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  1. GC arrived this morning (Saturday!). Nice to have closure (for me anyway) on this Kickstarter.
  2. I'm giving this a bump because there are thirty hours to go and it is doing really well. All the stretch goals have been unlocked so backers will be getting a lot of material for a very small amount of $. And the project is close to reaching the total needed for him to sponsor a service dog!
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/houndsandjackals/assignment-danger "ASSIGNMENT: DANGER! is a high-octane, fast-paced role-playing game using the easy-to-learn EZD6 rules. Throw your players head-first into a world full of action and adventure that revolves around espionage, covert operations, and high-stakes missions. Steeped in the tension and atmosphere of classic spy thrillers, ASSIGNMENT: DANGER! contains additional hero paths (Agent Archetypes), gear, items, and added rules to role-play within this setting. ASSIGNMENT: DANGER! is inspired by the fantastic, sci-fi feel of the 1960s and 1970s spy films and TV shows like Mission: Impossible!, the Bond films, Danger Man, The Prisoner, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E., where wild gadgets, unexpected twists, and supervillains abound. The influences of Classic TV shows such as The Omega Factor, Man from Atlantis, The Six Million Dollar Man, and others allow the game master to include psionic spies, cyborgs, super-skilled experts, and para-humans with strange abilities. Due to the flexibility of EZD6, this material is very easily ported into other game systems with minimal work from the Game Master! This Kickstarter is to help fund the ASSIGNMENT: DANGER! book, supplementing the costs of editing, layout and art assets. Various rewards are offered for backer support." Your ole pal Carnacki here! If you have already discovered the original EZD6 fantasy version you already know what a fun, fast-paced breath of fresh air it is and how well it works as a rules-light rpg system. I've played it and I've also playtested this Espionage RPG using the open EZD6 rules. ASSIGNMENT: DANGER! is absolutely fantastic and really makes great use of the potential in EZD6. Check out the Kickstarter page. I'm backing it. It has already reached its funding in one day. The rewards are digital. I've backed his previous projects and know him personally. This will fulfill. This is very reasonably-priced and the creator is extremely invested in supporting charitable health-related causes such as Doctors Without Borders and National Service Dogs of Canada. There is also a special level for Veterans, First Responders, and the financially challenged. Enjoy!
  4. Best Sequel, a tie: The Great Muppet Caper, and Fubar 2 Worst Sequel: The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years
  5. The Gambler's Chest is the very last thing I am expecting from Kickstarter, ever. I can't possibly bail now. It's too fascinating.
  6. I have a solution for you: Wait no less than five years after you have painted a miniature before you take a photograph of it. It has allowed me to love my mistakes. Great painting, as always!
  7. I've enjoyed reading people's opinions here, both positive and negative, throughout the Kickstarter. I'm not influenced by what other people think or say, but I do like to read opinions, because sometimes they help me understand why I think the way I do. I don't look at social media, so half the time I don't know what people are talking about, but I'm fine with that. I know people here, and am familiar with their points of view, so I can read what they say and see where they are coming from. Since it's over now, I can express myself without being perceived to be trying to bring down the enthusiasm, in case anyone finds my opinion useful to think about. I doubt I have anything new to add, but I'm feeling chatty. Looking over the whole project, it looks good, but very repetitive of past Bones kickstarters, so there was disappointingly little to attract me. It seems like a project for new backers. Also, there were no cool left-field surprises here, like a froghemoth or Baba Yaga's hut or some wild Lovecraft monster like Cthulhu from the first Bones. That was a mind-blower of a reveal. I would have loved to throw money at it, and was surprised that for the first time I didn't even get in on the pledge manager. I wasn't a fan of all the post-Kickstarter "Power-ups" in the pledge manager last time. I just found it confusing. I want to submit my pledge and forget about it, not keep looking at the pledge manager to see if there is anything else that's been added. Ironically, Reaper is probably the only company that I would trust with any Kickstarter money right now, but all the social media stuff and the twitch (?) streams and all the digital sculpts (I just can't visualize them in my head) just don't do it for me. I'm not trying to dampen the enthusiasm of others. Just my point of view!
  8. That is such a great Flumph! Way better than other versions. Really nice work. A classic.
  9. They slept in and showed up late for the battle, but at least they showed up.
  10. Agreed. I certainly don't fault the Pootsian fulfillment model. It's a logistical marvel. It also encouraged me to pick up the 1.6 card pack at cost. So hey.
  11. Got my answer from the Dark Moderator: No. Needs to ship now.
  12. Does anyone know if I can just wait and have them merge my wave three part one shipping with a later part? I don't want to pay the same amount for shipping as for the single item I have in part one. Thanks for your thoughts.
  13. lead free pewter (bottom o' page, under sustainable materials). Love the Dragon Bait. Good stuff.
  14. They're going to fire it out of an enormous cannon of course. So deeply hilariously pleased to know that "offer not valid in Quebec" still happens. Nothing elfing changes. Happy to keep money in pocket.
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