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  1. They slept in and showed up late for the battle, but at least they showed up.
  2. Agreed. I certainly don't fault the Pootsian fulfillment model. It's a logistical marvel. It also encouraged me to pick up the 1.6 card pack at cost. So hey.
  3. Got my answer from the Dark Moderator: No. Needs to ship now.
  4. Does anyone know if I can just wait and have them merge my wave three part one shipping with a later part? I don't want to pay the same amount for shipping as for the single item I have in part one. Thanks for your thoughts.
  5. lead free pewter (bottom o' page, under sustainable materials). Love the Dragon Bait. Good stuff.
  6. They're going to fire it out of an enormous cannon of course. So deeply hilariously pleased to know that "offer not valid in Quebec" still happens. Nothing elfing changes. Happy to keep money in pocket.
  7. so is this care bears box thing an add-on or is it a stretch goal box that comes with the core pledge? The kickstarter page is so long and convoluted and the imagery is so confusing I can't make heads or tails of it.
  8. Awesome. That's just the kind of weirdness that got me to back Green Horde. But I'm still out.
  9. Because they didn't offend enough people enough by including the Archangel Michael as an enemy? I hope that Care Bearstm are next (not that I'm backing this or anything. I just want to see some Care Bearstm.) Also, aren't Cmon still suspended from trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?
  10. There's a late pledge signup button on the kickstarter page.
  11. Have you played OMD? I am only asking because there is a person in the comments for D1944 saying the posted rules are the rules from OMD with some words changed. Apparently they are about to post an update discussing the topic of OMD. Arthur has also commented that D1944 is lighter than PA.
  12. The Dinosaurs look like fun and I was expecting this to be more of a temptation when it launched. If it was interesting enough I was prepared to overlook my past frustrating experience with the delivery of CW3. The price point was definitely a refreshing change from Kickstarter bloat prices but beyond that it hasn't really distinguished itself enough. Apparently this is a reskin/revision of Orcs Must Die! which had a mixed reception. I didn't play it but this is causing friction in the comments. Glancing at the rules play it seems a little bit straightforward: Dinosaurs attack your camp and you try to kill them. Maybe I don't get it. Is there more to it than that? Honest question. Backers have been commenting on the weak design of the tiles since the imagery on the edges don't meet up. I have to agree that this would be annoying. There is an expansion referred to in the rules where you can play the dinosaurs. I would have preferred to have that be an option in the core game. They are also promising more dinos, tanks and vehicles in the comments but this is a pretty short kickstarter -only 8 days left. Honestly this is sounding like other Petersen projects where they make design decisions based on a hermetic logic that leaves their would-be supporters frustrated. Just my two cents.
  13. I like their production values very much, but this is expensive: 129 us plus 37 us for Canadian shipping. This is about 235 Canadian for the base pledge. They are making it too easy to pass on this. I wish them the best since they have always been a fun company to back, but no.
  14. This just showed up and is currently detoxing in isolation for a few days. A heavy duty box.
  15. Truly a baffling and disorganized project from a company with an established track record. A real head-scratcher this one. I couldn't make heads or tails of it after several attempts to decipher the page. Were they trying to fail? EDIT: Although that last update is pretty good and makes up for the weird project, to some degree.
  16. Thank you Dilvish! Sounds like I have some paint travelling adventures in my future.
  17. First of all, a robust ho ho ho to you all. So ... I spend a fair amount of time travelling from North America to New Zealand and have often wanted to bring some paints and miniatures with me. But roughly 24 hours of travel in the belly of a plane sounds like a bad thing to do to all my Reaper paint. Based on past experiences, it seems like weird things happen down there in the dark. Stuff comes out ... different. My favorite is that bags of coffee beans get conveniently vacuum freeze-dried. So I figure I better not. Am I being too cautious? Any international travellers with positive experiences and tips? Or should I just buy Vallejo and Army Painter paints from Mighty Ape instead? Your thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. Received this last week and played the first scenario a couple of times this weekend. Overall a very pleasant surprise: A) The miniatures are amazing. Better than I expected. In fact the whole visual presentation is really eye-catching and impressive. B) The game is both really easy to learn and very fun to play (so far). I didn't know what to expect and like it a lot. The sanity loss theme is highly engaging. I am glad I went all-in (except for Big Boy Cthulhu, which I am happy I skipped).
  19. Well, in the end, I consider myself lucky. I finally received almost everything I ordered, barring one item. I have just been informed that said item is no longer in stock because they were "shorted by the manufacturer." I have received a paypal refund, minus paypal's gouge. Sadly, I can't bring myself to back any more of their projects. Fulfillment on this project for those less fortunate than myself seems to be never-ending. Is anyone else on this forum still waiting for anything?
  20. After Mantic lit a fire under Snakes and Lattes butts, Canadians (me anyway) have got their wave two.
  21. I grabbed a Black Friday Lantern from KD 1.5 on January 7th, the last day of the campaign. They were limited but not timed.
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