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  1. I really need to get the nice camera out so that I can do finished shots of these. Greensleeves is done and varnished and now I'm working on Wisp. Front: Back: To do: - Hair: the purple is just the shadow color. The final will be a white look (likely going all the way to pure white). - NMM on his shoulder pads - various details: stick, pouch, dark brown leather straps, sheath, etc.
  2. I had a Pumpkin Spice Mocha today. I guess the proteins in the milk count...
  3. I think it is really cool. I haven't seen it hyped other than on the nerd type news sites I frequent so no, not over-hyped.
  4. I didn't know what to day was. I haven't gotten any free; well except for the giant mugs of it we get at work (which is really good as our boss loves great coffee).
  5. We watched a bunch of the premiers, mostly of our previous favorites. However, for new ones: we did watch Muppets (good so far) and Blindspot (showing some promise).
  6. A most emphatic yes, sí, and да. Also, death to the double space after a period.
  7. Alarm clock that doesn't stop until you actually hit the really small button to turn it off.
  8. Great idea for many games, but I don't have any. Would be great for my Arcadia Quest minis.
  9. I can pretty much guarantee that I will be adding the Damsels of Danger to my pledge once the manager opens. I only have one of the sculpts and many of the rest were ones I almost got the first time around.
  10. I've been so bad about updating this thread (and the showoff thread). I've already finished 2 other models since I last posted and am well on the way to finishing another. This is Legolas Greensleeves the archery elf: ToDo: - bow - hair - cleanup - base
  11. Nope, I'm not an RPGer so never had reason to participate there. I'm just into the minis for the painting. I do like the stories set in their various campaign settings.
  12. All of them (even the ones that are hard to find like Muppet Family Christmas) and YES, YES, a thousand times YES.
  13. Most of my day I have the following tabs open: Gmail (x2), Facebook, BoardGameGeek, Kickstarter, and our office's Slack channel.
  14. The revealed models are awesome and it is already a great deal for boutique miniatures. Oh, thought you said 'help me back'
  15. There's a tiny owlbear?!? I didn't even take a chance to look at what was included before backing.
  16. I am fascinated by model Rail Road layouts. However, I don't have the time or space to get into building them myself.
  17. Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Spice Latte http://www.pghlesbian.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/pumpkin-spice-latte.jpg
  18. I am currently reading the 3rd book in the Android Identity Trilogy (set in the same universe as the Android: Netrunner game). Not the greatest literature, but pretty fun. My favorite author is Brandon Sanderson. All of his Cosmere stuff is great, but the Stormlight Archive is particularly great. His ability to create internally consistent magic systems and worlds is amazing. Also, his work output is incredibly high. I have no worries about him not finishing the 10 volume Stormlight Archive in a reasonable amount of time (I'm looking at you GRRM and Patrick Rothfuss)
  19. Unfortunately, today will be spent watching our cat who is in a cone of shame due to a fur-mat trim that got a wee bit too close - like took of a chunk of skin too close. Word to the wise, don't use scissors to trim cat fur.
  20. Sitting in my History of Christian Ethics class at UVa. The professor said that a plane had hit the World Trade Center and everyone thought it was stupid pilot in a Cessna or something. Once I got out of class and was on my way to the next class, I finally saw the truth. There were TVs all over Grounds and people were huddled around them watching everything unfold.
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