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  1. Received my shipping notice. Posted yesterday so I won't get to play with them this weekend :(
  2. Best wishes Tom, hoping things turn out well.
  3. I'll probably be in. I like Myths miniature style and it's minions > captains > boss pyramids of different monsters.
  4. Most despised is Parsnips by a long shot in any shape or form. Especially ones with a roast dinner that pretend they are roast potato. Other vegtables I dislike (like brussels sprouts) have at least one way they can be coooked that I like, not parsnips though. Favourite vegetable is the whole Allium family; onions, scallions, garlic. Love 'em.
  5. Good to know thanks, mine is still confirmed as well but hopefully it's actually on the way.
  6. Wave 1 RoW email from Reaper received to go along with my UPS one and all items listed (including the ones that had previously been causing problems due to commas).
  7. Shirts are £12 each or 2 for £20. If I want to buy 2 shirts how much do you charge me?
  8. I considered it but got myself confused before hitting post
  9. No you can add the exclusives to both. Good catch, I'l change that now. Thanks for clarifying that! I'm in for Rayne and Maybe then.
  10. .... am I reading it right that if you go in at the Alpha 2 $15 level you can't add on the exclusives, but you could go in at the Alpha $1 level and pick up the excusives from the optional menu as it doesn't include that restriciton. ?
  11. Had a closer inspection last night. There were a couple of bubbles on the tail of the mummy pont but no other issues. I'll leave them in a degreaser overnight and give them a scrubbing so the should be ready to go when I get to painting them.
  12. The email I sent last week asking about changng the base pledge got no response, the one I sent yesterday asking to add the Karcharos Rashaar got a response in a couple minutes including an updated spreadsheet with all the previous weeks pledge change and add-ons already on it. If you have asked for any changes they may have amended the pledge sheet and not replied. I don't believe they've sent out any paypal invoices for increased pledges yet. EDIT: Also the £7 postage was the same for both my original add-on only pledge and the update book/starter and add ons pledge.
  13. Meant to say that I got mine Saturday. I didn't have a close examination but everything I ordered is present and no issues stood out. I ordered one of the original ponies with saddle as well and the new ones are noticeably larger. I'd have to have a close check to be certain on the castings but at the moment I am impressed and would like to get more.
  14. I'm intrigued, I might try the enchanted forest jar. No need for the horse stable one as I live near a farm, half the time I can open the window and get the smell of hay, leather and manure.... predominantly the latter.
  15. Orlando, did you get a tracking number for your order? Still waiting on mine here.
  16. Valentines: P as in The Penguin, as I spent the day dressed as him at a comics convention. Nuts: Not allergic but I hate them.
  17. Pledge has been confirmed, just need the invoice to pay the difference. Getting: Book and Starter (Rashaar Starter Set) Aglaope-Rashaar Radru-Rashaar The Flame that Burns Underwater Karcharos Rashaar
  18. This seems to be the current situation for all RoW. I'm Wave 1 RoW, got by UPS mail on the 13th. No email from Reaper as yet and the UPS link just shows "Order Processed: Read for UPS"
  19. Summer according to update #165 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1816687860/cthulhu-wars/posts/1115418
  20. That must be one of the parts I managed to blank. I watched it on YouTube and I think I skipped through some bits.
  21. I endured it. The animation bits were ok. The extended sequences of singing and fixing a piece of machinery, not so much.
  22. I only got the Dragon from the set in the end. Adding the whole set trebled postage. I tried various combinations with things I could live with dropping from my pledge but DDS2 was always the problem. I just couldn't justify it in the end. Cant recall the exact amount now but it was something like $70+ it was adding.
  23. One thing I've learnt for certain with Kickstarters is that there are a surprising number of people who never read any of the updates or emails.
  24. The AEG miniture is most likely one of the later Legend of the 5 Rings Clan War miniatures from the Shadowlands army. EDIT: Now I got ninja'd being all indecisive
  25. Far right is a Battltech Elemental from the few Mechwarrior RPG figures that got released. EDIT for photo
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