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  1. Got my UPS email last night, now the real waiting begins.
  2. I'm also Wave 1 RoW and not had the email yet so you are not alone. .. I am here with you etc etc
  3. Nearly went blind trying to find my name on the box but I did find Orlando and Godfather Punk, both on the short end without the cutout. Orlando at the start of a line towards near the top, Godfather somewhere round the middle right. There is no obvious order and I can't recall if we gave them names for this or it's our user names from Kickstarter. EDIT: User name I think, found 'Nocturne' on the same line as Orlando in the middle.
  4. I think they are doing free world-wide shipping. Well so they are.... now I'm tempted....
  5. Most recent acquired is also the Cthulhu Wars figures. I havn't got a finished figure anywhere near the definition of recent but the Skaven Plague Furnace is nearly done. Probably a couple week at the current rate of a few minutes in an evening. Recently converted is even further back but all of those spare weapons from the Stormfiends kit has given me plenty of ideas for converting weapons teams.
  6. Between balancing and design the practicality is low but I do really like the style. I'm not going to even look at shipping though, past experience on dice kickstarters suggests it's not economical for international unless buying a load.
  7. I didn't get any tracking number for mine
  8. Gotta say it's easily one of the best boxed games I've had from a kickstarter component wise. Nice thick card pieces (the doom tracks could be better but weren't there alternate ones from a stretch goal coming in the next wave or am I thinking of another project?*). Regular 28mm figures are good for board game plastics, the big guys are superb. Really nice and chunky, especially big giant head Hastur. The plastic tray for the largest figures is so thick and sturdy I really wish they'd done something similar for all the figures but honestly such a huge box anyway (and once out I couldn't get the smaller figures back in) so I understand why they've not. *EDIT: Looking through the stretch goals again I might be thinking of the Doom Markers having plastic upgrades, not an upgrade to the doom track.
  9. Plenty of weird stuff in both films 'ghosts invade the city' scenes that only got a second or so screentime. God I love old creature effects like this. Appearance in film chasing people out of Cannibal Girls, also directed by Ivan Reitman
  10. From Cryptozoic in the comments Re: Pieces: The minis are 28mm scale single-piece phthalate-free injection molded PVC figures. All ghosts apart from the base game Stay Puft Marshmallow man will be translucent. The Ghostbusters, Stay Puft (not yet angry) and ECTO-1 will not be translucent. The game board squares are 1.5" x1.5 inches. The ECTO-1 will not "entirely" fill two game board squares but will be large enough to clearly take up space in two squares. Maybe not:
  11. I've asked if I can change the base pledge level to a higher one just off the back of that postage cost. Half what I originally pledged gone on postage alone. Yikes! So much for getting just the one large miniature.
  12. Funding reached, first stretch goal up
  13. Hate systems like this. I like the ShieldMaiden Lord. She's 3 coins. Lowest level is 5 coins so I'd have to get something I've no interest in to get the figure I wanted. And I'm really unclear if I can add singles coins. If I want two 3 coin figures can I just add one coin to the 5 coin level or do I have to go to the 10 coin level?
  14. Just been notified that I have a large heavy package delivered by UPS at home *fingers crossed*
  15. To be honest I wish more boxed game projects outside of CMoNs would include figure storage like this box instead of just having everything in bags. I wouldn't want it for resin or metal minis but it's perfectly fine storage for boardgame plastics.
  16. Galloping Ghouls are based on one of the old Kenner Toys ghosts that came with the Ecto-3, Grousome Twosome came with one of the Peter Venkman figures. Boogaloo was from the cartoon.
  17. Figure art style is based on the IDW comic (pencilling is by Dan Schoening so apply credit/blame as applicable)
  18. Was't aware of the Wizards/Hex/Cryptozoic situation. Some info here: http://www.quietspeculation.com/2014/05/understanding-the-wizards-v-hex-lawsuit-in-plain-english/
  19. My assumption is the Stay Puft Marshmallow man is going to be the only one that's close to as shown. Others will be losing spikes, get repositioned limbs and you can flat out forget the gap between the cable from the proton pack and Venkmans body
  20. 1-4 player Co-Op ghost busting with quite cartoony stylised caracters. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cze/ghostbusters-the-board-game?ref=hero_thanks Cryptozoic have produced a lot of licensed games (most of them available in large chain bookstores here in the UK) so I don't think there are any worries on ability to deliver the product, but from what I can tell their other games are more like deck building games or have tokens rather than figures. Anyone know if they've done figures before and if so the quality?
  21. I didn't order the hippocampus at the time. Post Rainbow Rocks and it's trio of siren/hippocampus villains I am regretting this decision.
  22. Mine is better than scrawl. Legible but not great.
  23. Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam. He's a great charismatic villain and a lot of his goals are justifiable (if not the means). It's easy to sympathise with him early on even though he's trying to kill the main character as he's got both the mysterious masked man and revenge for his murdered father bits going for him. He could almost be the hero, and was during the second series. The whole, trying to drop an asteroid on Earth to force humanity to migrate to space at the end though definately cements him in the villain camp though. Plus the red mechs are just more stylish. The only time he didn't use a red mech for an extended period he piloted a gold one. Subtlety on the battlefield isn't one of his traits.
  24. Sometimes you've just got to listen to the classics again y'know ... I might be going through YouTube favoutes whilst it's dead here.....
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