeles, and zombies) I'm honestly not bothered that they'll be pre-assembled. It's really only more of an issue for me when working on a unit of figures.
  17. 15, Napalm is 12 additional on top of Bomb Kit's 3.
  18. Actually I hadn't noticed that, think I must have gone cross eyed looking at the other designs
  19. I love it, if I wasn't already then I'd definately be jumping on Patricks kickstarter now.
  20. I've already planned to spend another $100 or so. I'd squeezed out as much as I could from one pay packet so getting to abuse a second one is going to be fun.
  21. Got to be honest, I pledged the second I saw this project, I can see this being another one where I'll be wanting one of everything. Really liking the look of the Atomic Punks, can't wait to see the rest of the stretch goals.
  22. The werewolf I ordered arrived and got to say for all the images of people bending the bones figures around it feels a whole lot sturdier than I was expecting. I've not got the metal version for a direct comparison but it certainly has all the detail I would expect.
  23. Both excellent, really loving the prurple woms skin.... flesh..... Purpley bits.
  24. Man alive I love me some multipart figures. I can happily spend hours posing the multipart figures and cobbling things together. Then it promptly makes it's way to the "painting to do" section, AKA Limbo.
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