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  1. paedia

    Middara: Unintentional Malum

    I am 22 sessions in (playing solo) and the gameplay is great. Customizing your characters with both skills and items is really fun and it has a narrative campaign whose writing is, as the kids say, "Anime AF". Standard fare if you are into old-school JRPGs. The quality of the miniatures is so-so (Panda Manufacturing is getting better, but still). Overall, I will be backing the second go round.
  2. paedia

    14388: Blackreef Pirate by Glitterwolf

    I'm liking that tattoo work!
  3. paedia

    Talae Paints Princess Amelia

    yes!! They look great!
  4. Thank you so much! Just some Alien Goo glazing with Maggot White line down the middle :D
  5. paedia

    77057: Juliette, Female Sorceress

    What if you moved the warmth into the highlights near the tip of her nose, and then used a cooler shadow color for the bridge near her brow? You could put warmer shadows near her nostrils to punch up the contrast.
  6. I'm going to go ahead and call Malice done (since he is for tabletop instead of display). There is still some smoothing I could do (especially on his legs) and I could punch up the green a bit, but he looks pretty cool from a foot away. Sorry for the bad lighting, forgot to take the picture before putting away my light.
  7. paedia

    Talae Paints Princess Amelia

    I really, really like that green-blue and pale purple combination. In one of the earlier pictures, her eyes looked like she was looking off to her left - I think that really worked for the sculpt. For the shoes, I think some sort of medium brown. Gold is always cool for jewelry and works well with teal.
  8. paedia

    77057: Juliette, Female Sorceress

    I agree with @Cyradis. Her eyes look great - the liner is nice and subtle as is. Her nose is almost there; however, I wonder if there is too much warmth in the shadow area at the top of the bridge.
  9. Got in some work on Misery's body NMM.
  10. Finished Malice's skirt/loincloth thing and also glazed the green bits with some Retro Emerald. Last bits to finish is brush work to punch up the NMM on his body. Paints Used I also primed Love. Reference Image
  11. That rainbow clown is terrifying.
  12. paedia

    RP Challenge: 77233, 77231, 77015 - Bugbears

    Excellent color scheme.
  13. paedia

    77469 - Brand Oathblood - Cicciopiu try NMM

    exactly like the back of the sword. On the axe head, the white towards the curved bottom part of the large face of the blade.
  14. Neck and face done (minus the eye glow). Green bits are mostly done; however, after a day of drying, it is a bit duller than I was desiring. I may put a glaze of a brighter green over the green bits.
  15. paedia

    77469 - Brand Oathblood - Cicciopiu try NMM

    Great job on the NMM - you've got the smooth-ness down. Next time, maybe see what happens when you flip the highlights and shadows on the flat parts of the blades (i.e. white pooling at the bottom and black at the top). I also really like your subtle wood grain on the axe. And his hair.