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  1. Hey the folks behind castle Story are giving away free hugs according to their latest Video.
  2. Now Here goes another Question - Now The Reaper Pledge Manager is coming out sometime soon-ish. I am wanting to throw at least 300 at reaper now via PayPal - Vampire level and some Options. How Much will the Options Cost? BTW - Thank you so much reaper!
  3. I had to pull my pledge due to unforeseen circumstances on my end... I still want to contribute to the kick starter even if that means paying a little more after the fact. Will the Vampire level be available after the kick starter has ended? Yes? No? If yes how can i throw my money at you guys... I want to give at least 100 to 200 USD.
  4. My budget screamed at me. I told it to be a man and take the pain for the kickstarter. I had to raid my replacement digital projector fund for this. Now I'll have to make do with this . . . puny (makes disgusted face) 42" TV. God, I can't even stand to look at it after getting used to 110" of AMAZING. Pathetic, wretched, vile pretender. Fiend of liquid crystals! Well, amazing until it came down with a case of Terminal Pixel Death. But in its time it served with stoic grace, unimpeachable honour, and it shall have a funeral worthy of a hero to kings. Small children years hence sh
  5. I am so excited! Cannot wait for the next D&D adventure with my friends :D
  6. Thank you for this - I have tons of 3.0/3.5 stuff as well as dozens of other systems. I pretty much 'collect' books :/ Most of the stuff is in MINT Condition some not so much... I am willing to sell it. Where would be a good place to do this?
  7. Ok, Just posting this for some clarification. I still live with my parents - However I pay rent and it is less than it would cost if i would be on my own. So what I am looking at is mainly - Medical expenses - Varies by prescription or co - pay Rent / Utilities - 100.00 / 60.00 on average Fun Money - 50.00
  8. You sir are a godsend! Going to look into those places! Space Demon Dragon looks awesome!!!!
  9. @ buglips *Starts to chant* One of us! One of us! One of us!
  10. I have been wondering the same - however in my local area...
  11. I am searching "Clash of the Kaiju" but nothing is coming up on my end at least miniatures. :( We might look into this! Thanks
  12. Hey All! Does anyone know of ANY Generic Kaiju or Generic Giant Monsters Miniatures out there? A friend of mine wants some for a upcoming game system that he is developing. In short here is what he is looking for - Something bigger than 15 mm (28 to 54 mm would do nicely) Giant Monster-esque figures Material - Plastic or metal - no resin* Has to look awesome! *He says mainly for health reasons he does not want resin. This I do not understand. Can some one enlighten me on this subject?
  13. Aww, I'm not ignoring them, I'm cheerfully deflecting them, in a witty manner. Like lobbing the old kidney back and forth across the table. I would just play ping pong with his kidney :P
  14. Um... well, you're not down and out yet. How's the body holding up? ;) (No, NO, did NOT say that! BAD Doc! BAD! Did NOT say that!) Oh, I didn't even think about that. You think Reaper will accept organ donations as pledges? I hear you can get a fortune for a kidney these days. Will they accept a heart and a kidney? I have a couple dozen of those around here somewhere. *Looks in his refrigerator*
  15. Attack of the mushroom men! These already look awesome!
  16. Most of these do not apply (Wife, Kids, etc.) I have a savings account and I well use that as for my kick starter stuff... Great Ideas - Going to try these out as soon as I can.
  17. Hey All! I am facing a problem... I suck as saving money... as stupid as that sounds. I am a compulsive spender and a "RPG nut" I have more Role Playing Game systems in my closet than I play. Now as the topic says how do you guys save your money? I am sorry if I am treading into "No go" waters. I just really need some advice on how to save.
  18. No worries. PayPal wants to keep our business. They told me so. Good to hear! Just I Stray on the side of caution... When it comes to pay pal at least. As I get deeper and deeper into Kickstarter-ism (Yes it is almost a religion now) I have to ask when will Reaper take my money?! Reaper mini's this is aimed at you! Take it all Dang it! You did not take enough of MY money! I know what I pledged! Just take more! I need my toy soldiers and monsters! My life is complete! In all seriousness - Reaper keep up the AWESOME work - Keep your prices low for
  19. If I can give you guys a bit of advice do not use Paypal for pre orders. If you receive/make X amount of money withing Y amount of time your Paypal account will be locked up. Use Google Check out or something else. I do not want this to happen to reaper Miniatures.
  20. Your paint Scheme is pretty good! Better than I can do!
  21. remember, some of the hordeish monsters can be stored together in one compartment. I have 12 kobold Bones minis now that I store in a chessex dice box all together. The paint and flexibility of the minis make it far less critical to store separately to avoid paint damage. So... One Figure Case should house all the Vampire level minis no problem... right now.... With 18 days to go.. might need two.. Kinda thinking the same thing - I also might up my pledge for one more case. However I do want to see what is under that Demon tombstone first
  22. It's one of those games I'm content to play on 'demo days'...nobody in my circles plays either. Same conundrum I'm in with RAGE-powered games...no players local, so they get repurposed for DnD and Battletech nights...a job they're quite good at! Fair enough. But hey at least you have DnD and Battle tech. I do not have a battle tech group in my area. Where's your area? Northern Utah - Ogden / Roy / Clear field area I live in the Roy Area. We play Battletech most Tuesdays at End Zone. PM me for details. OT: I'm hoping Rauthuros's stone has some demo
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