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  1. I've odered the Werewolf to have a play with. Hopefully he'll arrive in time fo some painting this weekend.
  2. I like to take the stance of "I like miniatures". Materials or manufacturer don't bother me, just whether I find the end result appealing.
  3. I echo the sentiment for a female giant in a fighting pose but I'm perfectly fine with all existing and concept giants..... really I just want more of these giants.
  4. I usually go black as I tend to paint with a lot of browns and dark reds, and with some of the paint ranges going now it's a lot easier to work up from a dark colour to a bright than it used to be. If a figure is mostly flesh though I tend to go white with a thin browk ink wash as a guide layer.
  5. Now the excitement is over and my money's been handed over I thought I should actually get one of the existing bones and see if I like them..... maybe should have done that a month ago but I have faith.. I've ordered the Werewolf and will have a go at painting this weekend.
  6. I don't think I've quite mentally processed last night just yet. My Bank blocking the transaction for fraud didn't help but at least it was sorted quickly.
  7. Kickstarter gravedigger in a nice little collectors box?
  8. I'm hoping that with it being Friday we'll sail right past the Dwarves this evening and hit the Orcs before Saturday *fingers crossed*
  9. Looking good so far, I'd like to see how this one goes.
  10. I struggle to get anything finished in half a month!
  11. ooh, very nice. Perhaps a white Marble effect on the base (just don't ask me how you'd actually go about doing that!)
  12. Nice choice for a contrasting colour on her... spikey.... things, really brings focus to the head.
  13. So far the mix has been great, personally I would really to see some more beasties like the oxidiation beast and eyebeast that are already in.
  14. Great work, I really like how the muscle tones stand out.
  15. That's really nice work all over. I really need to try out non-metallic metal techniques
  16. Excellent, I really like the skin tone.
  17. I try to keep everything that I'm not working on still boxed up now. My problem is I tend to love the building phase then drag my heels on the actual painting so I've got a lot of figures assembled but otherwise untouched. This has becom especially dangerous for larger figures that are part-assembled as a full assembley would make painitng some areas more difficult/impossible, and then a couple of weeks later random bits of them start to appear elsewhere.
  18. Ah, the trusty old poking stick. Useful on everything from trans-dimensional soulwraiths to uppity hobbit kids.
  19. Half an hour? That's great work.
  20. I've bought their stuff for about 20 years now and fortunately in that time havn't had any problems with them, either with missing components or bad customer service, although as I've not experienced the first I've not really had cause for the second. Having said that though, there is no other company in the world that fills me with dread when I step into one of their stores for the first time. If I've been several times, fine, no problem, but that first time,,,, sheesh. The staffs level of... I'll be polite and say enthusiasm, can be counter-productive and more off putting than welcoming, I've come in to have a look and maybe buy something not be barraged by questions first, also I'm rotund and beardy, how much of a stereotypical old-school wargamer do I need to look to not be treated like I know nothing! It's like being assaulted by a large over-friendly dog, only one that has far too much interest in your wallet.
  21. I keep a tab with it on open in the background at work....... I'm not obsessed!
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