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  1. Is there anyone that has the two metal hippomen soldiers and can give me a size comparison of them and maybe Sir Forscale? They have very different prices, but I have no idea how big either of them are. ( I know one of them had the "m" but the letter is so small it's difficult to judge size well. Especially with him on a base. )
  2. I'd say most of what I have now is Reaper, with a hefty lead on all other brands from the bones kickstarters, followed by Ral Partha. The rest are a growing collection of Northstar, and a number of random Kickstarters, some of which I don't think I can get any more. There's a decent amount of Impact in there as well. There's even a drawer of second hand GW (mostly Tyranids) that I should really do something with. I'm not really buying much anymore. For whatever reason I just stopped painting as much in 2021 and am trying to get back into doing it more frequently and have been working my way through my shelf of shame and build my skills back up. Also I may have purchased a 3d printer and have been playing with that as well ( so I really need to get back into painting more often. )
  3. Hmmm. I thought in the first edition everyone could employ mercs. Good guys can have good and neutral mercs and bad guys can have neutral and evil, while neutral sides can have any, so long as they don't have good and evil at the same time. (Which usually just meant you hired evil as most of the neutral guys had a lot of evil members) I don't have the book handy at the moment, so I can't be certain of anything though. One of the things I like about the 1st book that the 2nd ed book lacked was the world building, with a little aside for each faction that gave that faction's general opinion of the others. If I recall, the mercs considered the crusaders well paying but stuffy and strict bosses.
  4. Thanks guys. Know I haven't been around much, but hope to come back soon.
  5. Yarr! The day do be drawing to a close, but before we go, it be only proper to have a fair song to send us of on our way. https://youtu.be/MCdNRPmCv9s Once more we must ship off ta far away lands, fer plunder and fer glory, with the wind at our back we set for the horizon. Till next we meet, fair sailing lads.
  6. Welcome back all ye lads and lasses to another talk like a pirate day! Been rough seas out there, but today, the sky be clear 'n we 'ave a strong wind at our backs. So weigh anchor and off we go!
  7. Gragg here is really hard to photograph. But he was fun to paint. Probably the most armored mini I've painted so far.
  8. The dark background absolutely helps in the photo, as minis are tricky to photograph, but I've seen it work in person as well at convention contest displays which are usually not very dark and often brightly lit. I like what you did there. I might try this with my shroud. I've been trying to figure out how to do this properly myself and this seems like an excellent mini to try on.
  9. That's kind of disappointing. The book looks nice at least. The back part I think was to give credit to the miniatures companies that were the minis in the photos. The fact that one specifically mentioned it's own competing game was a bit wierd though. Would have been nice if those back pages had some indication as to which photos were of which manufacturer's minis though. I think only the pictures involving mantic's minis had thing saying that's what they were. I'll still give it a try and see how it plays.
  10. Got my book today. However weren't there supposed to be a bunch of different settings? I only count 3 Fantasy, Scifi and modern.
  11. Still have Dark World as well. Loved it even if it was a much lesser Hero Quest. The manticore and ogres were awesome! I will need to paint mine some day.
  12. That is a problem we have as well unfortunately. Communication between the 1 800 number and the centers is poor at best. If you can, try to get the number of the local office. (If there is a Ups Store, they might be able to give it to you.) The clerks can often do things that mychoice and the 1 800 number say they can't do. (Like correcting an address before it becomes a problem). You should contact them and make sure they change the address to the correct one so that future packages don't get sent to the mistake address.
  13. I wonder if, there are regional differences in the software ware Ups uses, because that is really really wierd and not remotely how it works in my area. The system only attempts to auto fix an address when it thinks it can't find the address due to bad zip or mistake in the street name then it tries to find the street that matches the closest. I.e. riverside dr. might attempt at river road. S. shore might go to N. Shore or E. Southshore. ( I do hate that it does this because it is universally incorrect and then wastes the driver's time) PO boxes never do this. They auto flag to be taken to the clerk, because the system cannot find anything close so it can't tell the sorters the truck it goes to. We will then attempt to look up the address or try to get a hold of the receiver. Failing that it's held in the hope that someone is looking for it and contacts us. Though it's possible that the clerk there messed up. We aren't supposed to make changes base on name alone. We need to be able to find things in the address database that connect the address on the box to the address we think might be good. If I can't, it's better to hold it and hope for contact. Unfortunately I've had to deal with packages sent from other centers with corrections based on head scratchingly tenuous connections. I.e. sending a package across 3 states to an address with only a name in common when there were addresses that were better choices still in the original town.
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