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  1. I've been making sure I paint every day this year, though I don't time it for how long. I just make sure I complete at least one colour or modelling part so progress is being made. I've got into the habit of painting as soon as I've got in from work on weekdays and about half an hour after I've woken up on weekends (i.e. when I'm actually awake). CMoN scores baffle me as well. Other than the obvious uprated sexual conten it seems almost random and arbitrary. It's why I'm not a fan of points based review systems in general. EDIT: I should try actually posting somethere there myself but I'm very sensitive don't ya know. ... Good Morning!
  2. Bases have been filled in with milliput. Finger prints all over the place but it's just to bulk out the base before some texture paint and crackle paint goes on once things have dried overnight. I managed to mix up the perfect amount of milliput for 12 bases. Which would be impressive if I didn't have 13 bases to fill. I took the opportunity whilst the milliput was soft to push everyone into their base so it should make gluing them in easier.
  3. I'm beary sorry for the puns. I know that one bearly works but anyone who's played Persona 4 is more than familiar with all of Kuma's bear puns in just about every line of dialogue.
  4. Loose inside the box there should be an inventory printed on reciept paper which has the name of the picker on the bottom. Didn't get one of those. Maybe the customs office took it out and didn't put it back again. - That means no-one packed your Bones, they got there by themselves.... get out of the house now!
  5. I was very impressed with how most of them turned out. There are quite a few pieces to most figures but even when there's a separate hand there's quite a deep hole in the wrist and peg to make sure it goes together and gets a good surface for glue to hold. The only other box of infantry I got was the Blood Dancers and I was a little dissapointed, one pose especially, with the skirt held out. They were changed from the initial image shown and not for the better in my opinion. Whilst certainly nicely detailed the bodies are single piece and the resulting minature is very flat The various other characters and monsters I got though all seemed fine.
  6. Loose inside the box there should be an inventory printed on reciept paper which has the name of the picker on the bottom.
  7. Google Drive is another thing to add to the list that the new office doesn't like. Have you got Phase Cat/Displacer Beast?
  8. Well it is the Bearmageddon So you're saying we'll need the for this? ...appropriately enough.
  9. Going to try and keep a semi-proper WIP thread for once just to see if I can. I've been posting a WIP picture every Sunday to my Facebook feed to keep me motiviated but I want to pick up the pace a little seeing as the last model took 2 months. This is the smallest size of army for Wrath of Kings. 12 Infantry, 2 leaders and 2 specialists 6 Union workers (the pigs) 1 Union Boss (large guy with a gnome holding a whip on his back) 6 Defender Linesman (humans in steam powered armour) 1 Defender Linesman Guardian (guy with a larger suit and hammer) The Mighty Taur (The geneticaly modified cow, takes up both specialist slots) Only the basic assembley so far. Most fit together fine. The female linesman needed the peg on their sword arm removing. It has an L shaped key and if used as is her arm points directly behind her. Taur needed some filling work along his back where the armour plates met in the middle. For the bases I wanted something suitable to the technology in a fantasy setting but wouldn't be too busy and would be easily repeatable across a lot of bases, this is only a third of the infantry I've got a whole load more characters as well so anything too complex would be a headache later. (I did try to pipeworks bases that came with Relic Knights but they are just a tad too large for the WoK bases) The recess on the bases is fairly deep so I thought just filling it up with putty would be dull. I cut up some straws which will be sections of exposed undeground pipe once the putty goes in around them. One of them I cut a hole in so I'll paint up some liquid leaking out with a puddle on that base. The couple of sections of resin pipe are from the 40K basing kit and fit in the WoK base nicely. The metal cogs will be bent and/or cut a little and partially buried. The rest I've left blank they just get a basic putty treatmant. Keeps everyone varied but in the same theme then. The greenstuff on the large base is just leftovers from when I was filing in Taurs back which I used to mark where he'll stand to ensure there's no interferance with the pipes and where he stands. His staff goes down to level of the pegs on his feet rather than ground level so I want a bit of a dip for it to rest in as well. The plan tonght is to fill in the bases with milliput and drill out a hole in everyones exhaust pipes.
