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  1. Mashaaf is probaly the figure I'm most looking forward to so there's a good chance she'll be first.
  2. I tend to dabble with hunting games rather than play them for long sessions. I think MH3U on Wii U is the only one I spent a really long time with. I quite like picking them up again after a while, doing a couple of hunts and going to something else then repeating the cycle. I think the point I left MH3U was after hunting lots of the giant bear-rabbit whose name escapes me to get it's armour set. EDIT: Lagombi. It's also one of the reasons I always play female characters in hunting games, better clothing options. Who the hell *wouldn't* want bunny ears?
  3. Got my shipping notice last night si will jopefully have them by next weekend.
  4. I'm trying to ignore MH4U. I love monster hunting games but the 3DS isn't a good platform for them, I find they work fine on Vita though because of the control layout. As much as I like others I still think Monster Hunter has the best style to it so it's a shame the current one is only 3DS. EDIT: For painting its usually music or ocassionally of late some of Jim Sterlings Squirty Play videos. I'm not a fan of let's plays in general but I like his other videos so I don't mind his commentry over a bad game as a bit of background noise.
  5. As of late, the weirdest miniature I've got is probably the Skaven packmaster tucked round the back of the stormfiend acting as the things brain Favourite Soup.... I've been liking mushroom a lot recently which is odd as I usually hate mushrooms. Brocolli and Stilton or Mulligatawny are other favourites.
  6. No. Easiest question yet. This is about the extent of my talent which I put together when a friend had to close YouTube comments on their channel for a while after YouTube changed the system and a lot of people were spamming the comments field on just about every video going. My friend stated all he would be missing at the time was a load of Doge memes and ASCII art anyway.
  7. I didn't pick up on what it links to, but now I'm curious. Spoiler tagged because spoiler... obviously
  8. Nah it's ok. Nothing I wasn't aware of anyway.
  9. "Ballet dancer fom Iowa" my foot. I thought something seemed off there ... A reference to the show Agent Carter, not me. I've never claimed either.... OR HAVE I!?! (no) Sorry, didn't mean to imply you had. But wow, amiright? I've not seen the fourth episode yet so I don't know the specifics but I already know what you are referring to because the internet spoils everything. Knowing what it links to seems like a good way of connecing Agent Carter to the larger Marvel cinematic universe despite the decades gap.
  10. "Ballet dancer fom Iowa" my foot. I thought something seemed off there ... A reference to the show Agent Carter, not me. I've never claimed either.... OR HAVE I!?! (no)
  11. I can only imagine their deals with New Line Cinema are along a similar line which is why things like a big expensive Smaug kit appears 1 or 2 weeks before release. EDIT: I'm trying to remember how far back GW's absurdly short preview time has been around and if it happened to coincide with the first Lord of the Rings releases or if it's been longer than that. I guess when GW were doing it no one really considered licensing to be a cause because everyone's used to GW doing apparently mad things.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-ts=1421914688&v=IZEiCVqJ9to&feature=player_embedded&x-yt-cl=84503534#t=2432 40:30 in there's a bit about AvP and licensing issues in general. Nothing really new, Fox changes rules as they've gone along and decided they don't want anything that isn't a finished production model to be shown (hence everything disappearing and Prodos are very restricted on what they can say), which if you think sounds mad the bit about Paramount and the Terminator game livesteam will hurt your brain.
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1008762441/wolsung-steampunk-skirmish-game-expansion/posts Another one affected by the loss of Stewart Griffin from Griffin Moulds. Sounds like production is back on track and they've got the company that manufactures the Freebooters Fate minis as backup and switched some figures to resin which Prodos are producing.
  14. Yes on one. No on two. Where was the rule? I thought it might be in the FAQ about posting but couldn't see it (but there was an animated gif, hence my confusion)
  15. Was there a rule/guideline about animated gifs* on the forum/parts of the forum?.... Am I just imagining this? *with a hard G
  16. The time zones App on go-go-gadget phone here is telling me had it been broadcast live in the UK it would have kicked off around 23:30 Sunday Evening and not ended until Monday around 03:00 London time. (Actual kick-off was 30 minutes into the broadcast but otherwise nice ninja move Qwyk.) In other news: my watching game plan was successful and I actually got to see Katy do her thing. Four costume changes in the middle of stadium and not a single wardrobe failure—new Superbowl record Kick off time of 23:30 is about the time I go to bed on a weekday so I slept through the whole thing. From what I've seen of Katy's performace I would have assumed I was dreamig anyway.
  17. What time was it on? I was probably asleep at that hour. Even without the time difference, I am not a sports person. My Sunday evening as spent mostly catching up on TV (Marvel's Agent Carter) and reading comics (Bone).
  18. O Sancte Baphomet, Coruscans in oriente felix dies natalis
  19. This is why I don't complain about old figures getting replaced with new versions. Seems weird to see that style here.
  20. Speaking as someone who has been more interested in the styling of the current Kickstarter.... I am not a fan of that Warlock. EDIT: The sculptor, Gary Morley sculpted the original Nagash and the Archaon* miniature for GW.... those two figures are on such opposite ends of the spectrum. (*I think, hang on a minute, may have read a duff post) EDIT 2: Nope, duff info, which makes a lot more sense now. Most of the old GW Undead characters, Van Saar, Hero Quest quite a few of the high elves.... Suddenly that recurring pose of one leg slightly cocked and both arms pointing up at the elbows is coming to mind....
  21. Had an error message pop up whilst going through work email. "unable to connect to amin tool" >more information, >cancel. Click cancel... nothing... click red close icon in corner... nothing... More Information. Still nothing. Close email down. Error clears.. Reopen email. Pop up returns... Cancel... nothing.........Actually read email properly and see it says what to do when the below image of a pop up appears..... Is it time to go home yet?
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