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  1. In all their previous kickstarters, $1 pledges got invites, I would be very surprised if it's any different this time.
  2. It took half an hour before it finally spat my pledge out and told me I'd missed the Early Birds. Ah well, I expected that as soon as I saw some left 10 minutes after the project started.
  3. After seeing the wolf abominations I am really hoping for a Bloodborne style hunter for a character. I'll settle with a plague doctor. There has to be a plague doctor right?
  4. Same here. Not even half an hour in and they've broken kickstarters payment system. (I'm guessing it's forcing everything into a queue so it doesn't actually get overloaded and collapse). I selected one of many available early birds but I'm still at processing quarter of an hour later...
  5. I'm surprised I can see it as most images on this forum don't get through the office filter.
  6. Nice design choice... at home, however, we were able to draw the "no-gamer" crowd (namely my sister, sister-in-law and father-in-law) thanks to The Walking Dead, so... I am going that direction I still can't believe they haven't done a Norman Reedus survivor yet.
  7. Regarding brush quality, a good tool will not make you better, a bad tool however can make you worse. I've recently switched to W&N Series 7's and will likely try some Da Vinci when I next buy a brush. I predominatly work in a size 1 and 0 and tend to prefer the 0. Previously I used mostly Citadel, Hobbygames, Humbrol, Otto and Senator as those were what were available at my local hobby store on various occasions. Switching to W&N is one of two things that I wished I had started doing years earlier. The other is using a wet palette.
  8. How do you find this info? Was this on your cc statement or can you find out through the home page of the KS'ed project? Thanks! On the front page of a KS project, if you click on the name under "Created by" on the right hand side it opens an about the creator pop up. At some point in the past that has started showing the actual name of who created the project which has been verified by KS rather than just the company. I assume as part of Kickstarters attempts at improving accountability.
  9. I went with the blue grey for the zombies partially so they and the survivors are very distinct from one another on a busy table, but mostly in reference to a lot of cartoon and video game zombies (especially the 90's). Basically I wanted my game to be more House of the Dead than Walking Dead.
  10. Thanks. This was my second go at Zombicide miniatures in the past week. I had tried painting all the survivors in the season 1 box to tabletop standard because there are so many miniatures for this but I didn't like the result. It'll probably mean I'm still painting for this game well into retirement but I preferred working on just the survivor and zombie version together. In retrospect I should have done the hair on zombie Dakota grey or white though.
  11. I've had a few figures but only because the two lists of what was pledged for through the KS and what was added on through paypal hadn't been properly collated together.
  12. Do you prefer ka-thoo-loo or ka-too-loo? I always use the former, a friend always the latter. Neither of us has the appropriate other dimensional face appendages to get the correct pronounciation.
  13. The Kickstarter was raised under the name Dust Studio and gives their nformation in about the creator BUT the verified person actually running the Kickstarter is John Matthews, the general manager of Battlefront - hence the confusion.
  14. External link as a bit NSFW, Non-nude but risque https://41.media.tumblr.com/edf2e113914c908c6e77305a25a15b84/tumblr_no4s3578nF1r6d50qo1_540.jpg The nose on survivor Dakota is nearly non-existant, the lips are the other hand are very much present. I think I've managed to create a passable enough face. The zombivor version doesn't have either issue.
  15. Heh. I learned that from Alan Moore's "Skizz," where the little alien imitating the heroine called the place "Birmy gam." I would say that's a pretty accurate representation for how it's pronounced in a Brummie accent.
  16. I saw Meat Loaf several years ago in Birmingham (UK). A couple minutes were spent trying to grasp the different pronunciation from the one in Alabama. There's no emphasis on the H here, more like 'Birmingam' instead of 'Birming Ham'
  17. I usually avoid Simspons references but this is all I can think of with this thread.
  18. I've probably got more than enough human-sized figures (20) that I'm not going to paint them for years to come as it is and I'm trying to be a lot more selective on purchases BUT bones is great for the huge figures so at the least I'll be in for several of those.
  19. Mentioning assembley: Svetlana is the only one I've done so far but I noticed a weird insonsistancy with her*.She has a satchel which rests around her waist on her left rear side. This has a strap going diagonally across her back, up over her right shoulder.. then just stops. It kind of merges in around her collar but otherwise ceases to exist, it certainly does not go across her front like a strap on a bag should. It's like the strap on the back is part of the coat that a bags been attached to, or just got added as a feature when they were modelling her but forgot to see the whole concept through. Front and rear here: You can see the strap going across her back then it ceases to exist. It's definitely scultped as a strap on the bag and not a fold in the coat (I used brown for both partially because I didn't want to draw too much attention to it) *(other than the second gun on her back which just hovers there, I've seen that often enough with multipart kits, epecially sci-fi figures guns, so I just left it off).
  20. Got a letter today. April 20th isn't the deadline, it's the date the notices were issued. It's confusing because no deadline is given on form 9B (which is the Bankruptcy case against the Corporation) so it reads as if the date belongs to the deadline. It's on 9A which is the notice against the individual. July 27th is your deadline for objecting to any debt being discharged (though at the moment you can't make any sort of claim as it appears he has nothing) The letters aren't from his attorney, they are from the Bankruptcy Clerks Office. EDIT: Should note as well there is a deadline of 30 days after the meeting on May 26th to challenge any exemptions but we won't know if there are any or what they are until that meeting.
  21. Thank you everyone! I loved working on her because A: Pony! and B: It was nice to paint a miniature with large eyes and do a bit more with them than a couple of dots. Talae: Your daughter is spot on, as soon as I saw the miniature I wanted her to paint as Trixie (I even got the pony version over the unicorn one because Trixie's horn is hidden under her hat)
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