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  1. I really want to complete my Arcadia Quest minis. However, I'm most excited to paint my Bones 1 Kaladrax once I get an airbrush and get some practice in (not to mention get a cabinet to display him in).
  2. Grom is almost done. Still ToDo: - steel details on his gauntlett - faint NMM on the back of his axe - paint base grey
  3. I'm currently in for the $100 base pledge only. Birthday monies and some eBay action will allow me to add in more. The total for everything I'm interested in is about $260.
  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!Try to breathe, try to breathe....But Bryan swore (or at least said decisively) that there would be no art books. That wily scoundrel
  5. Monticello is just outside of Charlottesville (5-10mins from Downtown). I pass by it every day on my way to work.
  6. Finished Scarlet; expect her in the show off thread in a few days. Next up: Grom, the Barbarian Initial base coats: Skin work: I'm still not sold on his skin tone. I used a base of Dark Skin Highlight, then moved into the Tanned Skin triad. I'm thinking maybe something more red-ish, like Bronzed Highlight?
  7. Richmond has a ton of great restaurants - especially in the area known as Cary Town. Williamsburg (+Jamestown), while touristy, is really neat if you've never been. About an hour west of Richmond is Charlottesville, which is home to Jefferson's Monticello home and the historic UVa Grounds. Food is really good there, too.
  8. I for one am really excited for the Wizard of Oz figures as they look like a ton of fun to paint. However, I don't tend to use figures for RPGs so I can see how some wouldn't be that excited about them.
  9. She's certainly got it goin' on. 'tis the joke that keeps giving.
  10. Scarlet (almost) done. I just noticed that some flesh color got into her right eye last night. Ack! I also am thinking that her leather details (knee/elbow pads, wristband) could use a Black Ink wash. Thoughts?
  11. Are you sure it wasn't a shipping notice for SDE: Forgotten King? Ninja All Stars is still in pre-production according to the kickstarted updates.
  12. Eyes done. In the midst of working on her skin, especially on her chest region.
  13. I was noticing and getting annoyed at the autoloading videos on Kickstarter. However, it seems to have stopped for me. Maybe once you watch the entire thing, it doesn't autoload anymore?
  14. That's intentional. They add those minis as bonuses for people who pledge for the core set. Every core set gets one set of 24 bonus minis. That's the only way to get them in the kickstarter. Thanks for the reply. I was just wondering if it was an oversight, as those are the things I'd be most likely to double up on (I'm already pledged for a core). edit: Double up on (so far...) Also, aren't most/all of the bonus lizardmen already available at retail?
  15. That jewel. So realistic!
  16. Got Scarlet's basecoats down (mostly my shadow colors). Still deciding exactly what to do with her knee and elbow pads.
  17. Phew! That's all for today, folks; stay tuned tomorrow for more infobit summaries; same Reaper time, same Reaper channel! ^_^Huzzah!--OneBoot :DSo, superheroes are officially neither confirmed nor denied: sweet, can't wait to see them! :p
  18. Great job on making the crystal seem like it is actually glowing. This inspires me to give the darkness/OSL look a try soon.
  19. Spike: My first time using Anne's red hair recipe. I really like how it turned out. I tried to go for a gold tooth NMM on one of his top teeth, but it didn't really turn out that well. Any advice on how to get a gold tooth that pops?
  20. Completed Arcadia Quest miniatures. I'm hoping to have all of them done by the time the next kickstarter starts. You can find my WIP thread here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62384-arcadia-quest-wip/ First up: Diva I really like how the NMM Red came out on her. It was my first time doing non-gold/steel NMM. Getting the cape right was harder than I expected. I wanted to get a white-ish color with Pink/Rose tints. I ended up using Old West Rose for the shadows.
  21. A better picture of his front side:
  22. Finally got him fully based. You can see the final pictures at: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62768-89001-pathfinder-red-dragon/
  23. My take on the Pathfinder Red Dragon. I wanted to go for a temple ruin in the middle of the Jungle vibe.
  24. First 2 down. I'll put up better pictures in the show off forum once I get my actual camera out. Spike Diva Primed and ready to go (yuk, yuk): Scarlet
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