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  1. I like their production values very much, but this is expensive: 129 us plus 37 us for Canadian shipping. This is about 235 Canadian for the base pledge. They are making it too easy to pass on this. I wish them the best since they have always been a fun company to back, but no.
  2. This just showed up and is currently detoxing in isolation for a few days. A heavy duty box.
  3. Truly a baffling and disorganized project from a company with an established track record. A real head-scratcher this one. I couldn't make heads or tails of it after several attempts to decipher the page. Were they trying to fail? EDIT: Although that last update is pretty good and makes up for the weird project, to some degree.
  4. Thank you Dilvish! Sounds like I have some paint travelling adventures in my future.
  5. First of all, a robust ho ho ho to you all. So ... I spend a fair amount of time travelling from North America to New Zealand and have often wanted to bring some paints and miniatures with me. But roughly 24 hours of travel in the belly of a plane sounds like a bad thing to do to all my Reaper paint. Based on past experiences, it seems like weird things happen down there in the dark. Stuff comes out ... different. My favorite is that bags of coffee beans get conveniently vacuum freeze-dried. So I figure I better not. Am I being too cautious? Any international travellers with positive experiences and tips? Or should I just buy Vallejo and Army Painter paints from Mighty Ape instead? Your thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Received this last week and played the first scenario a couple of times this weekend. Overall a very pleasant surprise: A) The miniatures are amazing. Better than I expected. In fact the whole visual presentation is really eye-catching and impressive. B) The game is both really easy to learn and very fun to play (so far). I didn't know what to expect and like it a lot. The sanity loss theme is highly engaging. I am glad I went all-in (except for Big Boy Cthulhu, which I am happy I skipped).
  7. Well, in the end, I consider myself lucky. I finally received almost everything I ordered, barring one item. I have just been informed that said item is no longer in stock because they were "shorted by the manufacturer." I have received a paypal refund, minus paypal's gouge. Sadly, I can't bring myself to back any more of their projects. Fulfillment on this project for those less fortunate than myself seems to be never-ending. Is anyone else on this forum still waiting for anything?
  8. After Mantic lit a fire under Snakes and Lattes butts, Canadians (me anyway) have got their wave two.
  9. I grabbed a Black Friday Lantern from KD 1.5 on January 7th, the last day of the campaign. They were limited but not timed.
  10. I meant the "ivory" renders (whatever those are supposed to be) don't do them justice. There are some grey (resins?) photos on BGG that show what the sculpts for a few actually look like. Pretty nice. There was somebody criticizing how "flat" many of the minis look -- single piece minis with arms spread out for easy manufacturing. And the ivory renders flatten them out further. Apparently Bloodborne shipping caught some people by surprise so they are more cautious now. Makes sense to me.
  11. Ankh was announced last weekend. Ivory effect for minis makes them look shallower than they actually are. Kind of ugly actually. Backers who dropped their EBs aren't going to come back for full price. So numbers are continuing to drop. Funding is from add-ons. The big announcement was: we promise you a stretch goal a day for the next week (small promise really). And if you buy this 45 dollar add-on you might also get some other stretch goals. Possible pledge troll activity isn't encouraging since the total dropped 1100 in the last hour, unfunding the Jordirum stretch goal (at least for a bit -- seems to be going back up as I write.) PS. drawing chits out of bags and reading cards are the two things I like least in board games. Personal opinion.
  12. This is noteworthy. I don't think I've seen a Cmon project lose funding like this before. And they are offering radio silence in response. It's the kind of huge drop usually seen when projects are suspected of being scams or some other extreme concern.
  13. It's interesting to watch this one. It was down 127 backers yesterday and 44 so far today. Looking at Kicktraq the total number of backers is down 27 since the end of day two, so currently any new backers are being cancelled out by drops. Not surprising -- the EB is the key reason people are in right now. So new funding is only coming from add-ons.
  14. This Kickstarter is incredibly boring. Even more boring than Cthulhu: Death May Die. Bombarding me with text descriptions of stuff is not an update. Shallow looking computer renders of miniatures ("ivory" -- what does that mean? Where do they get the Elephants for this?) are not an update. Don't they understand that Kickstarters are supposed to be bling bling bling?
  15. I have read the designer's diaries, which aren't as detailed as I like. But. They do give me the sense this is not a miniatures combat game but really a storytelling-card reading-choose your own adventure game with occasional moments of combat with miniatures for adornment/bling. Maybe a little like Solomon Kane? Can anyone confirm or deny this? I suppose I could wade into the comments. Shudder.
  16. This ends in a couple of hours. Lots of added value from stretch goals now. I am in for a dollar sixty three Canadian but I will have to wait for the pledge manager to see if the shipping is reasonable.
  17. The last of the PDF add-ons has finally been delivered, and the latest update states that this unbelievably attenuated and overdue project has, finally, tediously, been completed. If ever a rump roast has been overcooked, it is this one. And yes I believe I shall send some foolhardy characters into the Big Rubble later this summer.
  18. Their last fantasy kickstarter was shipped to Canada by DHL, who charged me a $14 handling fee plus GST and PST. It has been said on these forums that a previous scifi KS was fulfilled in Canada via Snakes and Lattes, thus avoiding such charges. But Battle Systems make no such claims or promises here. Agreed that the value isn't there yet -- at least not for Canada. if they add more buildings to the stretch goals that might change.
  19. I still don't like it. Actually I like it even less now than I did when this conversation started on April 30th. I've come to the conclusion that multiple open projects is always a bad sign, no matter who it is. Period. And I don't care about arguments that "you have to do this if you are a business because you can't wait when a project has delays if you have more in the pipeline." Find another solution. Also, companies that do this a lot and get away with it (CMON) keep drawing potentially reluctant backers to yet one more project by offering large numbers of expensive KS exclusives which function by exploiting FOMO: "I want Bloodborne because the miniatures look cool but if I want to really enjoy it I have to go all-in for hundreds of dollars on a game I've never played and may not enjoy but my fear of missing out overwhelms my reason." And a happy Sunday morning to you all.
  20. I have a bunch of this stuff. It's great but it was expensive ... I might be able to stay out of this unless they do ruins. Oh crud, I think I see a ruin in the background ....
  21. Got my box a week ago -- I am very happy with the contents. Seeing Mignola's art come to life this way is really enjoyable and the miniatures are better than I expected. The tutorial was engaging. I haven't played a game like this and liked it. There is an exciting rumor on BGG that the pledge manager will be reopening to allow backers to add the new expansion "The Wild Hunt" to their orders (presumably wave two shipping?)
  22. Still waiting for Onslaught 3 so nope for me. Arthur said they said they wouldn't launch this until they had completed Onslaught 3 fulfillment.
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