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  1. Chess, etc. are Abstract Strategy games; Monopoly/Snakes and Ladders are non-games.
  2. I really enjoy long, complex Euro games and epic story driven thematic games. I will gladly play more simple games, but I really love discovering the various strategies for think-y games.
  3. I've been blessed to not have suffered a fever this year.
  4. I once hit 110 mph in my 91 Toyota Tercel. Then the car started shaking and I figured that wasn't the best idea...
  5. We recently had grilled zucchini, mozzarella, tomato, basil, balsamic reduction sandwiches (well, minus the tomato for mine). They were delicious.
  6. Coffee, black, beans from a local roaster here. Not sure what the name of the blend was as it was whatever our admin got (we get really good coffee and food perks). My usual for weekdays. However, my usual for weekends is Pour-over coffee made with fresh ground beans (whichever blend I happen to have gotten that week, but usually DARK)
  7. D) tell my wife I can't do the project due to not having the right part and go paint instead.
  8. The pumpkin-calypse is upon us: M&Ms is releasing Pumpkin Spice Latte M&Ms http://greatideas.people.com/2015/08/25/mms-pumpkin-spice-latte/ I will of course be getting a couple of pounds of them...
  9. The Calvin and Hobbes anthology with every published comic. The sucker weighs 14 pounds.
  10. The last movie in a theater was Antman, which was awesome! The last movie at home was Pitch Perfect (wife's choice), which was much better than I expected.
  11. Repeating a request from before Bones 3: I think Patrick would do a great job with a not-Spider-Gwen type superhero.
  12. First of my monthly additions just locked in. So much goodness and so much time to spread the cost out across. Thank you, Reaper!
  13. Patrick is bar-none my favorite sculptor and I can't wait to throw more monies at him :D
  14. Koala - he'd distract the enemies with cuteness. And eat through all of that pesky eucalyptus that tends to sprout up.
  15. My most recent painting was base coating and armored character from Arcadia Quest and used: Pure Black for the armor (will be NMM Steel) Dark Skin Highlight for the skin (will be a fair skin, this is just to get some deep shadows) Nightmare Purple for the cloak (will be using the Twilight Triad for a blue-purple final color) Tanned Leather for the Hair (will be blond) They all worked quite well (but I had used them before)
  16. Don't really care either way. Transparent is cool because you get an effect you can't get from paint alone. Jet black is probably just going to get painted over anyway.
  17. Q: What's a lizardman's last words? A: Hey ya'll! Watch this!
  18. I don't know that there is a particular class of minis that I want but am missing. Perhaps more resin models and maybe some busts. I don't play RPGs, just boardgames. My current meetup group usually draws over 40 people; however, that is spread over many games. Don't remember this at all. Never played D&D growing up.
  19. Never have seen it. Will likely see it once it is out on disk/streaming.
  20. I will likely be the Solar or Sophie. Of the ones that are done, probably the Frost Giant Queen
  21. The only "con" I've been to this year is a small neighborhood day of gaming put on by a friend called CovCon.
  22. Filet Mignon - sear in pan 3min per side; 9-12 mins in 450 degree F oven Creme Brûlée is a lot easier than most people expect.
  23. My wife and I are really into photography. And boardgames (but that is at least partly miniature connected). Edit: also reading (especially anything by Brandon Sanderson) and cooking (especially recipes that come out of Cook's Illustrated's Test Kitchen)
  24. Ruddy Leather and Oiled Leather. Seems like all of my minis lately have leather things and NMM gold to be done. Runner up: Brown Liner
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