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  1. Hey the folks behind castle Story are giving away free hugs according to their latest Video.
  2. Now Here goes another Question - Now The Reaper Pledge Manager is coming out sometime soon-ish. I am wanting to throw at least 300 at reaper now via PayPal - Vampire level and some Options. How Much will the Options Cost? BTW - Thank you so much reaper!
  3. I had to pull my pledge due to unforeseen circumstances on my end... I still want to contribute to the kick starter even if that means paying a little more after the fact. Will the Vampire level be available after the kick starter has ended? Yes? No? If yes how can i throw my money at you guys... I want to give at least 100 to 200 USD.
  4. My budget screamed at me. I told it to be a man and take the pain for the kickstarter. I had to raid my replacement digital projector fund for this. Now I'll have to make do with this . . . puny (makes disgusted face) 42" TV. God, I can't even stand to look at it after getting used to 110" of AMAZING. Pathetic, wretched, vile pretender. Fiend of liquid crystals! Well, amazing until it came down with a case of Terminal Pixel Death. But in its time it served with stoic grace, unimpeachable honour, and it shall have a funeral worthy of a hero to kings. Small children years hence shall hear the name BenQ and know that here stood a legend, here were cast away the shadows of inferior quality, here we feasted on popcorn and watched Rocky on blu-ray. I hate to say this but I am enjoying this!
  5. I am so excited! Cannot wait for the next D&D adventure with my friends :D
  6. Thank you for this - I have tons of 3.0/3.5 stuff as well as dozens of other systems. I pretty much 'collect' books :/ Most of the stuff is in MINT Condition some not so much... I am willing to sell it. Where would be a good place to do this?
  7. Ok, Just posting this for some clarification. I still live with my parents - However I pay rent and it is less than it would cost if i would be on my own. So what I am looking at is mainly - Medical expenses - Varies by prescription or co - pay Rent / Utilities - 100.00 / 60.00 on average Fun Money - 50.00
  8. You sir are a godsend! Going to look into those places! Space Demon Dragon looks awesome!!!!
  9. @ buglips *Starts to chant* One of us! One of us! One of us!
  10. I have been wondering the same - however in my local area...
  11. I am searching "Clash of the Kaiju" but nothing is coming up on my end at least miniatures. :( We might look into this! Thanks
  12. Hey All! Does anyone know of ANY Generic Kaiju or Generic Giant Monsters Miniatures out there? A friend of mine wants some for a upcoming game system that he is developing. In short here is what he is looking for - Something bigger than 15 mm (28 to 54 mm would do nicely) Giant Monster-esque figures Material - Plastic or metal - no resin* Has to look awesome! *He says mainly for health reasons he does not want resin. This I do not understand. Can some one enlighten me on this subject?
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