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  1. Magician and debunker The Amazing Randi has passed away at 92. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/10/21/obituaries/james-randi-dead.amp.html.
  2. Thanks guys. It was a nice day. Played some games, had a macaroni and cheese burger, and some cake. Wanted to go for a walk, but it started snowing.
  3. It's late hear, but it is still today. So to you all I say... 10-4 good buddy.
  4. Yarr! Another Talk like a pirate day draws to a close. May ye all find safe harbor till the fair weather returns to your sails once again. We hope to be see'n all ye next year. Fair sailing friends.
  5. The ship comes with cannons. But what it does not come with are pirate ammo monkeys with which to load the cannons. That is awesome!
  6. https://youtu.be/MCdNRPmCv9s Yarr! Theme song of the day.
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing glitterwolf
  8. Yar! Ahoy, lads and lasses, it be that time O' year again! A time for all land lubbers to embrace their inner sea dog and set sail. That's right, it be Talk like a Pirate Day again. So put down yer troubles, and forget all yer squabbles and syntax for a day and lets all raise a cup O' grog or rum in celebration, to all me hearty crew! Arrrr! I'll be post'n a traditional carol for the day shortly.
  9. Acquired two rulebooks for late 90's wargames Way of War and Raven (well I ordered them, Raven isnt here yet, but should be soon) Found miniatures for them while helping clean and organize my wife's painting desk. Looked them up and found them both cheap.
  10. Just saw this. That really sucks.RIP
  11. I didn't do much gardening this year. I planted a couple of strawberries in my berry patch but didn't get much from them. I did get a nice crop of raspberries from my feral raspberry plants in that patch. I had a couple of hot peppers that I was wintering over in the dining room. The ghost pepper died in February, but my scorpion is fine but it really needed to be repotted and I only just did that the other day so I don't know if it will produce much this year. We'll see. It's still got some time. My cayenne peppers would always give me a ton in the last possible month. Wish I had been able to winter those, but they failed a couple years ago. (In fact I think the scorpion was using their pot.)
  12. Swag what now? Nevermind I see now. I haven't been paying as much attention to this as I had intended.
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