  10. State school. Here he's refering to a secondary school. It's 'normal' as opposed to a higher class private or public schoo*l i.e. school for normal people) *EDIT: Should note here that in the UK Public Schools are not state schools as they are everwhere else, but very expensive private schools. Look, it's our language we can do with it what we want.
  11. What happened to question 1 anway? Why do we start on 2? I am all the confused.
  12. Well Boo, whatever Corporea uses to post her pictures is blocked by the network in the new office. Everyone elses seems fine. Good Morning!
  13. I'm doing a catch up and you can't stop me. A couple but mostly costume hats. Top Hat for the Penguin, a replica I made of the spikey egg shell helmet worn by Yangus in Dragon Quest 8, a replica of Beond the Grave's cowboy hat from the Gungrave games and a straw hat I took off the table from a works Christmas party (I want to clarify they were put there by the organisers on each table, I didn't steal someone's hat). I don't think I've got lots but definately a few floating round from a couple of chaos kits. I do have a load of spare Skaven tails though from the older troop boxes which can do double duty at tentaces when not attached to a ratmans butt. None that I specifically avoid but I am generally not a fan of Dwarfs... or Dwarves. Loctite. I did buy a new bottle last week and considered trying something else like Goilla but the nearest hobby crafts store only had Loctite or cheapo own brand in small squeey tubes so stuck to loctite. Green is a weak colour for me, I tend to avoid it (I say after having painting 4 guys in green robes) and I didn't get expansion 2, so fom the Core Set I'd say the River Troll. Our clocks go forward the end of this month on the 29th. It usually doesn't throw me other the annoyance of losing an hour of sleep. The hour we get back in October though is the same Weekend of the comics convention I go to in London. By the Saturday night the extra hour in bed is very much needed.
  14. Thanks guys. There was very little that could be assembled before painting that wouldn't have made it a nightmare to tackle. Getting all the mechanism and crew in the right place and figuring out which bits were safe to glue down first became a bit of a balancing act.
  15. Large pictures and a couple more angles on Tumblr here.
  16. Received, checked and everything in order. Thanks Reaper, and especially Ghent for the picking.
  17. Off to pick mine up this afternoon and pay the hefty import and VAT.
  18. I've assembled 6 Union Workers + Boss, 6 Linesman + Defender and Mighty Taur so far, which makes the smallest sized army for the game. The only real issue I've come across is the female Linesman has her arm keyed the wrong way round so you have to trim the peg or her arm points backwards, which certainly ain't right. Not a difficult fix and fits fine once the peg is modified but it's a pretty careless mistake to get right through to production. Flashbacks of the backwards foot from Relic Knights. Mighty Taur from the Teknes bonus box is a huge figure, really impressed with him. About the size (and to be honest appearance) of a Warjack. There's a seam across the top of his armour which will need some putty and filing to clean up but considering the size and detail on him that's not a lot of work for that figure. (Comparison pic: Taur, Union Worker, regular sized human Linesman)
  19. Got mine a couple days ago. The Union Worker pigs are absolutely fantastic. Love the big chunky sculpts for them and they are all really expressive. Easily my favourite minis from the ones I got.
  20. Thought this one was done for me but either I'm missing a piece or Chimalma has a very short left arm. http://i444.photobucket.com/albums/qq168/dilandausc/DSC_0550_zpsov3eaaon.jpg I only checked to see I had all the models when they arrived, I didn't do a close parts inspection. D'oh! Sent a message on kickstarter, hopefully I can get the missing piece. EDIT: Not a missing piece but a miscast arm instead, they're sending a replacement. I had intended to start work on the Fortune Hunters but changed my mind to Axibalen Empire just as I was getting the divers out, back to the original plan!
  21. Always seemed like a really nice guy, he will be missed.
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