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  1. i want a Mini of Smaug the Stupendous At proper scale...
  2. I gave that the triple-take, too . . . but it actually makes sense. Bend a sword one too many times and you're in snap country. Plus paint wears more on metals. That's a kind of fragility. Yes? No? I say yes. However, Bones soft plastic, while more durable, is significantly less likely to deliver a satisfying "THWACK" when one of the players is slow learning. Gotta keep 'em in line, and when it comes to asserting your authority via hurled trauma only metal will do. Or one of those freakishly big dice sets. I have a set. They're red. I think they started off white, though. They will if you use a wrist rocket.....
  3. Not at what it would cost to make thousands of them. I want the money to go to making the minis. not T-shirts.
  4. You could add up the money for each level then subtract it from the grand total and get a dollar amount for the add ons. might help you narrow down how many add on figures.
  5. Now that it is over it would be cool to see the list out to 4 mil. :) I am sure that they will all get made. Just not as fast as if we had funded on the kickstarter :)
  6. sample paints and pens yes but minis? I know right? I've never gotten any extra minis. |:/ lol I have twice.
  7. And Reaper often throws in extra minis... just cause they are cool like that.
  8. Am i the only one that would like to see the Nethermaul as a living version too?
  9. Again, you're applying logic and assuming something. These people love the mini, and get halfway to the register before they see that I offered them a "ranger" mini and now feel cheated like a bait and switch game. This is like the people who play star wars saga edition and think taking the jedi class makes you a jedi. When all it really does is make you a lightsaber wielding class
  10. I see the problem as instead of saying I want a fighter with a bow. they should be saying I want a human male with plate armor or scale armor or etc. wielding a bow. Because a ranger is a fighter with a bow but they may be looking for different style armor.
  11. Aha! But we have a plan! Does that plan involve bacon?
  12. On the plus side when you are swallowed by a dracolich you just fall back on the floor through the gaping hole in its chest. Way better than being swallowed by a living dragon.
  13. Big Lips...at least they didn't call you hot lips.
  14. Speaking of spreadsheets. One needs one to calculate all the options :P
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