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  1. Finally got the rest of the base box heroes completed. Zazu Greensleeves Kanga Seth Scarlett Wisp Grom Maya Johan Hobsbawm
  2. Finally got her done. See the finished piece here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/67761-reapercon-2011-adventure-sophie-01514/
  3. Finished my Adventure Sophie a while ago, but finally got around to taking some pictures. WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62385-reapercon-2011-adventure-sophie/
  4. Currently, it is highly variable and totally dependent on when our little nugget decides she wants her first breakfast.
  5. What is the difference between those and "Brilliant"?
  6. I'm looking at picking up some more paints and am confused about the difference between the Brilliant Greens, Warm Greens, and Cool Greens triads. Well, actually, the difference between warm and cool I get, but what makes Brialliant Greens different?
  7. We just re-watched all of Friends. Aside from wanting to punch most of the characters in the face, the show itself holds up. I'll echo Batman, Gargoyles, etc. They were ahead of their time story telling wise. MacGyver holds up better than I would have thought.
  8. Pretty much any show that was on during the TGIF block of shows.
  9. My love of the pop-princess-mashed-with-guest-rapper genre. see: Katy Perry w/ Snoop Dogg or Juicy J, Taylor Swift w/ Kendrick Lamar, etc., etc. Come to think of it, my entire Spotify recent played list...
  10. I am very susceptible to the "shiney"; my Acquisition Disorder is very strong - especially when it comes to Kickstarters. Love my cell phone. Makes so many things in life so much easier.
  11. Daredevil: Season 2, Cap'n America: Civil War, Game of Thrones: Season 6, Deadpool (on video as I won't be able to see them in the theater)
  12. My wife and I played Patchwork and I pulled out the win. I just recently did a demo game of Infinity (with proxy miniatures). I can't wait to get in a real play with all of the rules (hackers, lieutenants, etc.). Other unplayed games on my shelves include: Rococo, Cat Tower, Ninja All Stars, The Gallerist, and CO2. Time is the main limiting factor.
  13. I used to be a straight flocking/static grass person. I tended to add the flocking and grass over the broccoli base. I am getting more into resin inserts and sculpting my own bases (hello cobblestone street everything...) I listen to podcasts on the way to work. Downtime at work usually involves browsing BoardGameGeek, Reaper forums, Facebook, and lately, the Infinity forums.
  14. Probably never unless basing counts. Probably the Infinity painting guide by Angel Giraldez. Turned out to be a pretty cool book.
  15. I used to be really big into photography. However, I started doing some paid photo work and it drained all of the fun out of it. Now, I do photography mostly to record fun events and family moments and less to express my inner creativity (i.e. to make art). Since I got into boardgames, my video gaming time has been drastically reduced. I will still get really involved in a particular game from time to time, but it has been many months since my PS3 got any non-Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/etc. use.
  16. absolutely. I love reading everyone's responses.
  17. Every time I hear that question, I always think of this: But more seriously, Art is whatever results from us expressing our inner creative impulse. I believe that this creative impulse is a large component of the image of God in which we are created.
  18. The scene in Big Momma's House when Martin Lawrence's character is hiding in the shower while Big Momma uses the restroom. Yeah, I'm still a 5th grade boy at heart.
  19. The classic: French Fries. Runners up: Tater-tots, Hash Browns (like McDs or Chick-fil-a), and Garlic Mashed with Goat Cheese. There are a ton of diseases I would prefer not to have. However, I can't think of one that scares me. Probably something where you are unable to express everything that is inside you: arthritis (no more painting or coding), blind/deafness (no more enjoying the fullness of creation), or Alzheimer's/dementia
  20. The wish list (not that likely): - new countertops - bamboo floors upstairs - revamped front and back yards The dream list (really, really, really not that likely): - Build an extension for storage, turn our deck into a screened porch, finish the basement into a hobby room Likely: - fixing some drainage issues in the front yard that is making the heat pump's outdoor unit sink on one side. (thankfully, already fixed the sinking issue with some landscaping stones). Probably about 10 mi on my bike in one go.
  21. Going from memory, my shelf of shame currently has the 4 zombie hunters Bones figures from the first Kickstarter. I think I'm dragging my feet because I don't have anything to do with them gaming wise (they are likely going on the selling shelf once they are done) and I keep getting distracted with other figures (lately, Arcadia Quest and some Bombshell minis)
  22. I usually wake up in the 7-7:30 range and hop in the shower first thing. My coffee and breakfast tend to wait until I get to work.
  23. He must have finished painting all of his remaining miniatures. I still have so many that I'll never die... (sorry. I've had a long day and a little dark humor is my way of dealing with sad news) Hanging out in the NICU with the wife and MIL. Counting down the days until we get to take baby girl home (no serious issues, just some medicine weaning that is taking a bit of time) Been there; done that; sucks. (42 days in the NICU after my son was born.) But it sounds like you're nearing the end of the stay, so, "Yay!" Wow, that is long. We are sitting at 31 days since she got there and 25 since we actually got here. Its looking like it will be just a smidgen over one more week. Since we are 4 states away from home, I don't know what we would have done without the opportunity to stay at the Ronald McDonald House near the hospital.
  24. Hanging out in the NICU with the wife and MIL. Counting down the days until we get to take baby girl home (no serious issues, just some medicine weaning that is taking a bit of time)
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