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  1. I finally got Yephima to my painting table. The thing I find most intimidating is trying to get a "realistic" blue skin tone. So far, I've worked a bit on getting the tone right on her face, chest and left arm.
  2. Nice job on your first mini! This is the curse of miniature photography :D
  3. Finished my Season 2 Guild Ball Hunters Team. Chaska Seenah Minx (Union, but she plays for my Hunters)
  4. I have switched from using paper towels to using a synthetic drying chamois. Totally lint free and washable; you can get a ton of use out of a single sheet.
  5. Correct (according to the preview videos I saw) I will be following this one with great interest. However, I'm pretty sure I won't back as I am already playing Infinity, Guild Ball, and (soon) Relic Knights. Also, rank and file miniatures games don't interest me as much as skirmish level games do.
  6. Any of them :( (I have only been to one of our local cons). The ones that interest me most: Dice Tower Con - I love Orlando and playing games so this one seems pretty obvious GenCon - to say I've been once Adepticon - seems like a cool way to get exposed to a ton of miniatures games
  7. Charlottesville has a bunch of great restaurants, but you do have to drive about an hour away for good German food.
  8. There is talk in the comments about somehow getting just the arm from the other bust. I may try to do this :D
  9. They have a version of Jessica Thunderhawk already available with the gun (but not the bird) - check out their webstore (won't post a link here).
  10. So I'm a little confused. Supposedly, the KS was supposed to start at 12am CET, which has already passed. Perhaps they meant 12 noon instead of 12 midnight?
  11. They revealed the 75mm figure. I think I will have to back this one. https://www.facebook.com/233432543708591/photos/a.247449108973601.1073741828.233432543708591/365428720508972/?type=3&theater
  12. She's finally done! http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69859-sally-starfield/
  13. Sally is my first finished project from my original Bombshell Miniatures. Patrick Keith is one of my absolute favorite sculptors working today, and Sally was a great model to work on. I really like how the NMM purple turned out and this forum's suggestion of orange for the trim turned out really, really well. Original WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68437-sally-starfield-wip
  14. The board has spoken: the trim is orange! Time for the gun and electronic bits. Also, the base.
  15. More progress on the purple parts of her suit. I decided to go ahead and do the jetpack in the same purple NMM. I'm still unsure of which color to use for the trim on her suit. Right now, I'm torn between a bright blue, a warm grey, or an orange type color. Thoughts?
  16. Good question. She didn't come with one, but I may try to figure something out. I'm pretty sure one of the bombshell helmets fits on her collar, but I don't know if it is the r8 or r10 Thanks for the info. I'll check it out.
  17. Good question. She didn't come with one, but I may try to figure something out.
  18. After pledging for both campaigns, I have finally gotten my first Bombshell mini (sculpted by Patrick Keith) to the painting table. I really like the combo of purple and green. It is also giving me a chance to practice another color of NMM. I am thinking I will use blue to pic out the seam details between the purple plates and green cloth. Still undecided about doing the jet pack in NMM purple or a more traditional NMM steel or similar.
  19. I'm thinking a Greek/Roman goddess style complete with toga would be great.
  20. As my Kickstarter profile reveals, I am very susceptible to new hot-ness, especially for games. Very related to my Oooo... Shiney syndrome. Shows, I tend to wait and see and binge on Netflix. Tech, I drool over it, but don't tend to get it for a year or so to let the price come down. Probably the Beatles. If I wanted to cause a weird mix of sleepiness/lunacy, I would take Rockabye Baby! (lullaby renditions of various artists - try it and be driven slightly insane)
  21. In the middle of working on something, I prefer beautiful Chaos. However, I really like it when everything is put away in its place otherwise. Pretty well, and improving everyday. I think I only tripped twice on my way to make last night's bottle for the mini-human. Usually, I just use it as an extra day to rest up and get some things done. For certain holidays like Memorial Day, there are events to attend and such.
  22. I am very susceptible to my own inner devil when it comes to acquisition disorder. Being enabled usually just involves someone telling me something exists.
  23. Thank you all for your kind comments. And thank you to this board for the advice in my WIP thread!
  24. I love, love, love the color palette you used. Just enough color to pop but still be evocative of the feel of the time.
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