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  1. Probably been mentioned before, but here's my vote for several treasure/doo-dad sets. Things to put on shelves and tables, or to add to existing minis. Like the current adventurer gear, weapons and musical instrument sets. Armor pieces (Separate bits and armor stands) Books and tomes (LOTS of books, papers, scrolls, book stand, podium) Magical implements (Crystal ball, mortar and pestle, burner, alchemy gear (in clear?), summoning circle, bottles and jars, piles of components) Backpacks and saddle bags (Various backpacks, bags, pouches, wine skins, saddle bags Kitchen/Tavern/Feast implements ('nuf said) Tools Of The Trade (Tradesmen's tools for carpentry, smithy, etc.) Farm set (Plow, hand tools, feed bags, baskets of produce/eggs, chicken coop, rope, saddle and stand, stable bits)
  2. I'm still bucking for a First Responders set. Cops, paramedics, firefighters, etc. And with all the Mythos stuff being added, some 1920's American cops to match the Bobbies and the RCMP would be nice, too.
  3. Anything Call of Cthulhu is great, especially Dreamlands beasties. (Cat Cult Leader? I love that one...)
  4. Always going to go for the Mythos critters. CoC players are paying big bucks for them everywhere else. Second any 1920's gangsters, flappers, jazz musicians, newspaper boy, basic vehicles (Model A, T and TT in particular). Also add in my vote for crab swarms, I've used them before on beach encounters with aquatic Druids. The more swarms the better: Flying insects (in clear?), birds, fish, jelly fish, cats (half joke, thinking of the Cat Lord from the AD&D books), etc. Alternate mounts: goat, boar, lizard, Unicorn, riding dog, dog sled team to go with the Artic Explorer? Barnyard animals to go with all the fantastic commoners we've got: Goat, chickens, ox, How about a full expansion for a small farm? Shed, A-frame cottage, stable, out house, watering tough, tools, plow, well, maybe fences with a gate. (I just realized, there's no well mini...) Casualty minis. Lots of dead/down options for commoners, adventurers, soldiers/orcs/goblins/kobolds, etc.
  5. With any whales or leviathans, we would need a crew of whalers. Minis that would work with upcoming pirate ship, usable for either fantasy or Victorian era.
  6. REQUEST for two of the items on the BONES 5 Kickstarter: Can you make the tentacles for the Thing in the Well and the bone pile in the Charnel Pit the same size, please? Would be nice to make them interchangeable, please.
  7. Manor house staff. Butler, proper maids, stable hands/groomers, valets, gardeners, herald, messenger, etc. Way to late to ask for those now, but that might be worth considering in the future? (I mentioned this over on the Kickstarter page, but repeating here on the official request page. Thx.)
  8. You know, we have all these great kids sets coming up in BONES 5. Now all we need is the Evil Toy Set (02887). And you could add a new toy to it that would make everyone happy: the frickin' Pirate Ship. (Hey, nobody said how big it needed to be, did they? <grin>) I'ld like to second the Rakshasa. Earlier editions had them with the heads of any kind of animal, not just tigers. So making a kit that has several types of heads would be REALLY cool. (Tiger, horse, wolf, boar, bear, elephant, croc, etc.) Second these, too, espeically the Zoogs!!! (I would LOVE to drop about 40 Zoogs on the table next time someone steps off the road and into the forest!!! <evil grin> And, seriously, some of the more common Lovecraft beasties should be great sellers. Elder Things, Tcho Tcho men, Men of Leng, Byakhee, Gnophkeh (the D&D Girallon, but with a horn and tail), etc. The Call of Cuthulu gaming seems to be really picking up.
  9. I know others have asked for gypsy figs before, but I'm now in need of them, too, please. Especially if there is a good wagon to go with them. Also, we need some good minis with turbans, especially India and Sikh, please.
  10. Aquatic Swarms (regular fish, jellyfish, etc) Julie's Murder of Crows and other flying/bird swarms Townfolk's children Sprues of adventuring accessories: Backpacks, saddlebags, pouches and bags, tents and lean-to's, camp fire, general equipment piles, hunted/dressed animals, traps, saddles, etc. (REALLY stressing the backpacks and saddlebags.)
  11. I really like the clockwork critters idea. Also, wanted to add in and dead casualty markers. BONES would make it affordable to get lots of them.
  12. Has anyone mentioned tents? I make my own, started 3D printing them, too, but some simple 1" x 2" and/or 2" x 2" tents would be nice. A general campsite set to go with them would, work, too. (campfire, cooking stuff, pile of gear, tents/lean-to's, pile of saddle/tack, sleeping bags, etc)
  13. Not sure, but has anyone mentioned a generic nest? Giant Eagle/Roc, Griffon or even a dragon's nest. Complete with eggs. Something I made for myself, but others might like it.
  14. Catoblepas would be brilliant. Goes with the "fill in all the blank spots" theory of all the basic SRD monsters.
  15. To reinforce a lot of the previous requests: Wagons and carts in hard plastic, in the standard sizes and designs that Pathfinder uses. Mounts of all kinds, with both saddle (empty) and pack options: Horses and mules, dogs, rats (again, for Pathfinder), donkeys and ponies, riding lizards, insects, etc. Design them with the idea of being able to put them on a base that's big enough to place a mini next to it on the same base. (IE: A "ride along" base) A few more bards with options for instruments. Robots and robot kits. All the current conversion sets already done in metal (Hats, Creature components, Musical instruments, Adventuring Accessories , etc.) Commoners/farmers/townsfolk and non-combatants for the main races.
  16. Was looking at the Triad paint sets but some of them have no illustrations or list of the colors included. I'm ordering several sets of Triads this week, just thought I'd bring it up.
  17. Exactly what I've been begging for, especially since Star Wars is coming out. Robot "kits", lots of pieces for lots of variations. (And a Not-Magnus would be sooooo cool...) And a NOT Magnus. Second any requests for Shadow Run tech/drones/characters, and the bank robbers. Easily used for Star Wars games. REMEMBER: The theme for next year's ORIGINS 2016 is ROBOTS!!! (Seriously, go look.)
  18. Funny how many other people are begging for dogs, which is exactly what I logged in for. Specifically, dog sled set, your choice of either Inuit (Eskimo) or Victorian-style, probably the latter would do best for most fantasy games. A wagon or two would be nice, but those get large and expensive. Also want to second these requests: Dogs, Casualties, Cattle and farm animals, Rural bandits and highway men, Beggars.
  19. I'm still in favor of a robot "kit", with lots of parts that can be assembled to create whatever you want, as needed. Not sure how that would go over for a Kickstarter add-on, but I'd love it for our own games.
  20. BONES 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. This isn't as much my request as it is some of my local players: Tengu of several different types. A rather I also have to agree with Babble's request for bandits and prisoners. (I'd grab a big batch of farm animals, too, for a particularly evil wizard who loves using Polymorph a little too much...)
  22. We've got a serious need for some hazmat suit characters, male and female. The older style would be best, so it could also be painted up as a fireproof suit, too.
  23. You're probably not serious about this, but putting Bones plastic over a candle is not a particularly good idea. Potential for nasty fumes. I actually was being serious. I've been doing scratch-building since the early '70's and know to use a well ventilated room as a standard, not as an exception. All those 1/72 and 1/87th scale antennas were all made from taking a piece of extra sprue and a candle. Still do it in a very well ventilated room. (Some of my ex girlfriends might agree there was some brain damage in there somewhere, but I'll guarantee it wasn't from that... <grin>)
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