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  1. I'm sure you've heard this plenty, but alternate riding animals: Riding dogs and Dire Bats would be MOST cool. And an accessory saddle pack to turn the existing giant spiders into riding spiders (for mites and goblins), or just general saddles/saddlebags would be fantastic.
  2. I'm agreeing for all the "real world" animals, along with my usual request for swarms of various types. My need at the moment is caravans: wagons, carts, horses, mules, ponies and camels would REALLy be useful. Something else that I've noticed is that there are not many adventurer-styled scifi sets, like a set of uniformed and/or spacesuited characters in male, female, canine, feline, and reptilian. We've got the Nova sets, but that's the only look-alike set that isn't just all male-humans. That would be really useful in our Traveller games. (Pretty-pretty-please?) ;-)
  3. Jordan's idea of an "energy ball" would be perfect if done transparently, so you can do any colored glaze over it you want!!!
  4. Maybe a whole set called "Convention Guests"? The Captian, The Vampire Hunter, The Comic Book Artist, etc. Also, a scientist in a wheel chair. (Hawkings for modern, not-Strangelove for 50's/pulp, some "bald guy" for future/supers, or a not-Loveless for Steampunk/pulp)
  5. Another thing I think would sell is a bag of skulls. Just lots and lots of skulls. Mostly human/humanoid, but toss in a few animal and/o monsters. You might have problems keeping them in stock. (I'd be the first to grab lots of them.)
  6. Both of these bring up the idea of a robot "kit" with lots of parts to build whatever you want.
  7. Back to BONES we'd like to see: Agree on the serpent men. Not something I would use any time soon, but those would be good sellers. I would also like to seriously second the request for firemen, police and hazmat suits from the previous page. Was just looking for hazmat suits, and really don't want to dish out what they want for metal minis. (Not when I want to have 12 or 15 on the table at a time.)
  8. Thanks for showing this, just ordered it for my wife's birthday. (Ebay for $30!!! Gotta love it.)
  9. I'm sure that somewhere in the sixty-five pages of this thread there have been lots of robots mentioned, but... Another company has put out a "robot kit", with lots of parts for putting together your own bots. While you get 13 base bodies, all the parts are different so you can't build a "line" of similar bots. How about a set of plastic bot parts? Especially since us Traveller (or the Star Wars) players are always in need of robots.
  10. if done right, these guys (or gals, if you did two different sets) could also be used for mechanics or as "casual" starship crew. (Think the outfits from the first Alien movie.)
  11. Had some players for Tengu and Ratfolk characters, surprised I've not seen more people asking for Ratfolk.
  12. Noticed the merfolk request earlier, want to add a +1 to that. Even a few males would do, most of what I see are nude females that I might not be able to use in a public environment (conventions or game stores). Also, swarms, and and all kinds of summoned or natural swarming creatures. You added the bats/rats/spiders, but maybe some ants, birds, wasps/locusts. Suggest some aquatic ones, too, like fish, jellyfish, shrimp/krill, sea slugs. Love the addition of some of the "classics". Maybe just look at the online 3.5 SRD and use that list to fill in the blanks. ("Civilized" monsters mentioned above get a +1 from me, too. Know several people who play those.)
  13. Cheescake Halo makes me think of *very* tight space armor in blue and red...
  14. BOOM! No boom today, boom tomorrow...

  15. LOL, I was only kidding, but yup, I've got mine now. (Now for those five Vampire levels I'm waitin' on... <grin>)
  16. All look alike: I made the mistake of assuming that you were making them all cobblestone/stonework and that much work was being spent to keep that effect. My bad. Found somthing else: Went to a local dollar store and found bags of 100 1" double-sided plastic bingo chips for $1.Light, no hole, cheapest yet at a penny each. (Maybe too light for gamers who bump tables a lot, but they looked good.) (Testing is always good... <grin>) Just remember to go to a Fastener Supply and check more than one. I've got two suppliers here in Madison next door to each other, and one is 75% cheaper than the other.
  17. Never acutally tried to break dental stone, but it did hold up. Poured nicely, too. Still, it did cost a lot more than the washers (especially if/when time was a concern.)
  18. If you know someone who makes Hirst Arts castles or dungeons, they may have some excess 1" tile pieces. I always seem to have lots of them left over when I finish a project that has a patterned floor since the molds usually make more of the 1" squares than the other pieces. I had considered this, but time, fragility and mess became an issue. Time to cut off all the bases from the figs, the mess and time for making the bases, they all would look alike. And the plaster was more brittle and chipped too easy. It was still cheaper and easier to buy the washers in bulk and then texture them as I desired. (But Hirst stuff if fun to play with, I love it!!!)
  19. Bones Hiku: Lonely little Bones, waiting quietly for us, will be shipped out soon.

  20. That's cool, it embedded. Didn't expect that...
  21. Exactly what I do, but I get the washers cheaper in bulk by getting them at an actual fastener supplier. I think I paid less than 4 cents each. Even made a video about it about two years ago...
  22. Suggestion for the Great and Almighty Kit, Keeper of Digital Secrets and He Who Sits Nekkid on Heads of Unamused Elder Gods: Post the badge on the Kickstarter Backers page as "for backer's only". We get spiffy badges, you save time and save the hair you would have pulled out trying to automate things. Everyone wins.
  23. For the post that wanted to put LED's in the base: http://www.flashingb...2btultotrobv8j1 They were using these at HurriCon and ReCon as fire markers. They tucked red/yellow lights inside of cotton balls, looked good.
  24. Makes sense. If the plastic you're using doesn't need priming, it already has a surface that's conducive to putty. I'm just wondering what the very best glue would be. Has anyone done a serious comparison test between different types of glue yet?
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