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  1. I would like to add that I've only done this with reaper's liners and stylnrez's black primer. Alchohol seems to attack the flesh tones I've tried causing them to gum up a bit and not go on well at all. Haven't experimented with anything else yet.
  2. Update: basement is drying nicely. The neighborhood cat wasn't on the porch in the morning so I closed the door. Hopefully he made himself comfortable for the night. I can't tell you how much we'd like to adopt this cat. He's one of those cats that's not put out by you being too busy to pet him. He's perfectly fine with leaping up and shoving his head in your hand. Unfortunately this house just can't harbor any new agents of M.E.O.W. the professional rivalries between current agents are too tense to bring in an outside agent. Also we have conflicts with the agents of H.I.S.S that are supposed to stay in the front step, but keep getting in and we have to remove them before the agents of M.E.O.W find them, especially the junior cadets of H.I.S.S. Whom I've also had to rescue from traps left by agents of W.E.B. I had to eject a junior H.I.S.S agent the other night in fact and after letting the neighborhood cat onto the pack porch last night a bigger one was swimming in our front flower bed, back into the crack of the step.
  3. Ok, I'm done battling the flood waters for now and the basement seems to not be too bad right now. The one window well is going to need to have something done about it, because its definitely rotting a bit because it keeps flooding because it's flush the the driveway so I can't even put a well cover on it. It does have one right now anyway in the vain hope that it slows the water flowing into the window. For the most part it has. The well isn't flooded and water isn't gushing in around the edge of the window, but it is constantly trickling, which I think is the best I can hope for for now. The rain has slowed and so has the floor seepage in the front which was my main battle ground. It didn't come in as much this time so Yay! Also while checking on some thing early tonight, the neighborhood cat just appeared by my leg as I stood by the front door and mewled and tried to get in more desperately than he's ever tried to before. He was sopping wet, but I still couldn't let him in because I know he has fleas and I've found ticks on him before as well and I can't risk the exposure to our cats (also they both hate him more than they hate each other for some reason) I thought about maybe putting him in the bathroom with the litter box for the night, but since the basement is taking in water the cats are mostly cut off from the basement litter boxes. In the end I propped the back porch door open for him so he could at least stay dry. This was probably the most desperate meowl I've ever heard him make. He's a super friendly cat and is always rubbing on people's legs. it was heartbreaking to not be able to let him inside. Hopefully he's at least drying out on the porch. It's mostly dry there. Alright. I'm going to bed.
  4. The rain can stop any time now. My basement would like some time to dry in between storms.
  5. EvilJames

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Normally I skip the questions I miss, but today I decided to break that rule. We camped at Crystal lake over the weekend and had a nice hike around the Falison lake nature trail. We did the whole long loop this time, as the bugs weren't too bad at all since it's so late in the season. This is one of the easier trails we like to do, but a good one for this trip since we haven't done much camping and hiking in a while. We hiked around the lake and the bogs and the went into Minocqua to wander and have a drink, then we came back to camp for hotdogs and s'mores. We also saw a tree frog which is something I've somehow managed to never see while camping before.
  6. EvilJames

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Yesterday was my 9th anniversary. Today my wife and I are trying to quickly pack so we we can go camping. So... Everybody's working for the weekend.
  7. EvilJames

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Make a bunch of terrain for an event in October. In non hobby related things, get the house work under control. It got away from us while I was working multiple jobs, and even though I'm no longer doing that, and haven't for a while, it's still an uphill battle to reclaim the somewhat tidiness we once had. Especially since I'm kind of a slob to begin with.
  8. Make some Ghost Archipelago terrain. Get some crews speed painted for ghost archipleigo Piant a dragon Clean my desk and maybe finish off a few things on it before I start yet another project Also get pictures of what I have gotten done, because I've actually been painting a decent amount lately. Not nearly enough to start clearing off the shelf but enough that the shelf shouldn't grow too bad yet.
  9. I sometimes thin the basecoat with rubbing alcohol and that's worked well for me. Goes on like an ink wash. Dries super quick though so watch out for that.
  10. EvilJames

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    They weren't last year (or the year before, I believe) until after the con and in very limited quantities. This year looks to be the same.
  11. EvilJames

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    Would anyone be willing to secret shopper this guy for me? (And maybe a couple other things like the limited paints). I willing to pay a small finders fee.) I missed out on the devil mouslings last year two years ago as they sold out so fast online they may as well as only existed for sale in theory.
  12. EvilJames

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    Everybody looks to be having a good time. And I'm stuck here in Wisconsin where the nights are already getting cold. I'm going to paint a mini to console myself.
  13. I'm hoping to be running a Ghost Archipelago game at small convention in Rockford and then hopefully at Gameholecon as well. I've never tried to do anything like this before and was hoping that some of the people on the boards here who have could offer some advice and critique my scenario so far. The basic premise is the Heritors have to steal back a treasure from a dragon that stole it from the Dricheans. My board will be a series of small islands and a large beach for the dragon all connected by bridges so the players can either try and make it to the dragon by boat or by landing on an island and make their way across the bridges. I was planning on it being 4 players plus me as the dragon I was also planning on it being 5th warbands using the rule in maze of Malacar for starting at higher level. Is that necessary or could this be done with level 0 warbands? The dragon is using the "old dragon" stats from Spellcaster 2 with spells replaced by Heritor abilities and warden spells Tik-Margol-Targuli Old Dragon M F S A W H Notes 7 +8 +0 15 +10 30 Large, Flying (ignore terrain for the purposes of movement), Powerful (treat as using two-handed weapon), Magic Attacks, Immune to Poison, Elemental Damage Resistance +3, Breathe Fire or Spit Poison, Horrific, Immune to Critical Hits, Immune to Mind Control, Self-Preservation, Weakness: Bloodburn Abilities: fling (8), Backswing (10), Catch missle(12), Spellshield (10), Hurl (10), Disarm(8), Spells: Earth Blood (12), Wind blast (8), bark (8), wrath of waves (10), Beast strength (8) The dragon will start out sleeping with a chance for him to wake up each round whe awake he activates on the Heritor phase There will also be a Snakeman priestess who acts on the Warden phase and uses the snakeman blood magic I would like to come up with a priority list for them, but it's not urgent since I plan on running the game as the bad guys There will be bonuses for killing the dragon but the main goal is to get the Central treasure (Plus any other loot you can) Any advice would be appreciated. I also have a write up as to why he's in the Archipelago and why he has heritor powers if anyone wants that.
  14. I never used to watch scary movies do to being a massive wimp as a child. Now I actually really enjoy them, when they're well done. Unfortunately no one else I know likes them so I rarely get to see them. The scariest one I've watched so far was John Carpenter's The Thing. I watched it late at night a very, very small local convention that was running a movie room. It's practical effects were fairly dated at the time, but that didn't seem to diminish the atmosphere of the movie or the horrifyingness of the monster.
  15. Maybe a couple of weeks ago. We have a dual dvd/vhs player and the most recent vhs we watched was a MST3K "Shorts" video. It's generally the only thing we really use the Vhs part for. I have a bunch of old cheesy sci-fi/ fantasy movies on VHS, but we really don't have bad movie nights any more and haven't for a few years now. I guess around Christmas we do watch a few old Christmas specials on tapes. Ones that were never popular enough to make the leap to DVD, like Claymation Christmas. Other than that the VHS player doesn't get too much use.