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  1. I'm laughing. Even my wife, who isn't a gamer, is watching this. She makes a report to me as I'm getting out of bed as to what the new level is.
  2. Wait'in fer the next goal...

  3. It looks like I see a lot of people slightly hinting at packages of bits. Doing bits in plastic would be much more economical, but is there a big enough market for it to be worth Reaper's time/effort/cost? Personally, I would LOVE to see a bits set for the current dragon: different heads, claws, tail ends, etc. Lower cost would mean I wouldn't be so reluctant to chop up a couple of them for modding purposes. Maybe a multi-dragon set. one or two bodies, multiple heads, necks, tails, wings, claws, etc. Maybe even some aquatic dragon bits added into the mix.
  4. Vermin swams, either individually or in a large set. Bats, centipedes, spiders, rats, flying insects, all the classics. Maybe do some nasty new versions, like an aquatic set of jellyfish swarms, crabs and crustaceans, and fish (like piranha) swarms, or some birds, snakes, giant ants, etc. Validate an actual use/need for them by getting together with Pathfinder to put out the rules for the new figs. Metal made these too expensive to have a large set when your druids goes ballistic. Plastic makes it economical, and gives all your summoners more visual clout on the tabletop.
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