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  1. Gold NMM work commences. I'm still trying to decide what to do about the wolf's nose on the shield. I may make it gold, as well.
  2. Mostly finished the NMM steel on the back armor. Next up will be the gold NMM trim.
  3. I really like that purple and teal together.
  4. More NMM work - including some work on the back. I think I finally have the front of the sword blade mostly where I want it. I'm still struggling with a compulsion to add the sharp white glints to the black areas every time - seems a little flat otherwise. I changed up the highlight on the shield and I think that I have it blocked out where I want it - just need a little glazing to smooth out the transitions. (Note: the trim of the shield and armor will be gold). I'm thinking about doing the wolf's eyes in some sort of gem effect - maybe amber?
  5. This video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zux0HAS8pAw) has been one of the best I've run into for talking about where to actually put your NMM highlights. Looking back at it, I realize that I think I need to redo the shield highlights - the way it is painted, it looks more like a matte painted shield than a metal one. I can also recommend the Jessica Rich and Marike Reimer Dark Sword videos. They both talk about using the colors that are on other parts of your mini in your NMM.
  6. More NMM work on the front of her armor and sword. I'm not feeling the sword NMM yet - off to do some more research before diving back in.
  7. This is the Bones Trista from Bones 1 KS. I didn't realize they had done a metal of her (runs to check out the store...)
  8. The steel NMM work begins. I imagine that this will actually take a few sessions of work. For me, NMM always ends up being an exercise in pushing and pulling: put in some shadows, whoops too much, took away too much, ok, finally its there... Ends up with very satisfying results, though.
  9. Some more face and hair work. I also did the leather skirt/shirt/gloves and started blocking out some of the NMM.
  10. Trista is one of my favorite sculpts; I really love that she is in practical (but still super cool) armor. I wasn't that keen on her existing sword, so I swapped it out for one of the swords on the sprues that came with Bones 3 (I think). So far, I have some basic lighting blocked in and have done much of the work on her face and hair.
  11. These are amazing! Both the sculpts and the painting.
  12. I checked out the contest (I had missed seeing it when it was going on): there was a bunch of really great work submitted. Glad to be thought of in their company :)
  13. I finally finished her (or at least decided to stop working on her, not sure if I would ever be truly finished). Final pictures can be seen at: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83394-77162-yephima-cloud-giant/
  14. I was finally able to finish my Yephima, Cloud Giantess from the first Bones Kickstarter. Without really intending to, I ended up using a pretty limited color palette (except for the gold NMM). WIP can be seen here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79667-paedia-paints-yephima-cloud-giantess/&page=2&tab=comments#comment-1735571 (thanks everyone for their encouragement and suggestions along the way!)
  15. Thank you very much :D Jewel work done. I still need to do more work on the NMM gold (especially the gauntlets) and some base work, but otherwise, we are close to done!
  16. Finished up the basic Gold NMM work. Want to do some blue glazing as Mr. Melons suggests. After that, jewel work on the hair piece and mace is on deck.
  17. Got started on the NMM Gold. I think that it is coming out a bit too stark in contrast to the rest of the model. Maybe some blue/purple glazes to harmonize with the rest of the tones?
  18. Base coated the gold areas. Next up is the NMM gold work.
  19. Did some work on her hair and mace/stone column thingy. Used a few different approaches to her hair, but settled on base coating with Dark Elf Highlight and going up to pure white highlights. The mace is the stone grey triad with some strong tone (Army Painter) washing (you can see the wash in my porcelain palette - top row of wells).
  20. I think I see what you are talking about - that is where some of the paint came off from the liquid mask I was using and I had to do repairs. Looks like I need to do some more blending of the transition area. Thanks for the feedback!
  21. Did work on the leather of her bodice. Need a couple of more glazes, but pretty pleased with it so far. Note: I'm planning on gold for the detailing on the bodice.
  22. Finished her skin and skirt; did the initial base coat for her bodice. I'm not sure how much I like the purple for her skirt - however, I will wait and see how it ties in with the rest of the model - planning on doing some gold in many of the details, so that should go well with the purple.
  23. Did some work on her left leg. Needs a glaze of the mid-high tone to smooth everything out, but I'm continuing to be pleased with the effect of the Burgundy Wine and Rosy Skin tones mixed into the grey blues.
  24. Did some more work on her face and arms last night. Tried out some Burgundy Wine shadows and adding the various Rosy Skin triad members into my blues. I really like how that worked. Next up, working on her legs.
  25. Thank you for the suggestions. I'll give that a go - last night I was thinking as I was cleaning up that some Burgundy Wine glazing could be quite nice.
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