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  1. Thanks guys! I am NOT painting a batch of miniatures this size altogether again. Drove me nuts at times. I should have split it down to the couple of units of troops and big guys separately. I'm still confused that two of the pigs have a string of sausage tucked into their belts around the back (they're actually humans transformed into pig-men to quickly make soldiers from workers but still seems wrong)
  2. Thanks for the comments guys! Be thorough when cleaning the spincast resin minis, I thought I did ok with her but missed a bit on the underside of her coat which didn't show up until paint was on and being pushed away from that area. I was able to clean the area with a brush and carry on but would have saved the nusiance if I'd been more careful first.
  3. Received mine today, very happy with the quality. The book is lovely. I keep looking at the Flame That Burns Underwater and having a brain melt though. Someone exploded an octopus and gave no clue of how it goes back together. I'm going to have to start colour coding tentacles and slots when I assemble this. Slightly disconcerting that all the huge heavy octopus stuff is on top and the base has three thin tentacle attachment points.... y'know when you look at a mini and you just know that putting it together will make you hate humanity... yeah....
  4. That reminds me I need to submit a missing items claim. I got the same set of 6 survivors twice in my Rue Morgue box instead of all 12.
  5. Looks good. I'm not much of a Star Wars fan but it seems like it'll be a fun movie. Any mention of taxation or trade embargoes in the opening scrawl and I'm out though. I just hope Commander Larkin is in it from the Peter Serafinowicz show, he was the voice of Darth Maul
  6. Still nothing after being told months* ago that my figure was going to be shipped and no reply to any queries if it has actually shipped. Even if it does arrive now I would never buy from Brett again. *EDIT: Just checked, Feb 19th 2014. "I will get your mini out tomorrow", June 18th 2014 "Your item is packed. I apologize for the delay" then nothing since.
  7. I have many Gundam kits both built and unbuilt. I've restricted myself to just Zaku variants now though so it didn't get out of hand. I do just need to get Zeong and Zock though so I've got one of each Mobile Suit from the original series.
  8. Why does the Wolpertinger not look like the one on WIkipedia? I demand they redesign it immediately!
  9. I am not painting 15 figures all at the same time ever again. It is driving me insane. I should have tackled it in larger groups. Finishing the brown leather for the shields and a few pouches tonight, then there's still various detailing left like eyes, mouths and the string of sausages a couple of the pigs have which just raises some really disturbing questions.
  10. I'm not normally keen on severed heads on models but I quite lie the elf drinking the blood even if there is a bit of the "designed by someone inbetween writing really angry poetry" about her. If you're going to go down that route you may as well go all out.
  11. Last time it was some optional weapons/heads for some of the heroines. Also this time there are the additional figures for All Star troop boxes.
  12. Whilst we're on material; my personal recommendation is the spincast resin over metal. I've not had my main reward yet but al the KS1 freebies were spincast and I am extra super glad I chose that option for everything I could.
  13. Welcome to the wacky world of wargames pricing! Size may be one factor. Part of it is because named characters will (theoretically) sell less than troops, as anyone who is buying an army is only going to get the named characters once but multiple troops so they need to be at a higher price to offset the cost of the moulds... other than that.... erm.... oh hye, look at this *runs away* Defaullt for everything is spincast resin. From the FAQ: Everything is cast is spin-cast resin. Most Heroines (excluding the Freebies) will also be available in metal. In the first kickstarter they gave the choice in the pledge manager.
  14. The new freebie was on my shortlist for minis when they revealed the concept art before the Kickstarter went live. So yay for me.
  15. I didn't pay much attention to this when I was running. I am tempted to jump in now though if it's being kept open for a while longer (at least until after Raging Heroes is done). With Bloodborne released Dark Souls is back on my mind and that Maggot Demon is really calling to me.
  16. Shaah is more expensive than the Manticore they currently sell even with the KS discount so I'd expect her to be quite sizeable.
  17. I'm not really going to even think about what I want until everythings over and the pledge manager is in front of me. I'm more interested in solo figures than troops (though I do like some of the troop styles) but the freebies may affect which of those I want if there are any similar in style. I know I'm not going to be able to afford everything unfortunately.
  18. Yikes! I'll probably give the altar of the succubi a skip even with that discount. That Spider Mother is hideous... I need it!
  19. I went Captain last time and still added funds on top and didn't get nearly everything I wanted. This looks to be even worse, there is just so much amazing stuff planned. I've got no doubt whatsoever that I'll end up spending more than than the $240 pledge I first got, and if the project lasted a couple more weeks to next payda would have stayed there. With it ending in the middle of a month I had to put sensible hat on though and be a bit conservative for now. Pledge Manager will get a significant hit though.
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