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  1. lot of great concepts here, not had a proper look through yet but I doubt Ill have any problems filling my pledge.
  2. Meeting finished early. Got a first wave commander EB, but not sure I want to spend that much this month. Will have a play around with finances tonight. I would have got early bird Liutenant as there were 39 left when I selected it but between then and hitting ok they all went. EDIT: Got a wave 3 EB Liutenant, finances saved.
  3. Just found out that we're going to haveing an additional presentation about project codes on top of our meeting which would usually end when this Kickstarter is due to start. *waves sadly to the Early Bird as it flies away* Ah well. At least the bonus miniature for being in on the first KS makes up fo it.
  5. Sat in the office with a tab open on Loud'n Raging's raised projects just waiting for 3pm. Will pledge, then actually look at what I pledged for a couple hours later when I get home.
  6. Yes. Easier to tell from the painted versions: According to the blurb the Water and Fire shrine use simplified rules for learning the game. The Ika and Tora clan are more advanced with faction specific rules. Presumable the Water and Fire figures pad out the numbers needed for Ika and Tora respectively in the game proper. Ika, Tora and Ijin each have their own miniatures.
  7. Can't have a ninja war without a Yagyu Jubei either
  8. Well you can't make Captain Planet with just four elements! I'm guessing you never played Legend of the Five Rings or studied Miyamoto Musashi then. I think those are the usual ways most gamers come across them. There is a Chinese philosophy of five elements as well but they are different again. It also occurs to me that the inclusion of things like Metal in Pokemon makes a lot more sense with this in mind.
  9. I was going to be in anyway so nothing changed but it's good to know they are effectively throwing in all of the free stretch goals from the start. Just got my Freebies from the first kickstarter today so I'm ready for this one now.
  10. I didn't spend much time looking at this as I didn't like the mini. Now I've gone back and looked at the others on their website, I actually quite liked the girl in the skirt and armour except for the head. If the head on the final model can be removed and replaced I'd want to get her as the base for converting to the DC Nation version of Amethyst.
  11. Skin is mostly done, just a last highlight around the face and the big guys nipples. The blue is halfway there. I plan to get those both finished tomorrow and the spend the weekend on metallics. Also I've made myself a wet palette.... SURE WISH I'D DONE THAT YEARS AGO!!!
  12. Latest: They've clarified on Facebok that when they say launched, they don't mean for sale. There will be some available for backer pick up. Salute is April 25th.
  13. Base colours for the skintones are on. I kinda want to paint a whole army of fat guys now, all the those large areas of skin and folds are weirdly relaxing to paint. I've base painted the cloth on pigs as well because they all have cute little curly tails poking out and I wanted to save the headache of trying to paint around them later.
  14. only 15 days. I was hoping it'd be ending later in April so I could spread this and Myth out.
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-31858156 Very saddened by this loss. I loved his writing and met him a couple of times at book signings. He was a very nice man. That he had alzheimers is hitting pretty close to home for me, not nearly enough is done to support those with it.
  16. Main Box and Wave One Battle Cry received. Now just to wait for my couple of Wave Two add-ons and the rest of Battle Cry.
  17. My first pic on CMoN wen up last night. Down to 5 points but now up to 7.1 Stop there, I'll take it, I'll take it!!
  18. I'm actually getting painting done at a slight above glacial pace for once!

    1. naponatom


      Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Me too! I am at defrosting pace!

  19. Everyone's upright! Stirland Mud is well named in appearance, texture and ease of painting with. It does the job well but it is not easy to manoeuvre* around a base with a brush. The crackle effect is less..... well... just plain less than I was expecting. Being transparent probably isn't helping it any. If it doesn't show up once painted I may try mixing some with paint towards the end and reapplying. I probably won't update tomorrow as I won't be doing anything other than a spray undercoat so just imagine the same picture but blacker. Thursday should see some colour though. *most of the time spent putting this post together was spent trying to determine whether manoeuvre or maneuver was correct as both looked completely wrong. My spell-checker tells me the former is correct and gets angry at the latter so I'll go with that.
  20. Back when I started painting the Plague Furnace I bought a pot of Nuln Oil as it's a great wash for shading metals. Used it, put it down, then that was the last I saw of it. Checked all over and under my desk and no sign of it. Had a search through my paint box. Nothing. Checked every paint on my desk. Nope. Took out every pot of paint from my box individually and checked every single one when taking them out and putting them back. Twice. Checked every paint on my desk again. Nada. Checked every single pot again when I was putting them away. It was simply gone. Lost forever (or at least until I tidy the place up). Knowing that I'd need it by Friday for my current project I ordered a new pot and a few others last week. They've still not shipped yet and worried they wouldn't ship in time as the store I ordered from has had a change of their website in the last couple of days and old orders weren't transferred over, they're not lost but not in the new system and fulfilment could be slower for a little while. Accepting I'd probably have to leave the Teknes guys armour at a base coat for a few days I start going through my paint box to find the texture paint I needed for their base. First pot I pick up. Nuln Oil.....
  21. Just got my shipping notification for UK.
  22. I gone done posted a thing. I assume a status of waiting means these are actually checked by someone before going in the gallery? Thou'rt a braver unicorn than I. I'd rather jump in a boiling cauldron* of oil than post something in that cesspool of hive poo to be looked upon. * Not really, but close. It's GW so I figure I'm in the safe zone there.
  23. I gone done posted a thing. I assume a status of waiting means these are actually checked by someone before going in the gallery?
  24. Dad get's 'The i' which is a trimmed down version of the Independant during the week and their Saturday paper. Beyond doing a couple of their quizzes in them down the pub on the weekend I don't bother with newspapers at all.
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