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  1. My avatar is a picture of one of our two wonderful Birman kitties (litter mates). This one is the brother, named Caedmon; his sister is named Ciara. I have a few gaming friends who enjoy painting. My wife tried her hand at painting a figure, but prefers to color instead. I have been on canoe trips where fishing is done. However, fishing isn't really my thing, so I usually just enjoy the scenery and a good book.
  2. Probably Reaper's Cthulhu. I got him assembled and primed. I started on the base coat, but there was just so much of him to paint. He's the miniature that made me decide to get an airbrush (hopefully soon).
  3. Single-malt aged Scotch, preferably something from Islay.
  4. Everytime I go through a yellow light, I kiss my hand and touch the headliner of my car. Also, everytime I see a car with one headlight gone, I knock on my window.
  5. I'm going to have to join the New Zealand chorus. Probably because it is so far away, but has some similarities to home. Second place would be Ireland. Honorable mention to Bermuda.
  6. I use an optivisor when I'm trying to get some tricky detail done (especially eyes)
  7. I don't know what it is. However, I know that it is perfect because it means that someone is thinking of me.
  8. I love dad jokes. What do you call a short guy who runs seances and just escaped from prison? A small medium at large Looks like soon you'll have plenty of time to use them. Congratulations on your adoption! Thank you so much!
  9. I love dad jokes. What do you call a short guy who runs seances and just escaped from prison? A small medium at large
  10. So far, so good for the most part. I did back the Death Star poster project that got killed by Disney before the campaign ended (I was fully expecting it to). Otherwise, all of my others have either fulfilled or on some semblance of a schedule.
  11. I have backed 42 Kickstarters to date. Most of them have been boardgames. However, I have done a few music related ones for artists that I really want to support. Also, I've been getting into more Comic book/graphic novel Kickstarters lately. The most "different" campaign I backed was for coffee beans that had been aged in whiskey barrels. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
  12. Going back a bit for this one. The best compliment I ever received was last Thursday when we found out that a couple had decided that we would be the best adoptive family for their birth daughter! We finally got to meet our daughter today! I love to have a mix of both. Keeps everything fresh. More contrast, how to blend, and I will always have 20 miniatures left to paint.
  13. Most definitely my wife! I would not be who I am today if it weren't for her influence. Honorable mention to my parents, brother and sister, and our church "family".
  14. I don't have any interest in playing RPGs (not enough time) nor playing large army miniatures games (too much rote painting). I mostly enjoy painting for the miniatures themselves or using in boardgames. I am, however, about to dip my toe into the world of skirmish miniatures games by grabbing some Infinity starters.
  15. Not usually. However, when I was growing up, we always knew when it was a telemarketer as they would ask for William Thomas. My dad's name (on Birth Certificate) is Billy and so, we generally just said that no one by that name lives here.
  16. I'd had smartphones for 7 years at that point. Was it your first cell phone? No. I had had cell phones since college (early '00s). However, I wasn't willing to pay for a data plan for any smartphone until the Droid came out (I would have bought the iPhone, but it was ATT only at that point).
  17. I'm a tech junkie and have had a smartphone since the original Motorola Droid. My wife insisted on having a a land line; however, even that is VoIP through Vonage. We don't really give that number out to many people.
  18. That is a whole buncha NOPE. I don't dress up that often so it is always a pain to remember whether my suit needs dry cleaning or if the pants will fit or where I left that particular tie I want. I do enjoy doing the semi-dress up thing (jeans + brown sports coat).
  19. I think it is gone now, but there used to be a site with nothing but the Yep, Yep, Uh Huh Martians from Sesame Street finding a computer GIF. There are videos on YouTube (see below) of it, but it being on a site by itself was part of the charm.
  20. I would probably pick miniature painting or sculpting. I really enjoy creating and it would be great to be able to create at a high level of proficiency.
  21. Boardgames. Me: I'm really into boardgames Them: You mean like Monopoly Me: well, sortof. But not really. Thankfully, Settlers, Dominion, and 7 Wonders are becoming more widespread and so I can point to those.
  22. According to JJ Abrams, yes. That is a good point. However, if there was a connection, would JJ Abrams actually admit it? It would be a pretty big spoiler for the next few movies if he did. As is, his explanation seems a bit hollow and hand wave-y to me.
  23. I generally go by the mantra that you need to understand the rules before you can break them effectively.
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