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  1. This is not a test post, this is a cucumber!
  2. wow, there is so much info here, Im glad I had a good 1/2 hour to dive down this rabbit hole
  3. Oh my god! I was at school late that night studying for an exam I have on Monday. :-( I feel like such a schmuck
  4. Excellent! Glad to hear its good read, Im planning on reading it next week on thanksgiving break
  5. I played 2nd ed for quite a while so if this is anything like that im really excited about it. I think I still remember some of the rules Just think? I had the rules so memorized my players thought I wrote the books. Of course I bought them in elementary school and read them cover to cover several times each before finally getting a group together in middle school... Sigh... I miss the all night gaming sessions... C.c Im currently in school for engineering and like you I spent a good part of middle school playing 2nd ed, the only problem is now its a bit further away than I would care to admit, Im sure it will all come flooding back in no time once I get my grubby mits on the PDFs
  6. you would be absolutely correct about the filing not going well, you would do much better with a good xacto knife, the material is too soft and bendy for some files to bite properly
  7. Im all for bones, they are cheap and much more forgiving with the painting, and they dont need to be primed (and they are what I have the most experience painting at this point).
  8. I would totally be down for this as long as its on a saturday
  9. I love the idea of purple eyes, I think that would work really well with the blue wing scheme I have going , not sure that would make the blue fire sword fit, but I like the idea of the rope, great suggestions!
  10. how did you do the moss on top? Its awesome
  11. Here, here! I know I start the day with a good solid tea mixed from cholera and earl grey, really gets the humors going!
  12. This is where you picked up after 20+ years of not painting? you must have been a pro
  13. one day I will be this good, I really like the blending around the rivets and the basing looks awesome
  14. man, I dont know if I can pull off tattoos, its worth a shot, I think it would look awesome, my painting skills are most likely not up to that point yet. Im still working on that "color inside the lines" phase
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