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  1. I played for a while early on. I found it was one of those you really needed to agree on a basic concept for the game beforehand or both players have a wide range of figures to really avoid any major imbalance. Playing to the same points value is meaningless when you end up with a few thugs and intergang members vs Darkseid. Like a lot of people have said, the blind bag aspect was the main turnoff for me.
  2. At that size it doesn't matter if it's a Dragon or a Wyvern, you call it Sir.
  3. When I saw the previews I genuinely thought that I'd be going all in on this one but just about every single reveal has decreased my interest. Even the ones I do like lack a cohesive concept across the range. Normally I'm ok with monsters that look like a zoo has been turned inside out and stapled together but it's just not working here for me for some reason. Some of the hero miniatures just look really bad to me as well. I'm guessing they are using the word Sniper to mean anyone with a large ranged weapon as well because Grenade Launchers and Miniguns aren't traditionally considered sniping weapons.
  4. Great to see some KD:M underway at last. You're making me all the more impatiant for my own to arrive though!
  5. Yaaay One of Usssss!!!! Gooble Gobble etc etc
  6. A year ago I would have said Procrastius but I've been pretty good at setting aside some painting time almost every day this year (even if I am a ways behind on actually photographing finished miniatures). I am still buying a lot more than I'm painting though.... also, Unicorn.... Figmentius.
  7. First project was lovely, easy decision to back round 2.
  8. I *think* I got my shipping notice last night. Can't think of anything else going via Italy at the moment.
  9. Good on him. I saw someone nicely point out this morning that the angry peoples argument that they are retaliating as the nomination system is rigged against them makes no sense as they then rigged the system in their favour, which they couldn't have done if it really was rigged against them. So they succesfully rigged the system in their favour then lost every possible award. Bravo gentlemen, bravo.
  10. Ive once eaten the bhut jolokia substrain, the dorset naga, raw. It is the only time I have had issues with a chilli. I was relatively fine at the time... later however ... http://www.livestrong.com/article/518310-can-jalapeno-peppers-cause-painful-urination/ Don't do it. Just don't.
  11. The earlier one as the Gundam linked near the top of the article (at least i's the earlier one that I recall seeing, I've not seen the Startship Troopers one before). The guy that painted himself to look like comic art of the Silver Surfer is also excellent.
  12. If they are of the too hot to eat raw variety, put them in whole whilst cooking (soups, stews, currys etc) and remove before eating. They'll impart some of the flavour and heat without being overpowering. I would recommend trying something with just one first to get an idea of how much heat you'll get from one.
  13. Sadly this is not an error: The saddlebag was removed because it did not fit on the mold. The wolf rider is quite a large model! While the art has a saddle bag, the picture of the model on the final packaging has no saddlebag and accurately represents the model you get in the box. Jul 24 2015 on Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King That they just left it so there's still a tabbed indent for the pack and the saddle is missing a piece instead of neatening it up is very frustrating. I'm guessing some deadline was far to close to make any change other than leave it off. Still, the "oh it's fine as it is" attitude is disappointing. Saying it's accurate to the picture on the box hardly matters when no one saw that until they received the figure.
  14. Got my Wave 2 last night and all accounted for. Not had a check over everything yet but I've had enough Sodapop stuff to know what to expct.
  15. Some really nice miniature concepts in that core box, which frankly make it all the more baffling that they've gone with a single miniature for the expansion. I'm tempted just to go for the core set and try to get the expansion cheaper at retail unless there are any significant changes. (although that Dakka thread makes me cautious)
  16. The latest unlock has taken all the butts for himself
  17. Curious though that you never see 100% naked male miniatures, or with their bums sticking out of their pants .. In fantasy, not many but I've seen a few, one company that specialises in Dwarves and Goblins springs to mind,. In historical. One of the largest UK manufacturers produces enough to field a small force of Greeks, Picts or Africans without a shred of deceny between them.
  18. If you scroll down the list of stretch goals on the front page, just before the Optional Buys section it states: "Backers at both the Huntsman and Knight pledge levels will receive all of the above unlocked Stretch Goals for free as part of their pledge!"
  19. *shrugs* yeah, I'd have put it in off-topic as well, maybe the mods will decide to move it. I thought I *had* put it in off topic, must have been having a moment
  20. http://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/jun/11/christopher-lee-dies-at-the-age-of-93-dracula I figured it would be another couple of centuries at least before we saw this headline. What an absolutely amazing man. He passed away on Sunday, the news has only just been released today to give time for family to be informed first/be certain.
  21. Likewise Cash, Excalibur is one of my favourite films so it's great to see Merlin here. Mordred's golden armour towards the end, especially in the bleak and grey setting it appears in, is such a great cinematic moment.
  22. I *think* William is Sean Bean as Boromir, Montalban is Sir Robin.
  23. Ash + Evil Ash from Army of Darkness and Vlad Tepes from the opening of the film Bram Stokers Dracula has sold this one for me. King Arthur from Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a nice fun sculpt. Nice to see a couple of female warriors, Lady Grimm and Genevieve, properly decked out for combat as well.
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